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  1. But is there an update in work? So that you can synchronize your song exactly with your lights. Because if something like this is possible the Jester Ml24 is perfect. Thanks Enchancher Are there in general updates planned with some "big" changes like tools added for the ml series?
  2. Is there a possibility to run lightshows with a Timecode synchronized with a Song over Midi for example? Thanks Enchancher
  3. Hello guys, ive got a question. In case is there still the program "Light Converse" from Zero 88. i red an article about it but theres no webshop where you can buy it or find it. Thanks, enchancher
  4. Could you explain your second part more precisely? @iank99
  5. Hello, Ive got a problem in fact ive got a Chilli 12-10i +rcd dimmer for 12 ARRI Lamps. Now i want to connect the Dimmer to some Moving Lights but the dimmer has no DMX output only a DMX input but hes got a cat 5 output for ChilliNet. Now my question is it possible to connect the dimmer to the moving lights if i use a dmx to cat5 converter? Because if this works not i have to use a second light console and i dont want this. Thanks
  6. Ah okay but now the program says that its a wrong file type if i update the fixture library but i saved the files in ift.
  7. Hello, ive got a question in fact i programmed some fixtures with the fixture type editor now ive got the ift. files. Is there a possibility to copy them into Phantom Jester 3.1
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