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  1. xtremeq

    how to transfer cues manually ?

    I'll try... Thanks again bests Yann
  2. xtremeq

    how to transfer cues manually ?

    Hello, thanks ! I just want to pass my cues manually I can't use time in and time out, i have to follow the artist on stage Is it possible to go to the next cue manually with a fader ? I'm using the latest version of the soft :
  3. please Help !!!! I tried to use the transfer tool I hold the shift button and copy ( as the manual says...) only the copy tool appears ...
  4. toujours pas de doc en français !! scandaleux pour ma part, d'autant que le fonctionement du pupitre n'est pas vraiment intuitif !! Axent doit faire qqchose ! y

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