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  1. stowedout

    FLX hints & tips Advent Calendar

    Well done guys these are excellent. I'm hooked now. Can't wait for "Mixing cocktails using the gobo shake function on my movers and a UDK" Happy Christmas Chris
  2. stowedout

    ZerOS Released

    Hi Jon. How close are we to getting 7.9.3? No point in me updating to if .3 will be ready in a few days. Cheers Chris
  3. stowedout

    Remote switches

    Hi Edward, thanks that's great. I will give that a try in the next few days. This is a steep learning curve for me. When I started at this venue in Sept with no proper lighting background we had an old 24ch Strand desk running D54 protocol, 12 par cans and 4 Fresnels. I'm dragging it kicking and screaming in to the current century We have now added DMX dimmers, the FLX, Mac 250 Entours, LED PARs and a couple of LED multi beam effect fixtures. I will be busking my first show for a touring band on the 29th so fingers crossed. Cheers Chris
  4. stowedout

    Remote switches

    I'm on a roll with the forum posts today! I made up a remote switch box this afternoon with parts from CPC and ebay(including a D sub socket with screw connectors which saved some fiddly soldering) In "Inputs and Outputs" I enabled switch 1 to trigger a playback that contains a chase. I press the switch(A momentary switch) and the chase runs but as the fader is at 0 there is no intensity and therefore no light (I can see the steps in the chase being displayed as they cycle round) the chase continues even after the button Is released. If I wanted a chase to run at full intensity only while the button is pressed is this a job for a Macro or is there some other way to achieve this? Thanks Chris
  5. stowedout

    Relationship between playbacks sharing the same MFF

    Thanks, Mike and Edward, Spot on. Page hold over was set to Enabled. Changed it to disabled and all sorted now. Thanks for the help Chris
  6. Until today I have run all my shows on a single page of playbacks. On using two pages for the first time I came up with an issue that probably has a simple solution. Example- Playback 1 on page 1 has a nice cue stack of LED washes. The MFF is left sitting at max on one of the cues. I then move to page 2 of the playbacks where I have a chase on a different group of fixtures recorded on playback 25. I want to keep the wash recorded on playback 1 running but as I lower the MFF controlling playback 25 the wash from playback 1 is dimmed then the chase recorded on playback 25 is played back when the fader is raised again. Any pointers? Cheers Chris
  7. stowedout

    Martin Mac 250 Entours

    Hi Edward, Thanks for the quick reply. I will give Blue Room a go. I've not recorded any macros yet so I will have a go at that tomorrow. Chris
  8. stowedout

    Martin Mac 250 Entours

    Hi Folks I have a question about my new (used) Mac 250 Entours my understanding is that when the intensity is 0 and the other shutters are open the lamps go in to low power mode to keep the heat down. Is it common practice to at the end of a series of Entour cues with the last cue creating that set of circumstances to keep the heat down or is it safe to keep the intensity at 0 and can the internal fan keep the lamp cool? Second question- Any good forums that cover Entours?
  9. Hi Martin Mac 250 Entour users, I went through the same issue with My Mac 250 Entours (my first movers) so I stored all the settings in one of my FLX user definable keys to trigger a lamp off command to work when DLOF is set to "on" which saves a bit of work. While we are on the subject of the Mac 250 Entour my understanding is that when the intensity is 0 and the other shutters are open the lamps go in to low power mode to keep the heat down so is it common practice to at the end of a series of Entour cues that the last cue should creates that set of circumstances or is it safe to keep the intensity at 0 and the internal fan will keep the lamp cool?
  10. stowedout

    Can I download/dump an error report? Partial boot fail

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I'm just running 7.9.1. I will up date it to .2 then try to program some more cues and get back to you. Thanks again. Chris
  11. I switched my FLX on this morning and a red message appeared about being unable to load something. unfortunately my fat fingers pressed a key before I fully read what it said and the desk continued to boot normally but without my playbacks. I only lost a few test playbacks (but will start saving shows to USB). Is there way of sending an error report in to Zero88? Thanks Chris
  12. stowedout

    Overwrite colours?

    Thanks keredyelesob that worked perfectly.
  13. stowedout

    Overwrite colours?

    Thanks for such a quick response and especialy to keredyelesob for creating a Fixture file. Any files I have created in the first few weeks of life with an FLX I will share with the forum/zero88 once I'm sure they all work correctly.
  14. stowedout

    Overwrite colours?

    I am setting up some Kam Powerbars to provide back drop colour washes. Powerbars are 4 flat par can units, each par can containing RGB LED's . The fixture profile (a modified Parbar profile) contains 12 colour parameters (4 x red 4 X green 4 x blue) each assigned to a wheel on the FLX therefore to record the various colour washes it requires 12 wheel adjustments for each wash. I thought I might be able to speed this up by recording some colour palettes. I set the 4 flat par cans to full Red pressed "record" and then "c2 Red" on the Palettes touch screen.A warning dialog box then popped up to say the palette was already programed did I want to overwrite it. What would happen to other fixtures that used "c2Red" Palette button to set them to display Red if I overwrote this? or probably a better question is how can I speed up the programing? Chris
  15. stowedout

    Can I copy data when creating fixtures?

    Hi Folks Just to add to the above. As I have become more used to the FLX and creating fixtures I went back to the Kam Power Glide issue that started this topic, I found that when I entered all the data for each of the 8 RBGW leds the FLX created pallets for each colour when the small centre button on the wheel is pressed. (however that did involve entering 128 colour names and 128 end values when creating the fixture) which brings me back to why I posted my original question asking if I could copy data as it would have only involved 16 names and 16 end points.

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