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  1. luke1307

    Pixel mapping

    Hi Jon, Just wondering if there is going to be an option to pixel map on the FLX with sunstrips and LED panels and if so when the option will be released
  2. luke1307


    Ok that's great thank you for your help. Jon is a solo option for the Udks possible to add please
  3. luke1307


    Hey, Thanks for this, but I have done that, but the other fixtures stay on. Even with the Udks set at latch and not flash. Have also tried changing the htp and ltp setting Oh sorry I read that wrong, I don't have a solo option on mine, and I can't update the desk as the update been taken down
  4. luke1307


    Hi there, Is there a way I can use the Udks to trigger my par cans into flooding the stage in one colour while blacking out the other fixtures even if there all running a sequence on a playback?
  5. Thank you Jon, much appreciated, what sort of time suits you?
  6. Hi Jon, Sorry to be a pain but could I ring you please about this, as I don't have my desk at the moment and won't be getting it back till Thursday which is when I next need the move on dark, can I ring you today at some time please?
  7. Hi Jon, Sorry I've figured out what it was, it doesn't like the fact that I've copied a cue, is there a way I can copy a cue and it will just fade the movers out?
  8. Hi Jon, Sorry to bother you again, I'm having trouble with the move on dark still, I tried it a couple weeks ago with how you said and it worked fine, now I'm trying to programme for a show and for some reason when I hit the go button my movers are going through all the different gobo wheels till it's a plain spot as it's fading out and not fading straight away, any ideas?
  9. Ok thanks Jon, I will try that in a few days when I get fixtures back, basically the movers are only being used for extra effect on a few songs so won't be used much but like i said before some need to fade straight up already in position and colour and other times they just be moving around. If I still get stuck can I come back to you,
  10. luke1307

    Move on dark help

    Hi there guys, I'm still learning the FLX and wanting a fixture to move on dark but only on certain cues, some cues we need it to show the beams moving but one or two we need it to move in dark and just appear what's the best way to do this? Any help would be appricated Thanks
  11. Hi Jon, Thats brilliant thank you so much, When you do the fixture update can you please check the qtx smart par 6 channel fixture its the rgbw version. Thank you Luke
  12. Hi Jon, Please see attached showfile as ask for, I have been through all the settings and cant seem to sort them, i have changed the default values on the edit fixture which either makes the led stay on once cleared or removes it from the channel faders Please may you call me and talk through this. 07874001732 Thanks Luke new update showfile.isf
  13. Hi Jon, I have just updated to the new software and I'm having a few issues, I have a qtx smart par patch in, firstly the grand master and blackout button has no effect, if I go over to the channels I slide up and down channel 1 the fader has no effect, I've set the intensity to be on the first wheel in the window but it won't appear, and the normal 1 @@ does not work, only way off get led lit is pressing home
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