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    French User ? Utilisateurs Français ?

    Bonjour et Bienvenue Eric. Je suis Anglais, et j'adore parler en français - mais j'ai oublié tous les mots après l'école! Peter
  2. Howartp

    Starting Cues with Crossfades / hopping between cues

    Apparently not! I am for various forums/products, but not for Zero88.
  3. Howartp

    Starting Cues with Crossfades / hopping between cues

    kgallen, we can't see whatever you posted under your sentence there?
  4. Sorry, just realised this is posted in the Fixture Request forum! I thought I was only subscribed to the FLX forum so was giving you an FLX response! Peter
  5. HI Ben Are you aware of/familiar with the Fixture Editor? http://support.zero88.com/Fixture-Library/975405071/Fixture-Tools.htm I've used that to create my own profiles when needed. Peter
  6. Howartp

    Output window colours

    Hello. We're confused with some cues that aren't tracking MoD as we're expecting, but we can't find anything anywhere telling us what the colours mean. Can someone point us at a document/guide that explains the colours and letters? D? P? Red/Blue/Purple text? Grey background? On the source page it shows "D" in black on a grey background, when it should actually be blank. Peter & Rob.
  7. Howartp

    Output window colours

    Should point out, the Mac700's don't seem to MoD when intensity is 0 - you have to set Shutter to Closed to get them to MoD. I presume that's a Mac700 fault/design, not an ZerOS bug? Peter.
  8. Howartp

    Output window colours

    Thanks Edward. Rob thought he'd seen that page before but we couldn't find it searching the forums - (I) didn't realise there was a KB section. Peter
  9. Howartp

    **Urgent help required**

    We've got the desk back but we're mid-run with the borrowed desk so won't be looking at it until Sunday. If Rob knows anything / if there's any notes inside, we'll let you know. Peter
  10. Howartp

    Playing two ques at once

    Hi James. Have you considered putting that cue onto one of the other playbacks? You have 10 pages of 24 playbacks, each with their own Go button. So you could put that cue onto playback 24 (next to the main Playback 0) and fire it that way. You might need to Setup+[Flash button on 24] to set the button as a Go button, I'm not at my desk right now. Pete
  11. Howartp

    Using bump/flash keys to select fixtures

    I only got the desk out on Saturday afternoon, for next weekends show - it's been in the storeroom since our Panto at February half term. The patch is the same as Feb so I just kept the existing show as stored in the desk, deleted the cuestack, patched in the two (previously unused) RGB strips as eight RGB (3ch) fixtures in 109-116 then immediately tried to use those channel select buttons on page 5. Having messed about all day, but never powered down 'till I went home, I didn't get anywhere. I came back to it on Sunday afternoon and repatched from ch300+ down to ch 47-48 two of our 7ch LED PARs. That's when I realised channel select on 47-48 wasn't working either (it didn't select the channels, ie they didn't appear in the orange "table" that pops up with fixture name and param values, and the encoder wheels didn't populate with params) BUT, shortly after, I realised that page 5 was now working. So I tried a reboot of the desk and ch47-48 started working. So it's something to do with patching/repatching then trying to use channel select buttons before you've power cycled. Hehe, sorry - I thought I was being right good calling them that as I know other consoles i've used previously called them that, but as I've only used three consoles in my life I might be completely unlucky to have used non-commonly-named buttons! Peter
  12. Hi. I've just added two more LED strips which are programmed as 8x RGB fixtures. We have them on fixture channels 13-20, and their respective channel numbers on the following pages. I've discovered tonight, having added the new ones, that the bump keys on page 5 and upwards aren't selecting channels. I can type 109-116 and the screen shows me the correct fixtures and params on the encoders, but using the bump keys on channels 109-116 (page 5) don't do anything. Is this a software setting we need to turn on that we've forgotten we'd previously done for other channels, or a PICNIC, or a bug? ("Problem In Chair, Not In Computer" if you were wondering!) Peter
  13. Howartp

    Using bump/flash keys to select fixtures

    Showfile attached. October Concert 2017.isf
  14. Howartp

    Using bump/flash keys to select fixtures

    Aha.... Methinks it is a bug. (We're on 7.9.2 but not .50) If I power off and on again, the buttons start working, so 109-116 are working currently but 47-48 arent. Power off the desk and back on, 47-48 now working. Peter
  15. Howartp

    Using bump/flash keys to select fixtures

    Ive just moved two LED pars from 300+ down to 47+48 and theyre not working either. Youre correct, theres no fader control either. But, if you select 47 thru 48 with keyboard, the channel LEDs light up. Actually, if I press 47 bump key, the command line shows Select fixture 47 - so its seeing the button press but not reacting to it... Ill upload file when my operator arrives soonish - my USB key doesnt work! :-)
  16. Excellent - pleased to hear it. I know all about supporting versions of PHP and upgrading servers so I don't envy the task, but now I know it's in progress I'll stop pestering you - for a day or two at least.
  17. GRRRRR!!! JonHole, please will you sort out the forum software on this website so it doesn't let unauthorised (not logged in) users post replies?? I just wrote a whole response to uriahdemon and hit post, but rather than it saying "sorry, please log in and I'll post what you wrote" it says "go away, you aren't signed in, and there's no hope of getting back at the content you just wrote"! Sorry Uriah, I'm not rewriting the whole post, but basically I said yes to FLX for what you want it for. Peter
  18. Howartp

    Fixture editor: Auto create palettes

    Hello. We've just bought an FLX after previously hiring, and also four Stairville RGB 8 240's - which have a fixture profile in GFT 32 The DMX channels are all correct, but there's no auto colour palettes in the profile; when you do 'Auto create palettes' it doesn't populate any of them. Are the auto palettes identified in the fixture editor (2.6) such that I can update the profile fixture? I started manually setting and updating the palettes on the desk but then when I hit (semi-intentionally) it removed my updates to the palettes and I had to start again - no small job when in 24ch mode cos there's Red1 thru Red8, Green1 thru Green8 and Blue1 thru Blue8! Peter
  19. Howartp

    Understanding tracking?

    Hi Jon, Reasonable success today. Unblocking certainly unblocked the dimmer and intensity values - should it have unblocked parameter values? I had to overwrite a number of cues with Smart Tag on to get the tracking back in line of where it should have been. Still definitely got a problem with the Robe 600's - they absolutely refuse to move whilst dark, even after I've set intensity, all colours, all colour rings, the built in colour macro, the CTC and shutter to 0/closed and recorded them into a cue. I updated/overwrote a few of the cues with manual position changes in the previous dark cue where the moving was most noticeable but @robhurt wanted me to leave some 'broken' - he'll upload the cue file when he finishes programming Act2 tonight. Excellent! I used it a few times this afternoon on Phantom Orb to check what was stored in cues. Peter
  20. Howartp

    Understanding tracking?

    Smart tag WAS (IS) already selected. I only did Shift+Record to try and fix what was broken because otherwise an essentially full stage of white was tracking into each of the cues 1-10 from nowhere. I couldn't find the source of the tracking so had to do Cue Only. (Shift&Record might be snapshot, but it also defaults to Cue Only instead of Tracking I was going to ask if there's a View that showed levels like that; didn't know Orb did it - can it be added to wish list for FLX? Is Unblock an on/off option, or a 'macro' that runs though and unblocks all cues whenever you press it? We'll play tonight.
  21. Howartp

    Understanding tracking?

    I've had a think about this overnight. Is our issue to do with tagging and smart tagging? If we don't tag the intensity of Ch10 into the cue when we set it to 0, it will track through at 100 and won't move dark? And the Robe's I guess have smart tagging Position into every cue whether they're above 0 intensity or not? With something along the lines of the above, I think I can see a logical explanation for everything that happened last night, including what we haven't asked about (yet).
  22. Howartp

    Understanding tracking?

    I was going to add to Rob's post with a few examples of what's happening versus what's supposed to be happening, but Phantom isn't showing me any activity in the Output Window when I load our cue file. I've added cue labels to cues 1-10 to say what should be happening - Ch9 and Ch10 are the only lights in use at this point. What is actually happening, unless we do Shift+Record for 'cue only', is Ch10 fades colour and position from yellow to green and green to yellow when we Go on cue 5.5 and 8, even though Ch10 was at 0 so should have moved dark. If we Go cue 5.5 then type "10 Enter", the LCD encoders show that intensity is indeed 0. Yet (I think) the output window shows Ch10 as 100 in purple, ie it's being tracked from somewhere. Peter Sinbad the Sailor Updated.isf
  23. Howartp

    Last cue of playback (chase) stays active

    Thanks Jon. We inadvertently 'fixed' this (read: 'avoided') this tonight before seeing your reply. We updated some of the Home and Default values of the RGBs from 100 to 0 which resulted in this not appearing (as output) any more. It may well still be doing it in programming, but with intensity of 0 so not noticeable. :-) Peter
  24. Hello. We've set up playback 1 with 8 cues and converted it to a chase. When the playback runs first time through, the cues run correctly. However once cue 8 has run once, it stays active whilst cues 1-7 carry on running through the chase. Any ideas what we're doing wrong? The cues are a step chase of 8 segments of an RGB strip - Red1, then Red2, then Red3.... but once Red8 has lit, it stays lit whilst Red1, Red2, Red3... carry on stepping through. Peter
  25. Howartp

    Move in Dark problems when jumping cues

    Thank you. We've only just bought our FLX (previously hired) so haven't been keeping any track on what release numbers have/haven't come out in the last 12 months. Peter

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