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  1. Also, wir haben das ganze jetzt hinbekommen, indem wir einfach die Software auf Version 7.8.2 geupdated haben. Siehe auch: http://zero88.com/forum/topic/6926-updating-the-list-of-compatible-touch-screens/
  2. Hi Jon, thanks, after the update the monitor works like a charm :-) By the way: I didn't found a big list of compatible Touch Screens. The one link in this topic shows only one. Maybe you shloud update the list....
  3. Hi Jon, at this time we are using the Version 7.8.1, i will try to update it on Monday and write back here.
  4. Yeah, in Windows 7 everything works fine. But i think it has to run, they are really just diffrent sizes. Any other suggestion?
  5. Hi keredyelesob, i tried it without any success. Here you can find some System Information: https://login2.yoursecurecloud.de/d/b79bea1567 Which software version do you use? And, are you really using the same Monitor model?
  6. Hi keredyelesob, thanks for this suggestion. I will try it tomorrow.
  7. Hey everybody, we are using the Zero88 Solution and wanted to add a touchsceen Monitor from iiyama, too. But if we plug the USB Cable from the Monitor in, the touch isn't working. Our Model is the: iiyama Prolite T2452MTS In the System Settings i can see, that the USB Touchscreen is detected. Tomorrow i can tell you the Software Version, we are using. Can a software update help us?
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