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  1. Hi Edward, I won't be able to get the showfile until Sunday. I will also update the to the newest ZerOS version - maybe that might solve our problem!
  2. I've been trying to save an effect but I can't figure out what can be causing the issue. Here is what I have been doing: 1) Select 4 Chauvet Intimidator Beam LED 350 fixtures and apply a vertical line effect 2) With the same 4 fixtures selected, apply a chaser effect and then offset it. This was to give a strobe + moving effect. 3) Everything works well until I have to save and going back to the saved cue the chaser effect is gone leaving only the vertical line effect This is using the standard FLX running ZerOs 7.9.3. What can be done so I can save this effect?
  3. I just got this message from Jon Hole about wheel behaviour: So it sounds like the software has changed since the update and the solution to using the fine controls is to change it to proportional and move it slowly.
  4. The global encoder sensitivity seems not to do anything. I have it set on 60 but changing it doesn't change how the scroll wheel works (I've tried almost everything between 0 and 100).
  5. Has anyone had any scroll wheel issues since the updating to ZerOS 7.9.2? I used to be able to use the Fine settings (wheel behaviour: Absolute) and have each click of the scroll wheel change the settings by 1. Now with the update the Fine setting requires multiple rotations just to change something (for example: spin the wheel about 10 - 15 times to change pan from 50 to 51).
  6. After a lot of mailing back and forth Jon was kind enough to come to our event space to check out what the problem was (we couldn't sort it out by mail). The "problem" turned out to be the pan/tilt speed was causing the moving heads to not move smoothly. We put the speed on 0 and then set the defaults on the movers to not go above 0. Thanks Jon and Eaton for all your help!
  7. I have some Chauvet movers (Intimidator Beam LED 350) and they move smoothly on almost all effects. But when I choose fly in, fly out, mark on and mark off the movers don't move smoothly. They have a slight jerky motion to them making the effect unusable. It doesn't matter what the speed is set on, there is always the jerky motion to them. I'm running the newest version of the software (7.8.5) but it also did it on the older version (7.8.4). Is there anything that can be done to fix this problem? Thanks for any help.
  8. scoloco2

    Chauvet Intimidator

    I downloaded the Fixture Type Editor and saw that the profile for the Chauvet Intimidator Beam LED 350 did not have any defined colours. I'm assuming the FLX looks for those parameters to create the colour palettes. I was able to update the fixture so that it works correctly on the FLX.
  9. scoloco2

    Chauvet Intimidator

    Hi, I just took another look and the "Automatically create colour palettes" button is there (I didn't see it because I didn't scroll down far enough). Pushing the button does nothing and the only way to select colours is with the scroll wheel. The Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350 actually does work with the "Automatically create colour palettes"; it is the Beam LED 350 which does not!
  10. scoloco2

    Chauvet Intimidator

    Hi Jon, There is no button at all. The screen just shows the colours but touching them does nothing.
  11. scoloco2

    Chauvet Intimidator

    I have some Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350 and also some Chauvet Intimidator Beam LED 350 movers and am having a bit of problems. Once they are patched in, I can only change colour and gobo using the encoder wheels and not the touch screen. There is no button available to "automatically generate palette" and for the gobos it is the same. Would this be a profile issue or some FLX setting I don't know about? Thanks!
  12. I believe the midi on the FLX console is midi in/thru which means it can only receive sound cues. There are consoles that do have midi out but the FLX is not one of them.
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