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  1. Hi Labby and Edward, we had the same issues with our Leapfrog 48 some time ago. We could fix it by upgrading the internal memory. Our desk had only 256Mb Memory inside, so we upgraded it to 1024Mb. After it, the desk works very fine and quicker without any problems. Matze
  2. Hello Edward, would you please add me to the beta test group too? Mathias
  3. Hi Neil, actually the problem is still not solved. But we can get the USB back by restarting... Mathias
  4. Hi Jon, we just use an touchscreen-monitor LG L1730SF wich works fine. As USB-Stick we tried several sticks incl. the original zero-stick. Everytime we start the desk, usb-stick is shown in the load and save-menu. After a few programing-steps the stick dissapears and we won‘t be able to safe our show. Replugging the stick will not help. Only restarting the desk will bring it back. The touchscreen-monitor works fine all the time. so we have to restart the desk after programing to save our show. Mathias
  5. Hi Scloue, is it a led-chaser wich won‘t fade just snap? i tried it on my leapfrog and had the same effect. in your playback-parameters you can choose the chaser you will edit. Here you find an parameter-window where you can change the parameters of the playbacks. In this window you can change the „attribute fade percentages“. Change the ‚colour‘ attribute to 100% an you will get your chaser fade instead of snap. The factory default setting is intensity 100% and colour 0% but your leds will need the colour attribute changed to 100%. Mathias
  6. Hi Edward, it‘s me again... I think it‘s also possible that any Button-Combination i pressed while programing the show will force the desk to lose the USB Connection. So I will have to check the USB function after every programing-step. That will not be very easy i think Mathias
  7. Hi Edward, I tried pressing refresh minutes after plugging the stick in. Once i plugged the stick before programing the show an try saving the show at the end of my programing. After restarting the desk, the stick will be shown in the menu, but a few minutes later he will not. So i had to restart again. It looks like the desk will lost usb connection a few minutes after restarting. Edit: i tried unplugging and ‚replugging‘ several times without success. Only restarting the desk will help Mathias
  8. Hello, we got a Leapfrog 48 updated to SW 7.9.3 the desk works fine so far but we got issues saving our show to usb-stick. after programming our show the the desk wouldn‘t show any usb-device in the „save-show“-window. pressing the ‚refresh-button‘ can‘t help after restarting the desk it works. Looks like the desk will lose its usb-driver and needs to be restarted to get it back. Greeting from Lilienthal, Germany Mathias
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