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  1. sparky147

    iColor 3000

    Hi, anybody know have the fixture for a i colour 3000 by acme, or know how to create one in 3 channel DMX mode you have the red, green and blue, 1 for each channel but there is not a channel for brightness, am i being silly or is this normal? I have enclosed the DMXconfig sheet. Regards Mark.
  2. sparky147

    ACME Fantasy

    Hi all, I have created a fixture for the Acme Fantasy, It has not been tested yet but let me know how you get on. The file has been put in a rar, and it is a uft file Regards Sparky
  3. sparky147

    Old Fixture Release Library

    Hi, Thanks for quick reply, I have e-mailed fal to get a dmx data sheet as it's not listed on the website. The lights are prob about 5-8 years, But i know they were included on fixture release 4 (i think). Kind regards Sparky
  4. Hi, Does anybody have old fixture release libary's, I need one for a FAL Three Sixty, I know that some of the old release's contain this light but the new release does not contain any of the three sixty. Many Thanks Sparky.

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