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  1. Thanks for your kindness....
  2. Dear Jon Hole, I see the connection between PC using Phantom ZerOS to Art-net, then my point is "Can PC control lighting fixtures via Phantom ZerOS and Art-net without Zero FLX or only can use with console?
  3. THz Jon Hole. This is about changing Chase to Cue and I notice that the converting time from Chase to Cue or reverse back is bit long period. Thanks again...
  4. Dear... I found the trick... In color Palette can adjust color coz the fixture library has define the CMY at Special tab (Cyan-Positive, Magenta....). and for color wheel i'm not sure that when I touch the Color Name Upper Encoder Wheels It shows me the Details I define in Library Builder so I can use it as Color Palette... How do you think? Anyway most of thing I want to run play back as Cue list with Time code... how to do it?
  5. Could you tell me where to find Cue play back, Edit Cue or Edit time in Cue list which run follow the Time code? or in FLX using Macro instead? Thanks in advance.....
  6. Thank ​kgallen... Even I'm not clear on what you explain but I will try n I referred to the original Fixture Libraries ​I downloaded from here.. I will test in fixture builder. It could be Spacial tab that involve to Color value from 0 to 255 CYM....
  7. Thanks... But I also created custom Library with added feature Parameter Details and I also tried to add some build-in libraries in console but still the same... I will ask later again after I update console from 7.8.2 to 7.8.4.... Hope it solve the problem after update...
  8. errr... anyway is there any guide on building user library for FLX that support Color palate which define ready in Console? I try to pick color but it's not active... I can use only effect palette! and Copy method not work also...
  9. Could you tell me how to connect FLX with visualizer screen? I see in youtube by this link youtube.com/watch?v=yWI4Fv0rTmI ​ you can re​ply by raksmeipenh@yahoo.com My company just bought FLX 1 week ago, ​Raksmei Penh @​PNN TV, Cambodia ​
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