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  1. Hi Jon. I will, as soon as I have some edited down, they are a bit big to send at the moment. Cheers Chris
  2. Cheers Jon I thought that might be the case. Chris
  3. Hi All Well that was a fun Pantomine. We did Cinderella and it went very well. Our new FLX and all the new LED lights worked well and impressed a lot of people. Only complaint was that it was a bit cold on stage. We've dropped our power usage from approx 42Kw to i guess about 8Kw. A small change... NOT!. Ok so the actors don't get to be too warm but our electric bill must be much lower. The 10 shows all went without a hitch except the usual pressing buttons too early or too late, actors missing their cues or not giving the cue lines for us but we coped and every one had a great time. Roll o
  4. Hi Jon We're running the latest 7.8.5 Beta. Is there any difference to the Released version. Cheers Chris
  5. Hi Keredyelesob and Jon Thanks for the info. Good to know it should work. I think I'll go for the Roland one mk2. It's a lot dearer but the reviews are much better. Only complaints were the price. I don't like some of the reviews on the cheap ones and the article you mentioned Jon was not clever. I can't be bothered tinkering with one just to make it work. Don't know how long it would last and I'd rather not take a chance with our new desk. Cheers Both Chris
  6. Hi I'm looking into the possibility of driving our new FLX from my laptop via usb and a midi interface of some kind. For shows I use Multiplay which is a brilliant FREE show sound package and it has the option to control midi devices as it can send midi control codes. I would like to trigger the master go button via these codes. 1. Is this possible? 2. What usb to midi convertor would I need? Thanks in advance Chris Lucas Buckley Theatre Club
  7. Hi Jon Upgrade of software went ok. Desk all happy again, not crashing on "Save Show" on Z button. Looked at some of the new bits. I like so far. Like the titling. Back to focussing the new lights... Cheers Chris
  8. Hi Jon I've just downloaded the latest version 7.8.4. I'll give it a try tomorrow. Tyler updated the software on Monday just before he started the training as I had downloaded the software on Sunday night. I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers Chris
  9. I have sent the info in via support email too. including show file. Cheers Chris
  10. ChrisLucas

    FLX Locking up

    Hi Guys We have noticed a bit of an issue. If you use the Z button "Save Show" it locks up the desk completely. Tried it tonight at the theatre after we made a few changes and needed top save them to USB stick. If you go into setup and save show from there its all ok. comes up with the sub menu and you can put in the details and all is well. With the Z button option, nothing happens but the desk is frozen. Powering down and up brings it all back on and nothing is lost. Also - Many Thanks to Tyler for a fun training day on Monday. We learned a lot and now have to play with all our new
  11. Hi Jon I'm sure there will be questions but just not yet. An update on what has happened..... We have decided to go for the FLX desk on advice through our suppliers from their rep at Zero88. It looks like a good desk and a bit easier to program colour wise anyway. Our old dimmers have gone along with a lot of wiring and mess. We've rebuilt the roof (had to be jacked up to get the old dimmer rack in) and we're in the process of rebuilding the wooden wall where all the old trunking has gone. Should be a LOT neater when it's finished. Our suppliers are coming in on Friday to start the inst
  12. Thanks Jon Now all I have to do is work out how to use them. I'm a virgin with a dmx desk... LOL Good job I can play with the Phantom..... Cheers Chris
  13. Hi We're in the process of upgrading our Theatre lighting system. Were going for LED and a new desk and some dimmers to keep the old FOH Profile spots. We've been quoted for the following and I'm trying to see how it would all fit together on a Solution desk. We have an older 48 dimmer Zero88 desk and Strand dimmers at present. These new desks are a lot different.... Solution desk Chilli 1210 dimmer pack ADJ - 12 Par Hex ADJ - 5Par Hex ADJ - Ultra Hex Bar 6 Any info would be most useful but the personalities would be great as I can't find anything like them in the latest Fixtur
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