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  1. Ciao Thank you for leting me in to the comunity for Zero88 users. I work with Solution console for quite some time now, and its great desk but there are some things hard to figure out or find information online. I would like to know what external wings are available and supported for Solution console running latest ZerOS? Is there any other than Enttec playback wing that we already have? And how many of these wings can be connected at once? I noticed that curently, when wing display assigned to be for submasters pages, sometimes does not show page correctly if I move fast through pages (only on wing, on desk it shows ok), until I switch again slow. Is this just like this, and can't be fixed, or is this some bug? There is no info for "Wings" menu in the manual... :/ One more thing I cant solve is, for patching more then 48 dimmers on the desk. As I understand, wing can be assigned to do anything, so I made flash buttons and faders to be "Preset flash 49" and on, and "Preset Fader 49" and on. But when in patch, if I then add new dimmers and select this with wing, I get dimmer destination as 1/49, 1/50 etc... so they look like they are set to be patched, but then pressing the "Finish" button does nothing. The window doesn't close, and I cant save that new patches on that channels. Why is that and how to fix this? Another thing, I know fixtures can be patched to "DMX In" location if using external desk, but its a little bad I can't patch them without having DMX In with me... button for choosing "DMX In" location would be useful. As well as being able to control this aditional dimmers with wing instead of line in...
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