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  1. Hey keredyelesob. Thank you for your fast reply. My Post was actually more an idea post and less a question post. Maybe Jon can change this post into an idea... I know that I can change the behaviour on special window, but the access to this function needs too much time. While a band is playing there are many points in the music which must be highlighted. I have to press 3 buttons before I can highlight the scene I want on stage (and I have to wait a little bit after each buttonpressing, because of loading...). On Leap Frog there was an extra button for the flash/solo behaviour. On solution there would be the possibility for creating flash and solo buttons seperately, because there are twice as much buttons for channel section. On a table on touchscreen for example. Yes I'm using a touchscreen. I'm not able to create a pallet by pushing on screen. I can just recall pallets. Same is mentioned in users manual. "To store the palette, press and hold down the corresponding palette MFK for two seconds." Just an idea. I already wrote that one can see the status on inverted screens... Oh, sorry. I wrote this topic not as clear as I thought. I know that I can change the sizes independently, but it is very cumbersome touching each time on screen and select the right axis. Espacially when I need a different size for a few groups of lights. A selection switch would be very helpful which locks and unlocks X and Y. ...maybe "SHIFT + EFFECT BUTTON DOUBLE CLICK" or "SHIFT + EFFECT BUTTON HOLD 2 SECONDS" Thanks again, but as I wrote already, this post is more an idea than a question post. The only real question was point 9 with the shortcut for the effect window. You answered this question by not knowing a shortcut, too Scoddy
  2. Hi. I worked with a fat frog, later a leap frog and finally bought a solution. I'm not able to imagine the workflow with the new software, but I think it would make many things easier. I would say, do it Now I have several problems with the actual ZerOS on solution. In my opinion, many of them are "bugs". Here is a list on things which are annoying. 1. During my shows I switch between flash and solo for channel faders on my leap frog very often. I was so happy about the two rows of flash channel buttons on solution...But it is not possible to change the behavior of these buttons. For submasters I can change between flash, solo, latch, go and off. It would be very nice if I could arrange the first row for flash and the second row for solo. Or even better, if I could assign the function for each button. At the moment, I have to create submasters for each ACL set for solo, with which 8 submasters are wasted. 2. I miss the flash lights for the selected main fixture and the selected group. When I select a group I have to check each time, if I have really selected it. Same problem with fixtures. When I want to set an offset to an effect, I don't know which fixture is the first. 3. The next problem concerns the try to set the offset with fan first/last/whatever. The value of the selected fixture doesn't change and I'm not able to see what I'm changing. It would be very nice if one could see the values of all selected fixtures. 4. I love the pagelock function for submasters but I don't need it for all 20 pages. It would be great if I could deactivate the pagelock for each page an submaster. Example: I need the first three submasters of page 1 on all pages except page 12 and 15. 5. When I set up a new show and I have to create pallets for color, beamshape, etc.. I have to sort all the pallets I defined in the fixtures directly. My problem is that I want my defined colors on the first pallet slot. I have to copy each palette. It would be great if I could copy a block of pallets or push them to the right place. Adding a pallet in a block of pallets would also be very helpful. When I create new pallets I have to search for the right MFK and can't push on the screen directly. The problem is, when I want to programme something on 216 I have to search the page and count the MFK to find the right button. Please add this feature. 6. On leap frog I was able to create pallets which access my tagged fixtures. I tried to create a position pallet which access only two beam heads to light up a certain point on stage. While programming I added this position and all beam heads changed position because all other beam heads took the position of the first selected fixture. When I want to combine such positions (the same with colors) I first have to select the fixtures or groups, change the position and have to select all fixtures again,...and so on. I avoided this problem by creating several fixtures for each spot. So I have 24 fixtures for 24 spots. And I have to patch them all individually. Maybe you could add the option that I can decide if I want all unselected fixtures to take the values of the first, or if they stay untouched. Or in a nutshell: I need the tagging functions from leap frog. 7. On solution I can create 5 desktops for my different tasks. My problem is, that for example I need the color pallet for programming and for running a show, but I can open this window only on desktop. I want to create desktops which contain the same windows, so I can quickly change between programming and running. If you add this feature it would be very helpful if I could switch between the desktops for example with "SHIFT+ARROW KEY" for fast access. 8. When Submaster pagelock is activated the LED in the button is lit permanently. While running a show it is hard to see which submaster is running especially when I use submasters in latch mode. I would change the task for the submaster LED. The LED only lights up, when a submaster is in use. One can see if pagelock is activated when you check the inverted screens. 9. When I want to create movements with the effect engine, I can only change the X and Y size altogether. But for the stages I work on, I need to change these parameters independently. When I change both parameters simultaneously my heads light up the sealing and the floor, but not the whole width of the stage. Maybe I haven't found the function to open the effect window via shortcut... If there is no shortcut for this windows you could maybe add it. Now I have two strange ideas: 10. On leap frog the position pallet was linked with the effect. On solution I have two different pallets. It is good and bad for me at the same time. Sometimes I need an effect alone which doesen't influence the position and sometimes I need an effect with a specific position. On leap frog I was able to untag the position values and everything was fine. Maybe you could add a function that you can choose if you want the effect pallet with a specific position (or color), or not. A setup window would be nice which opens by pressing "SHIFT+PALLET BUTTON". 11. And now my final strange idea In my setup I have to create Master Intensity Submasters for my different lamp groups. I don't know how I can arrange my setup without them. My problem is now, that I'm not able to start an intensity effect while the master intensity submaster is at 100%. I know that setup the console in LTP mode would solve the problem, BUT when I push the "CLEAR" button my stage is completely dark because my channel faders reset, too. For my workflow it would be perfect, if there was an LTP mode which excluded the channel faders. I know that this thought is against the basic idea of LTP and HTP, but I think it would be a nice option. Maybe there is another solution for my problem with master intensity. I want to start intensity effects and want to control intensity with my master intensity submaster. I hope my remarks help a little bit. This entry took a lot of time and work because it is not so easy to explain my problems in English. The German support told me when I asked for my flash/solo problem (Point 1) that "This is not possible and will never be, Sorry". I was very upset about this answer and now I try to get some answers here. I'm looking forward to your reply with a detailed answer. Best regards, Scoddy
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