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  1. RichardLanderSchool

    Am having some strange effects on my board

    having trouble with board (shown below) it all started after our production of peter pan after the last show we had an after party and we went a bit crazy with our DJ we were flashing all the lights but not on a chase we were doing it manually to the music by pressing the buttons below the sliders and as i said going crazy all of a sudden the desk cut out the screen and monitor just went black after a minute everyone realized we were frantically trying to fix it after another couple of minutes the desk turned back on and reset it did this again 3 times we were puzzled we thought maybe we had just overloaded the desk but just wanted to check. after this the next day we found out it screwed with the memories the numbers of them were all muddled up and repeated multiple times we reset the desk but nothing happened any advice? thanks in advance Jacob

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