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  1. I found my problem, Do not attempt to open the 7.10 download on your pc/mac but send the unopened file directly to your usb stick.
  2. I have tried to update to 7.10 and downloaded from web but when I install it shows as 7.9.9 am I downloading from the right place? Any help please
  3. Every time I attempt to access support links on this forum they come back as “something went wrong “ any suggestions also how do I choose what is displayed on internal and external touch screens, my exterior screen is a 15” illyamia thanks again
  4. I have just purchased a flx s 48. And I am trying to rationalise my various fixtures, mostly generic Chinese unbranded, is there a readable list of fixtures with attributes available, as I do not want to duplicate fixtures already created by you, or will I have to guess my way down the list? thanks for any help Steve
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