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  1. stowedout

    ZerOS 7.9.5

    Thanks Edward. Can you confirm that it should include Midi note compatibility. Chris
  2. stowedout

    ZerOS 7.9.5

    Happy New Year Zero88 team. What's the news on 7.9.5 release date? Chris
  3. I agree, Christmas was just a shadow of its former self without a calendar! lol. You should treat us to a few more with 7.9.5.🤞
  4. Hi Edward, Thanks for the reply. No it wasn't one on the list that's what prompted the question but there are a couple Ilyamas . I was looking to see what was available on ebay. I will let you know how I get on. Chris
  5. I'm looking for FLX operators in the Scottish Borders/ Edinburgh/ Midlothian area to join a small pool of tech staff with the ability to fault find DMX errors etc to busk small rock shows in a 300 cap venue with a house lighting rig in the Scottish Borders. Drop me a message and I will email you with more info Chris
  6. I'm thinking of taking a punt on a second-hand touchscreen monitor on the Bay of E. I can see that the list of compatible monitors is fairly small. Is the general feeling that most touchscreens that work with (for example) windows 10 would probably be compatible? Or are users finding that hardly any monitors other than the listed ones are compatible? Chris
  7. Thanks Edward I will give that a try. (as you pointed out at the time I took the photo the cue was not triggered) Chris
  8. Thanks for the info Edward. Do you have a target timescale for this? Chris
  9. Hi Folks, See attached photo. I have chosen a group of LED washes and on my external monitor I can see the current setting for each fixture in the group. Playback 6 introduces a colour cycle to the fixtures. where do I see how this colour cycle is being generated? I expect it's an effect but where do I see what effects are attributed to each playback? (interestingly when playback 6 introduces the colour cycle the visible current fixture colour settings don't appear to change on the monitor ) Cheers Chris
  10. Hi Zero88 team, Can you confirm if you are intending to develop midi note capability for the FLX? Chris
  11. Well done guys these are excellent. I'm hooked now. Can't wait for "Mixing cocktails using the gobo shake function on my movers and a UDK" Happy Christmas Chris
  12. Hi Jon. How close are we to getting 7.9.3? No point in me updating to if .3 will be ready in a few days. Cheers Chris
  13. stowedout

    Remote switches

    Hi Edward, thanks that's great. I will give that a try in the next few days. This is a steep learning curve for me. When I started at this venue in Sept with no proper lighting background we had an old 24ch Strand desk running D54 protocol, 12 par cans and 4 Fresnels. I'm dragging it kicking and screaming in to the current century We have now added DMX dimmers, the FLX, Mac 250 Entours, LED PARs and a couple of LED multi beam effect fixtures. I will be busking my first show for a touring band on the 29th so fingers crossed. Cheers Chris
  14. stowedout

    Remote switches

    I'm on a roll with the forum posts today! I made up a remote switch box this afternoon with parts from CPC and ebay(including a D sub socket with screw connectors which saved some fiddly soldering) In "Inputs and Outputs" I enabled switch 1 to trigger a playback that contains a chase. I press the switch(A momentary switch) and the chase runs but as the fader is at 0 there is no intensity and therefore no light (I can see the steps in the chase being displayed as they cycle round) the chase continues even after the button Is released. If I wanted a chase to run at full intensity only while the button is pressed is this a job for a Macro or is there some other way to achieve this? Thanks Chris
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