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  1. Hi Edward, Any idea what release these updates will make? Thanks Rob
  2. robhurt

    Robe 600 LED Wash

    Does anyone have any experience of using this fixture with the FLX at all? When using the CTO to get a nice warm colour temparature, the colour fade seems to stop working. If I go from green to red (for example), everything fades as expected, however if I go from any colour to the built in CTO, it fades to blue (from green) and then suddently snaps to CTO. I'm not sure how CTO actually works, is it simply a pre-programed set of different RGBW combinations, or is it more clever than that (such as altering the wattage of the LEDs for example)? Thanks as always! Rob
  3. Thanks everyone! Based on your kind advise I have decied to press ahead and program (thanks Edward!) with what I have in the rig currently! @Howartp - we really ought to attend the training session at Plasa Leeds?!
  4. Hi all, Me again. It's a few years on and I'm still no tracking expert, although my limited knowledge improves with each show! I'm just about to start programming a new show, and a new scenario has cropped up that I have not had before. We have two Martin MAC Quantums coming to us on Monday, but there's a big rehearsal on Sunday, so I was hoping to programme (or is it program?!) the main bulk of the show in advance of Sunday's rehearsal and then add the Quantums in on Monday afternoon. They will mainly be used for spots of various shapes, sizes and colours + some more "jazzy" stuff i
  5. Hi Jon, Are either of these scheduled for the next release? Thanks Rob
  6. robhurt

    Custom effects

    Evening all, Is it possible to create custom effects at all? I have some fixtures that output only a few select pastel colours when I choose the "rainbow" effect and I'm after some more vibrant colours and a larger selection of them. Is this something I can create myself, and not in a chase? Thanks Rob
  7. Thanks Kevin, We have managed to source a desk locally from another venue who has recently purchased an FLX and doesn't require it for the next week. I tried everything I could think of, including factory reset, etc but I couldn't get it to play ball. I've never seen anything like it before - it was going completely mad. I removed all the DMX and peripherals, moved it to another room and started a new show with four or fives cues, but trying to get them programmed in was a nightmare, it was adding in extra syntax by itself causing the error beep - the faders and page display went complet
  8. Hi All, 2 minutes before our penultimate dress rehearsal started, our FLX went into absolute meltdown. Syntax, keyboard commands all being entered randomly by itself, skipping cues all randomly. It's just gone mad. It's running through cues by itself rapidly, not responding to anything. It's behaving like it's had a drink spilled on it (but it certainly hasn't). Does anyone know what the warranty period is on these? I've phoned Zero88 Support but as it's a hardware issue they can't really help. I haven't managed to finish programming due to a blown lamp in a Mac 700, so time is rea
  9. robhurt


    Hi Kevin, The colour fade times are set to 3 seconds, and if I split the cue into a normal stack they behave as expected, it's only when I turn it into a chase that the problem arises. I am running 7.9.3. Thanks Rob
  10. robhurt


    Evening all, I'm having a few problems with chases...i am using some Robe LEDBeam 150s and have found that the colour sequence I want isn't pre-built in so I'm creating a chase and then adding into the cue stack as a macro. I have different colours on each fixture, and then three further cues, each cue changes the colour of each fixture. I have added fade times, but no matter what I set them to the colour snaps and doesn't fade. I must be doing something wrong! One of my cues won't even let me put any fade up or down times in at all! As always, any advice would be appre
  11. Hi Jon, Do you know if these are going to be included in a release in the near future? Thanks Rob
  12. Thanks Kevin! I'm sure it's easy when you know what you're doing. I'll give the "cue only" option a go for my edits thanks! I've never had a problem with tracking before expect for the edits. If I do press shift+record and then choose "record all" will that take effect for that cue only I assume? Thanks again!
  13. Hi Jon, I don't suppose you have a rough date for these making it into a release do you? Many thanks Rob
  14. Hi All, I'm slowly getting to grips with the FLX and think it's a great desk. Unfortunately I'm a bit dim and I'm getting confused by tracking (stop laughing!). The last desk I used didn't have tracking (if a light was selected when "program" was pressed it was stored, if it wasn't selected it wasn't stored), so whilst I understand the principal, I'm not really used to it. When I'm programming, I'll go back into a scene I have saved (for example let's say in cue 4) and add a light and update the cue. Now in cue 5, which is a blackout, this one light that I added in cue 4 is still l
  15. robhurt

    DMX Values

    Come in this morning and the desk is showing DMX values (eg. 255) rather than intensity value % of 100. I've not changed any settings, does anyone know how to change it back?
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