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  1. Thanks very much Jon - I look forward to the release!
  2. Hi, I've just been using the ZerOS Remote and Monitor apps for iOS, and they have every functionality I would use on the console itself, apart from the four encoder wheels which are crucial for adjusting things like focus or iris position on movers. Does anyone know how I can see the encoders or replicate their function in the app? I'm using all four versions of the app; Remote and Monitor for both tablet andsmartphone. Thanks, Ollie
  3. Hi Again, It works! Thank you both for your suggestions. Jon - I see what you mean about automatically creating new palettes again, that works too. The pictures showed up straight away on the view you get when you press the button in the middle of the scroll wheel that currently has control of that gobo wheel. Thanks again, Ollie
  4. Hi keredyelesob, Actually I haven't tried this yet; I probably should have done that. I'll give that a go and hopefully it'll work. Thanks, Ollie
  5. Hi Again, So the pictures have now saved into the profile, but I loaded it into the FLX, unpatched and re-patched the new fixtures, but the pictures don't show up on the display, just the same blank blue boxes. Ollie
  6. Hi Guys, Thanks for your replies. As it turned out, mikeb and James were both correct about using 'replace', so thank you both. It appears that the profile already had blank images stored for each DMX range, which is why 'insert' would throw an error. Thank you all for your help, Ollie
  7. Hi Kevin, When I try these steps, I get a dialogue box which reads "A detail already exists with the given end value". I've attached an image which will hopefully help. Thanks, Ollie
  8. Hi Kevin, Thanks for your reply. I've tried this a couple of times, but the images never save. I also tried loading all the images into the Manager part of the Details tab, and they're all there, but I can't assign an image to a DMX range. I'm not sure which button I should be pressing - I've tried Load, paste and select but no joy with any of them. Thanks, Ollie
  9. Hi, I've noticed that the FLX can display small pictures on various palettes, such as the colour that the palette represents in Colour or a picture of the Gobo represented in Beamshape. The profile for the Martin MH1 Profile Plus doesn't have any pictures of the gobos, but I have the pictures and have been trying to add them to a new profile using the fixture editor for Windows. Does anyone know how you do this or has anyone done it themselves? Thanks, Ollie
  10. Hi Jon, Thanks for your reply. That sounds like it will work well, I just wondered if there was a way to resize or move a multiple vertex shape on the pan/tilt grid, then record this as an effect palette as this may come in handy in the future. Thanks, Ollie
  11. Hi, I've been trying to get a pair of moving profiles to swing up and down an aisle, but they are not centrally located, so a simple vertical line doesn't do the job. I was wondering if anyone knows how to, I suppose, 'draw' a custom path using something like the pan/tilt grid, then save this as an effect palette for later use. Any help is much appreciated, Ollie
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