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  1. Hi iank99 Thank You for your reply, It appears it was just a blip, As when I powered up this morning to focus, they all worked normally and I haven't changed anything from the other evening. Thank you for your time, Sorry to cause you any inonvenience. Stephan
  2. Only on the last one in the chain, which was the the that worked.
  3. Hi, Sorry if this is a repeat post, I had a look and couldn't find any similar post. So, we have 4 betapack 3's and the DMX goes from the desk to pack 1, linked out to pack 2, linked out to 3, out to 4. This has been fine, until last night when I could only have 1 pack at a time. Set up as normal (it stays set up in a locked room) I found pack 4 was the only one I could control and the only one with a DMX OK LED. When I unplugged the DMX from 4, 3 started working. With 3 unplugged, 2 worked with 1 cutting in and out, yet with 2 unplugged 1 worked fine. Does anyone have an idea to a cause and ideally a solution? Thank You Stephan
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