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    Parking a Moving Light

    Thanks Edward. I will try that plan at some stage tomorrow. I have to say that is pretty similar to one of my solutions - using a playback instead of a UDK to record a state with the position/zoom of the movers tagged - and then to record all the busking states/playbacks with the colour and intensities tagged and the position/zoom untagged. I was hoping there was a simpler solution, that I could explain to a FLX newcomer either over the phone, or on paper (our paths aren't going to cross). I will report back. Thanks Alan
  2. AlanB

    Parking a Moving Light

    Hi Edward. Thanks for that, the creating of a "Park" UDK works well. However I can't see how to only "park" the position and beam parameters and leave the Intensity and colour available to be controlled by all the playbacks. This is what I need so that each single playback has a colour wash and/or highlight that can be "busked" on the night without any of the movers moving from the position/zoom that was determined during the brief rehearsal/get in. I hope that makes sense. Thanks Alan
  3. AlanB

    Parking a Moving Light

    I have been trying to find out more about "parking" a fixture. Mention is made in the manual under the UDK section, it says details are "elsewhere", but I can't see where. This is the scenario................ I am "temping" at a venue with an FLX and a large rig with generics and some LED wash movers There is a concert (big band) booked in on a day that I can't be there The op/designer with the Big Band is an ETC guy and has never seen an FLX before. The plan is to run the show on subs/mffs/playbacks, with most of the light coming from the generics There is a need for some static highlights, provided by the movers, to be positioned in the 2 hour "rehearsal" just before the show. There are no plans to "move" the movers once they have been positioned on the areas of the stage to be highlighted. (Drums, Keys, Woodwind etc.) As I can't be there, I am after the easiest solution, so that I can write down instructions to the incoming tech guy to do the following........ Position the (x4) moving LEDS to the required highlight positions (inc. zoom) Record several states on different playbacks with a combination of generics and the movers in different colours BUT without them changing position and zoom when each/any of the playbacks are raised/lowered. I know several complicated ways of doing it, but what I am really after is: "parking" the fixtures in a fixed position/zoom and them using them as if they are simple fixed LED fixtures. Does anyone have a simple solution - any thoughts. Thanks Alan.
  4. AlanB

    what am I doing wrong?

    I have replied directly to Simon as I will be at his venue in 10 days time - and looking forward to using the FLX and the new waterproof LEDs. Reading between the lines and imagining what Simon is trying to achieve and why he wishes to have the LEDs colours on individual playbacks, I think I can see the potential issues. This "need" is something I appreciate as I would use this on most of the shows I do - especially ones at his venue. The scenario is this................ Shows that need a standard theatrical cue stack that has been programmed (usually very rushed) to get basic states into the desk (possibly including movers) and then additional states "busked" over the top to be either recorded as the improved state during the first performance or simply used as "live effects". On modern desks, using LEDs as fixtures will not easily produce the same effect as having each colour produced by a stand alone "parcan" in a primary colour on a separate generic dimmer, which is the effect we are actually after (I think this is the root of the question). The "luddite" solution is to patch the LEDs as a series of individual channels and then using playbacks and groups to mix the colours as required. This way, during the show you can easily creep in the colours you need subtly and re-record if needed. I have tried the fixture route with the FLX (and the competition) and whilst I would love to be corrected, I think Kgallen's reply above probably sums up the difficulty in getting all the parameters and settings correct. If there is a way of achieving what Simon and I are after, I would love to hear it. Thanks Alan
  5. Just had technical rehearsals for a "Dance Style" show with our FLX. The previous 4 shows using the FLX have been more "theatrical" and have passed without incident using Playback 0 as a cue stack. This one relies a great deal of "flashing" submasters/single scene playbacks in time with the music. However, the lights do not respond instantly to the flash button being pressed, which looks very "untidy". This delay is mimicked by the display, which also show a slight delay before the selected channels register at 100% (about 0.5 seconds at a guess) We are running the latest software The lights are LEDs,(so no dimmer lag) but are patched as generics The up/down fade times of all the playbacks are 0secs as are all the other parameters Does anyone know how to get the response to be instant on/off? Is there a setting I have overlooked? or is it a bug/inbuilt feature? Thanks very much in anticipation. Alan
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