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  1. Hi Ive just updated the software how do I now get my list of playbacks used to be just press view key
  2. Hi, I need a profile for these on a FLX board ASAP please Manual below http://adjmedia.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/manuals/Focus%20Spot%20Three%20Z_EN.pdf Thankyou Focus Spot Three Z_EN.pdf
  3. Found it! its the same profile as Chauvet intimidator spot 355.
  4. Showtec Phantom 95 LED Spot has anyone got a profile for this https://www.highlite.nl/nl/silver.download/Documents@extern@Manuals/40199_MANUAL_GB_V1.pdf thanks
  5. Tony Dawson

    Touch screen

    Trying to get my FLX working with a touchscreen monitor but it isn't working vision great but no touch I have connected USB from monitor to FLX. And tried restarting the desk but no luck Is there a setting somewhere that I have missed.
  6. Tony Dawson


    I'm new to Zero 88 just ordered my FLX today but is there Any update on availability of training I've read the quick start guide but that has just left me with more questions even a proper manual or training video would be good. Tony
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