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  1. Don't forget if you need a USB to midi link your school may have external sound cards that include USB & midi in the music room. I use an old Steinberg UR22. It's worth a look if you can borrow one for nothing. Chris
  2. stowedout

    Midi note mapping

    Cheers good to know. I was trying to run page 5 upwards via midi. Explains why I was hitting a brick wall. Re-jig required Chris
  3. stowedout

    Midi note mapping

    Thanks Edward, So is that the first 128 playbacks only with no way of pushing the start point up the playback list. Chris
  4. stowedout

    Midi note mapping

    Hi Zero88 team, Hope you are all staying safe in these difficult times. Can you confirm how playbacks are numbered for midi purposes (for info my FLX set to midi channel 1). My understanding is that there are 128 notes in each midi channel, therefore If playback 1 is midi note 1. Does playback 129 get pushed up to Channel 2 midi note 1? Chris
  5. Thanks Edward. I'm happy to have a go at this, I could do with keeping my hand in. If I do this do gobo images have to be 25x25 pixels? Ch5 no strobe info Ch7 There is no gobo info Ch13 No reset info appearing on the beam page ch14 No lamp control On further inspection the colour wheel on Ch4 might be more complex than I first thought. The fixtures have 3 possible settings available on their control panel 1 Linear Colour. 2 Full Colour and Rainbow effect . From combinations of having these on or off it gives 6 different variations of the way Ch4 behaves. The Clay Paky manual doesn't make it easy but I have attached it if that helps And the brochure has some better images of the gobos https://www.claypaky.it/media/documents/Alpha300_Brochure_EN.pdf Cheers Chris HR_AlphaBeam300_Manual_05.2015.pdf
  6. Does anyone have their own Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300 (Vector mode) fixture profile? The one on the Fixtures database has a fair bit of data missing. I'll re write one but just in case some one has done all the work already I thought I would ask. Cheers Chris
  7. Hi Edward you were spot on. There was position data recorded as well. I deleted the cue and rerecorded with effect data only. Had I wanted to edit the position data ,in your previous reply you said "hold VIEW and press the playback button. You can then edit the position fade time." is that a shift option in the position window? Chris
  8. Thanks Edward and KGAllen I will check that out tomorrow and report back Chris
  9. Hi Folks, I have programmed a MFF's to introduce a figure of 8 effect on a group of fixtures. The fader is set to control the "effect" so the further the fader is raised the speed and amount of effect is increased. Once the MMF is in the required position the result is as I expected. However when the fader is moved from 0 to 25% for example(which will result in a small slow figure of 8 the fixtures make an initial fast movement copying the speed I have moved the fader. The visual result is that the flown fixtures are pointing towards the stage they shoot 30 degrees to stage left then a figure of 8 takes over. I compensate for that by raising the MFF very slowly so it appears to the audience to be part of the figure of 8. Although when busking a show its easy to forget and get it looking a bit rubbish. Thoughts? Chris
  10. stowedout

    Effect control

    Thanks Edward. That explains it Chris
  11. stowedout

    Effect control

    I have a figure of 8 movement effect on a MFF, with the fader controlling the amount of effect On another MFF I have the new Blue sparkle effect with the fader controlling the amount of effect. When I have the figure of 8 running and introduce the Blue sparkle the fixtures stop moving. I'm thinking its not a HTP or LTP issue as I don't want either MFF to have priority I want them to control 2 effects independently. Can I do this? Chris
  12. stowedout

    FLX Remote buttons

    Great work David, I will post a photo of my shoe box size switch box (it is a no solder option though) Edward why does the keyboard only do the first 6 buttons? Chris
  13. Hi Edward, Thanks for that. I'm going to have a run through all my playbacks to see how everything else is working. Cheers Chris
  14. Thanks for your work on this David. Looks like we are trying to achieve very similar things. I had plugged in my Micro Korg just to see how it all worked and will probably purchase a Novation Launchpad and let you know how it all works out. Cheers Chris
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