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  1. Weir69

    MSC Control with Multiplay

    The problem is that (as far as I know) you can't activate the go button/command from a MIDI note but only through MIDI Show Control. For the next show I will grab a copy of Show Cue Systems but for this one I'll just make do with having two separate cue lists. Thanks for your help, Hamish
  2. Weir69

    MSC Control with Multiplay

    Thanks for you replies. Unfortunately the show is this weekend and I don't have time to move everything over to QLab even if I did find a Mac. I downloaded PC Stage which looks like it may do the job: taking MIDI notes from Multiplay (through MIDI Yoke) and then sending MSC commands to the desk. While this isn't it's intended purpose it seems the best option. Before I waste my time does anyone know If I'm heading the wrong way, or if there is an easier way to do this? If there is no solution (because I have a Jester -sorry) I can just make do with having two cue lists. Hamish
  3. Hi all, I am working on a show and plan to control all the different elements from Multiplay. As the Jester ML supports MSC commands I thought I could send commands from Multiplay. However it looks as if Multiplay doesn't actually support MIDI show control. Could I fire the go button on the Jester through traditional MIDI notes instead or is there some way I could get MSC commands out of the PC (even if this meant triggering a secondary program to send the command)? Many thanks, Hamish
  4. Weir69

    Chauvet Beam LED 350 Z88 Profile

    Thank you, tried today and it appears to work perfectly. Sorry I also should have told you I was using them in 14channel configuration.
  5. Weir69

    Chauvet Beam LED 350 Z88 Profile

    Great! I'll give it a shot tommorow and let you know how it goes. Thanks again, Hamish
  6. Weir69

    Chauvet Beam LED 350 Z88 Profile

    Hi I mean the Beam 350 LED. By profile I was meaning the file that the console reads. Thanks alot
  7. Hi all, I'm doing a show in a venue that has a Jester ML 24. On the rig there are 2 Chauvet Beam LED 350s that are not patched into the console. Also there does not appear to be a profile for said fixtures under Chauvet category even though a quick internet search says that there should be one. Does anyone know if there is? Also if not I would greatly appreciate if somebody could make one up for me, I've not used the software before and have very limited time in the venue so I would like to be sure it will work. Thanks!

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