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  1. Hi Jon, no I haven't but I will keep an eye on this in the future. To my mind that doesn't explain why most preset faders in the same bank will operate, but a few stop working.
  2. Anyone experienced this? We have a Solution XL with the latest firmware. During the protracted programming sessions for big shows, we find that certain preset faders stop working. For simplicity, think of preset faders 1 to 5. Their collective mix is recorded down onto Submaster A and most of the programming of states is done using the submaster. At some point later I need to use some of the presets individually, however, presets 1 and 2 have stopped having any effect. There is no longer any change in the Outputs window for those channels when the faders are moved. Meanwhile, Submaster A is still working fine and having the desired effect on all five of those channels, including the ones that are controlled by the two preset faders that have stopped responding. In the patch screen, the two affected preset faders are still correctly assigned to the correct channels. The problem does not go away when the desk is switched off and then on again. The only remedy is to do a complete reset of the desk and load the program back in - then the preset faders begin working correctly again. This has happened while programming two separate shows in the last two months and affected different preset faders. The first time it happened, it seemed like a different preset would go out of action each day. I didn't have time to investigate on that occasion, so I just had to re-patch the required channels to different preset faders. This time I did have time to look further into it. But I'd really like this to stop happening any more. I can't pin down at what point the preset faders stopped working, but they were fine at the beginning and they were fine again after a full reset.
  3. I'm in the midst of using a Solution XL to programme a song and dance show where I need to create various colour chase, intensity chase, movements, etc. To achieve this I'm trying to use the Effects section of the desk as much as possible to cut down on programming colour/movement combinations manually. I am finding it tricky to reliably create (and re-create) modifications of the standard effects using the wheels in normal and shifted modes. To me it feels like sheer luck if you come across a combination of wheel settings that achieve anything close to what you're after. The manual offers scant detail on this front, so I wondered if anyone has come up with a best practice for adjusting the wheels. For instance, a shifted turn of the Speed wheel, seems to affect the spread of a chase across the selected fixtures. I haven't fully figured out what the other two actually achieve in shifted mode. Also, I have, more than once, achieved a particular look (by luck) and as soon as I save that as a new Effect palette entry, it changes into something else. That has also occurred when saving to the Cue stack. Has anyone mastered Effects?
  4. Jon, I'm having a similar problem. I haven't been able to get the latest version of the (Android) Remote or Monitor apps to connect with our Solution XL ( at all. Time to fiddle on site is always limited, so I try it every now and then with slightly different approaches, but it's always the same. The desk is connected directly to the router; my android phone is linked to the same router, I enter the IP address that I have given the desk (have tried numerous different ones) manually and the app just sits there looking with no result. I have enabled and disabled the remote feature on the desk numerous times and the desk has been rebooted many times in between attempts. Last night I attached a different router and that made no difference. It's a real pain because often I could really do with a remote tool when focussing. Any ideas?
  5. Hi Jon, When I used it for a show a couple of weeks ago, I found that when changing the changing speed, the chase often jumped as the second press of the STEP button was made. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the use of it. Here's how I think you should use it: Press once on the first beat and press it again on the second beat in order to set the pace? Well on that second press, that's when the chase output noticeably jumped. Admittedly I didn't have a lot of time to practice this, but I found the results a little jarring at times. Steve
  6. Jon, It would also be a really useful feature to be able to assign a submaster as a chase speed controller. I have tried using the BEAT option to control chase speeds with the STEP button but it is really clunky, especially when you need to change the speed while the chase is visible. To my mind it would be so much easier if the position of a particular submaster was in control: 0% for static, 20% for 60bpm, 40% for 120bpm, etc. with smooth progressions between them. Don't know how easily this would fit into the existing framework, perhaps an extra setting in the submaster Drive options and then the opportunity to assign a submaster, which then gets named in a particular way so that it's easy to recognise? Failing that, what about allowing a control wheel to be used for this? - or the Override knob? Anything to get a smooth and predictable progression in chase speed that doesn't jump around all over the place! Any chance of this making the to do list? Cheers Steve
  7. I'm starting to do more and more programming in PhantomZerOS in preparation for our Solution XL desk. What I'd like to know is how can I perform the equivalent of holding down the CLEAR button while I deselect certain items? I have been around the keyboard looking for a key mapped to the CLEAR button but have not found it yet. Anyone know if this is possible?
  8. I’m programming memories on a Solution XL at the moment and am having an issue with movers. The issue is this: Head A and head B are involved in memory 1 (both are showing blue). For memory 2, head A is not needed (it’s intensity is recorded at 0) and head B remains unchanged. For memory 3, head B fades out and Head A is required at a new position (in blue). The problem is that as memory 2 becomes active, head A instantly changes to white (the ‘Home’ colour I guess), begins to fading to black and starts to move to the position required for memory 3. It’s being driven by ‘move on dark’ but it is moving before it is dark. I need head A to fade down in blue and then move once it is at zero. What am I doing wrong here?
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