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  1. Its a very prominent question... a question that I have also had in my head too. Something like : Akai MPD26 Korg PadKontrol will have Midi out on 5pin din style cable. I know that a friend of mine has successfully patched an AKAI to his Avolite Quartz, so see no reason why it shouldn't work on an FLX. Hopefully these would be solutions that might suit your requirement. Thanks, Jonny
  2. Hey Jon Hole, Will there be any FLX at all deployed around the Edinburgh festival that you know of? I am over working for a week there, me coming over from Belfast, and would be interested in getting in to see one in its native environment. Any ideas, thanks. Jonny
  3. I am almost sure this will have been asked already so sincerest apologies if it has.... ....but i cannot find a manual on your website for the FLX (i think the FLX manual is the "easter egg" of the Zero88 website LOL!). Would you chaps be ever so kind and forward one to me. I have to do a walk through various scenarios with a tech buyer this week, and possibly am speccing an FLX. It would be most appreciated thanks, Jonny
  4. Great stuff, Yes indeed - my own initial thoughts are that I love the console - one of the chaps from Zero88 on the way back home to scotland was able to bring one to a private demo for me... ...sure theres some things I wouldn't have been used to, but for the little things that it misses that I love on the avolites stuff, it really does have some nice little tricks up its sleeve that I really want to deploy in churches. I reckon as soon as there is more media available online, it definitely will be easier for me to sell. Heck if it would speed things up I'd come over to you boys
  5. Hey Guys, OK so I am an installer / operator based in Belfast here, www.equipeaudiovisual.com and until the release of the FLX remained predominantly in the grip of Avolites - we've used avolites for some time and really like their gear. The FLX however does sit in the mix quite well for us, or at least we're trying to make it sit well. Its an all in one that really has a number of neat features that we like. But people won't buy it yet because... ...in having talked with a number of potential clients about it recently for install, the one thing keeps on coming up - training videos.
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