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  1. Hey keredyelesob. Thank you for your fast reply. My Post was actually more an idea post and less a question post. Maybe Jon can change this post into an idea... I know that I can change the behaviour on special window, but the access to this function needs too much time. While a band is playing there are many points in the music which must be highlighted. I have to press 3 buttons before I can highlight the scene I want on stage (and I have to wait a little bit after each buttonpressing, because of loading...). On Leap Frog there was an extra button for the flash/solo behaviour. On s
  2. Hi. I worked with a fat frog, later a leap frog and finally bought a solution. I'm not able to imagine the workflow with the new software, but I think it would make many things easier. I would say, do it Now I have several problems with the actual ZerOS on solution. In my opinion, many of them are "bugs". Here is a list on things which are annoying. 1. During my shows I switch between flash and solo for channel faders on my leap frog very often. I was so happy about the two rows of flash channel buttons on solution...But it is not possible to change the behavior of these butto
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