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  1. Hello all, Operating a leap frog (10.4), a problem yet with palette lock came up. I'm using MAC250Kr, MAC250+ and MAC300's. Here's how to make it happen: 8O So I have to press the Beamshape-button twice to come back to the menu on the LCD-display I had before changing the color :? What I want to say about that is that the current menu seems to increment if any attribute is changed over the palette lock. If I don't lock the palettes and press the attribute-key and any flash button together, the menu is kept, everything works as expected.. The problem is reproducable starting from any of the 3 attribute-menus. All of them are incremented by 1 menu if Color, Beamshape or Position is changed over Palette lock. I just wonder if that's a bug..? Seems so I would guess..? Best regards, rom.
  2. Hello all, Last weekend I locked the attributes/palettes (Color, Beamshape, Pos) on my Leap Frog (using 10.4) for over a couple of hours and used the desk in that mode. After that I wanted to unlock them for coming back to normal mode. I pressed the F1-Key on the desk and nothing happened :cry: If I lock the attributes shortly (saying for a couple of minutes) everything works fine. I tried to reproduce the problem but it was not possible (for now) to do so. Has anyone got the same problem with the desk? Greetings, rom.
  3. Hello, Since the upgrade to 10.4 the sub-levels are no longer displayed on the screen output. I remember that before the 10.4 upgrade I had the level displayed on the screen (don't remember if it was 00-FF or 00-99). Wouldn't it be possible to bring the levels back? For now, the respective page number is displayed for each sub-channel.. Thanks, romain.
  4. Thank you K-Nine for your fast reply. I'll play around with this tonite! Greetings, rom.
  5. Can somebody please explain me the functionality of the Offset and Rotation-effects on the LeapFrog :?: I played around with these functions but was not able to figure out the exact function, or how I could use that Even with RTFM I was not able to acquire furhter informations on that. Thanks in advance, rom.
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