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  1. That looks great. Ill have a go with that Chris .
  2. Enjoy your time off @Edward- Z88 You must be sick of David and myself and our midi crusade If you add a CC option to playbacks or channels do we not still end up with an option that is frustrating as a 3rd party controller may output both CC and note info but we will have to choose which these we decide to use . Now I have Capture duet edition I was planning to write some Macros (I've steered away in the past as they can't be edited ) Do we not already have Midi note control of Macros as soon as they are assigned to a playback?
  3. Hi @Edward- Z88 thanks for your reply. Just to clarify the Zero88 plan would be to globally choose CC or Note control not choose the control method for each playback or channel? I agree with @Davidmk something like the remote switches functionality to allocate control would be great
  4. Hi @Davidmk@Uriahdemon and @Edward- Z88 I've done a bit of work within Lightjams software converting midi CC data to Midi note data. After sorting that out it became clear that I really hadn't understood ZerOS processing of Midi notes. As the velocity information is used to determine the fade up time, as soon as I move a CC fader the FLX playback triggers with a fade up time that relates to the position of the CC fader on the midi controller. Now that I understand this I can work with a pad controller and keep anything that I want flexible control of on page 1 Something like this B
  5. Hi @Davidmk@Uriahdemon and @Edward- Z88 Looks like you guys are putting a power of work in to this. I agree though my Dymo looked nice all printed out but it is peeling off!
  6. Hi Edward and David, Sorry I'm a couple of days behind on these posts. Thanks for the CC info. I have access to a Novation launchkey that sends CC information from rotary controls so I will see if I can get Lightjams to map CC info to midi note info. I'll get back to you soon. Chris
  7. Hi David, I'm not sure yet but check out Luke Strattons video to see what I'm going for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRlJN1LALFk&t=421s In the lightjams software everything is configurable / programable so I'm sure it will work. I need to get on ebay for an APC 20 or 40. The pads on a 40 are RGB configurable so it might be a nicer result. Chris
  8. Sounds like @Davidmkmethod is simpler as it removes the need for the laptop and additional software. One less thing to fail is always good (Like David my method was also tedious ) My next project is to try using an Akai APC20 and assign faders to parameters to give a bit more flexibility while busking shows Chris
  9. Thanks Edward. Personally I always found your videos very helpful especially the short Christmas ones. We are all very good about asking you guys for manuals/videos/advice so the least I could do was put a bit of effort in. I will edit and add to this as it starts to get some proper action. Chris
  10. I wanted to get this up before the training on the 30th in case anyone had particular interest in midi . The video is too big to upload here so it's now on Youtube https://youtu.be/GQCX_Ww1YbM Over the past couple of months I’ve been chipping away with this FLX midi note project. I had a bit of a boost to get this finished when I saw the LD at a recent Cage the Elephant gig running macros on his Grand MA from a launchpad. I spend a lot of my time busking bands and I like to keep my intensities, speed, variable position and effects on page 1. The aim with this project was have access
  11. Don't forget if you need a USB to midi link your school may have external sound cards that include USB & midi in the music room. I use an old Steinberg UR22. It's worth a look if you can borrow one for nothing. Chris
  12. Cheers good to know. I was trying to run page 5 upwards via midi. Explains why I was hitting a brick wall. Re-jig required Chris
  13. Thanks Edward, So is that the first 128 playbacks only with no way of pushing the start point up the playback list. Chris
  14. Hi Zero88 team, Hope you are all staying safe in these difficult times. Can you confirm how playbacks are numbered for midi purposes (for info my FLX set to midi channel 1). My understanding is that there are 128 notes in each midi channel, therefore If playback 1 is midi note 1. Does playback 129 get pushed up to Channel 2 midi note 1? Chris
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