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  1. Focuspoint


    OK, after forcing the factory settings to desk the "Smart Tag" appeared. And I have got the RGB faders working too. But still....the buttons should do what written on them. Kalle
  2. Focuspoint


    He Edward! Read the instructions, did exactly as told there, nothing, tried once more, still.....the same, it doesn't. I'm running newest software version but I don't see any "Smart Tag" in my FLX? But the whole idea is wrong for me. Yes, the light and colors comes from RGB together and this is so if You use color picker. But pushing the button "keep parameters separately" should do the trick, instead of recording some more faders. I would love my button to do what is written on it. Kalle
  3. Focuspoint


    I was on the field yesterday, just helping a sound guy who apparently had to do also the lights for a simple concert. Nothing difficult but as he had a bunch of microphones to look after he was asking me to make him RGB faders on FLX. So I went to setup>settings>attributes>colour settings. Pushed Yes to "Keep parameters separate?". Went back to live, dialed red on fixture, untagged everything else and recorded it with option to record tagged parameters only. Did same to green and blue. And the outcome was,... it didn't! So, I thought to try all the options there are. I've tried it wit
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