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  1. stowedout

    Effect control

    Thanks Edward. That explains it Chris
  2. stowedout

    Effect control

    I have a figure of 8 movement effect on a MFF, with the fader controlling the amount of effect On another MFF I have the new Blue sparkle effect with the fader controlling the amount of effect. When I have the figure of 8 running and introduce the Blue sparkle the fixtures stop moving. I'm thinking its not a HTP or LTP issue as I don't want either MFF to have priority I want them to control 2 effects independently. Can I do this? Chris
  3. stowedout

    FLX Remote buttons

    Great work David, I will post a photo of my shoe box size switch box (it is a no solder option though) Edward why does the keyboard only do the first 6 buttons? Chris
  4. Hi Edward, Thanks for that. I'm going to have a run through all my playbacks to see how everything else is working. Cheers Chris
  5. Thanks for your work on this David. Looks like we are trying to achieve very similar things. I had plugged in my Micro Korg just to see how it all worked and will probably purchase a Novation Launchpad and let you know how it all works out. Cheers Chris
  6. Has 7.9.5. changed some of my show? I had a effects chase running over 4 sunstrips (acting like 40 fixtures) where a single light moved through the fixtures 1 - 40 the MMF triggered the effect and the position of the MMF controlled the intensity so it was a very subtle effect at low level. I went to use it last night and it had inverted to all fixtures on and a single fixture off moving through the 40 fixtures Is this the upgrade or have I changed something? Chris
  7. Yip I agree get the GoPro out and get FLX videos going again. Remember a FLX video is not just for Christmas guys😂
  8. Hi Zero88 team. Just had some time to play about with some of the new software features. It looks to me that from within ZerOS midi notes are not mappable to playbacks eg midi note C-2 will only ever trigger playback 0 (or however Zer88 have set up the map) I think Most midi manufacturers label 127 midi channels from C2 -G8 with middle C being C3. Can you post how that is mapped against ZerOS? It would have been nice not to have to add another peripheral like a laptop to my lighting set up but I assume that external software will allow re mapping/patching. It's early days for me and midi but I might put a request in for a software upgrade to include remapping in the same way the remote switch can be mapped to particular playbacks or cues. Cheers Chris
  9. stowedout

    ZerOS 7.9.5

    Thanks Edward. Can you confirm that it should include Midi note compatibility. Chris
  10. stowedout

    ZerOS 7.9.5

    Happy New Year Zero88 team. What's the news on 7.9.5 release date? Chris
  11. I agree, Christmas was just a shadow of its former self without a calendar! lol. You should treat us to a few more with 7.9.5.🤞
  12. Hi Edward, Thanks for the reply. No it wasn't one on the list that's what prompted the question but there are a couple Ilyamas . I was looking to see what was available on ebay. I will let you know how I get on. Chris
  13. I'm looking for FLX operators in the Scottish Borders/ Edinburgh/ Midlothian area to join a small pool of tech staff with the ability to fault find DMX errors etc to busk small rock shows in a 300 cap venue with a house lighting rig in the Scottish Borders. Drop me a message and I will email you with more info Chris
  14. I'm thinking of taking a punt on a second-hand touchscreen monitor on the Bay of E. I can see that the list of compatible monitors is fairly small. Is the general feeling that most touchscreens that work with (for example) windows 10 would probably be compatible? Or are users finding that hardly any monitors other than the listed ones are compatible? Chris
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