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  1. I just did a show where I needed a chase to start slow and get faster. It wasn't in time to music, it was an effect we were using for a flashback scene.
  2. Sure! I'll try and write some of it up at some point. The idea was to build it as a hobby project using a raspberry pi, but like so many projects it hasn't happened yet
  3. Hehe. It wasn't my thread to begin with It's weird now I live in the South. People use all kinds of odd words. But mardy is perfectly normal (Yes, Coventry is definitely in the South. I think Nottingham is about where the South starts.)
  4. I would… probably be up for helping with that! (I've had a desk design running round my head for a while. It involves motorised faders, and a strange hybrid of HTP/LTP for submasters. A girl can dream!) The multipart cues are a shame but probably workable with… as long as I can test things as I go! I was programming blind for a lot of this show, so couldn't tell when things broke. The other bug that's annoying me is that the desk sometimes interprets a cursor up/down keypress as a Go. For instance, I'm outputting cue 1, I use the down arrow to scroll down the list, at some point (e.g.
  5. I'm not expecting anything, as I'm replying over ten years later, but I'm experiencing this bug as well. Illusion 500, latest software. I'm not sure what triggers the bug… when it starts happening for a cue, it'll keep happening until I edit the other parts, make a slight change, and re-save each part. I'm pretty sure it's an edit mode bug of some description, since if I've got the cue into a state where it behaves properly, playing back the show multiple times doesn't seem to trigger the corruption. When a cue is misbehaving, it still has the correct data stored in it (which I can see if
  6. I'm having trouble here. I'm confused on the difference between .ift and .cft files. I have some .ift files. The desk can load them when I patch a new fixture, choosing "from disk". I also have the main fixture library as a .ift file. This is too big for a disk. I'd like to move a subset of it to the Illusion, so I open the Common Fixture Manager and insert the fixtures I want. BUT, it'll only save as a .cft file, and I can't work out how to get the desk to read a .cft file! What am I doing wrong? As luck would have it, I solved the problem immediately after this post — use the f
  7. Great, thanks! It is indeed for my Illusion. It gets its first outing in a few weeks I've tried the fixture editor, but only for making a floppy disk out of a subset of the main library. (All my other fixtures were found in there already.) Thanks, Amy
  8. I'm trying to patch this: https://www.amazon.com/ccbetter-DMX512-Automatic-Sensor-Handle/dp/B016QI7TCG/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 (well, more accurately the 36 LED version). On the box it's just called "Party PAR", without a manufacturer name. I don't have the manual, but from trial and error it has channel 1 is brightness, 2 is strobe, and 5, 6 and 7 are RGB. I don't know what channels 3 or 4 do. (Please don't judge me for using a crappy light — mostly I'm using Stairville LED PARs, which still aren't good but are at least a brand that people have heard of.) Amy
  9. On my Illusion 500, I had this happen when trying to upgrade the software. I managed to get it to work by pressing down slightly on the edge of the inserted disk. I kept this slight pressure while rebooting the console, and it correctly read the disk and performed the update.
  10. I'm looking to obtain a Sirius 24 remote masters board. Does anyone know of a place I could get one? Thanks, Amy
  11. Is it possible to perform such an upgrade? That is, acquire another main board, a bunch of faders, and then connect them up to the Sirius 24's main board and DMX card in order to give it the capability to drive 48 channels? Amy
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