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    Ipswich, East Anglia
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    Lighting with a bit of sound and lots of sailing.
  1. Hi Jon, thanks for reply. Not sure if it's the case as the self testing programs are quicker, larger and completely smooth. Tried the fixtures with a tiger touch with no issues. I included the fixture file just in case I fouled up.
  2. Hi All, Have created a new fixture file for some 36*18 led wash clones. All seems OK except when setting an effect the fixture has a jerky movement. Also seen on some Lanta Neptunes. I had thought it was the fixture... any ideas? (file attached) LasTyp1.ift
  3. Hi Guys, new to the forum but are the owner of frogs, solutions and an FLX. Created a new personality for a 36 x 18w wash clone, all seems ok but setting a circle effect make the lantern judder slightly. I have seen this before on some Lanta Neptunes and assumed it to be the fixture. Any ideas?

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