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  1. Ray


    Hi Jon, I wouldn't want to bother you on the weekend, I was off this weekend so had the chance to play with desk but didn't get that much done. I did manage to get it to connect to Capture a couple of times but only for a while and could not figure out what sequence would make it work. My touchscreen is an older one so probably won;t work at all. My normal monitors would not connect at first but when I did get one to work is only showed half the info. I tried to email you a pic of this but your email is bouncing back my emails. (It's working now just got a reply). The power-down thing is me just being safe. Most system I work with have a shutdown and just thought I would mention it. I have had a Jest ML in the past and a Leapfrog 48 but been on a different system for a few years. It's not like I'm new to computer though, I was a computer lecturer for ten years before I started the current business. Will go over to email now, I dont like forums much.
  2. Ray


    keredyelesob I don't know if you work for Zero88 but it sounds like you do, or at least you are fan. I feel my feedback is not being negative, just expressing my honest opinion to which I feel I am entitled. After spending £3000 on a desk to find there was not a manual in the box, and not even one available online was a shock, and as I have found out a time consuming pain. I have looked at the Orb and Solution ones but they are very different, many of the keys on those are not even present on the FLX. The reply for JW was helpful but your replies are not in the least. A small mobile desk like this should be self contained to make it evenmore desirable to customers, but when you ad £400 for a touch screen monitors etc etc. it gets expensive. Combined with the Network problems I feel that the software would have benefited from another three months Beta testing before release but fully understand Zero88 having to get to market to get a return on the investment and catch the start of the summer season. It just need a bit of time, but looks like we won't be using it on the Festival we have this weekend, a real pity. PS - This is why I don't do Forums. Would rather have a manual in front of me and a company I call call on the phone and not have to deal with online nonsense.
  3. Ray


    I would have expected an operating system that has been around for a while now to be a little more advanced. The desk should surely be able to detect if a monitor is connected, and for example, put the on-screen keyboard on the internal screen, which it does not. It may be harder to detect if a keyboard was present. For mobile users (this is a compact console) and people with restricted space it should be possible to operate the desk fully without a key board or monitor. As I have read in a few other posts, is does seem that the FLX was not quite ready for release. Would have been better to wait rather than get bad press. As for the calibrate thing, the desk should have a failsafe, if you press ANY key by accident apart from the power switch, it should not mean a restart in the middel of a show. Feels like I'm paying over £3000 to be a Beta tester...
  4. Ray


    Hi, Have got one of these and having nothing but trouble. I can't find a manual, just the Quick Start. Have mucked about for three days and still lots of problems. One that I can't seem to find anywhere is - How to change the resolution of the external monitor. The desk is not picking up the size and only displaying part of the information, the rest is off to the side. Zero forgot to mention that you can do hardly anything withut an external monotor. A 'bug' I did pick up on is if you press 'Calibrate external monitor', it does not have a cancel key, so unless you have a touchscreen, keyboard or mouse (or if you have no external monitor) you are stuck. I know your not supposed to do that but anything that can cause you to HAVE to switch off the desk should surely have a failsafe. And on that point, where is the 'power down' selection, I can't find it and don't like just flicking the off switch.
  5. Thanks Jon, There is one we use a lot, the LEDJ Colour Blast, can't find that one; https://prolight.co.uk/PRO/item.php?id=508019
  6. Ray


    Well, after being quite impressed by the videos and the demo at Plasa Focus, have jumped in and bought one. Having spent a couple hours with the desk we have found a few faults, but hopefully they will be fixed in the next update. Short of some fixtures so it would be nice to have a program or App to make our own. And a MAC version of it... We bought the iPad App, and disappointed to find there was no 'demo' mode and it will only work if you have a desk, a bit silly really as a FREE demo app would drive sales. Very difficult to operate without a screen pugged in, and really needs a touchscreen, adds to cost. Cannot get it to speak to Polar Capture. Would be nice to have more tutorial videos. . .
  7. Any word on any of these? Has been six days, and although it may be too early to expect an update, some sort of reply would have been nice. I have a desk sitting here now I can only use four of my fixtures on..... PS - Also nee the LEDJ Colour Blast (different from the Colour Burst). Some of these quite urgent now.
  8. Hi, A few fixtures we are needing (some may be in list already, sorry) iSoloution iMove 350SR iSoloution American DJ Inno Beam Quad American DJ Inno Beam Z7 Acme 7TC LEDJ 19T3 Antari Z-350 Hazer Thanks
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