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  1. Hi Aaron Presently, you can't use the 'remote' functionality from the iPad - you can, however, display the panel of the console and manipulate the syntax that way. I hope this helps, Peter
  2. Hi Tobias, Can you try setting the DEFAULT value for the haze/fan channels to zero in Edit Fixtures. If that doesn't help, can you send me a show file? My email address is peter.kirkup@cooperindustries.com Thanks,
  3. Hi Torrija, It sounds to me that your dongle may be malfunctioning. If this is the case then you will need to speak to LightConverse for support - i'm not sure why they are sending you to us, as we were only the distributor of the product, not the manufacturer. I have asked LightConverse to get in touch with you directly, Kind Regards, Peter
  4. Hi Luis, As Sven says we do not currently support the ELO "APR" screens. This may change in future software, but at present this particular technology is not supported by ZerOS. Peter
  5. Hi Johny, I'd suggest loading your showfile into Phantom Jester to ensure it loads correctly before you update the desk, however everything should be fine going from version 2.3 to version 3. I hope this helps, Peter
  6. Kev, Drop me an email and i'll send you the latest beta software. We are currently working on a couple of other issues (new features) which we're hoping to squeeze into the next software release. This should be out really soon though - watch this space! Peter
  7. Hi Phil Are you running the latest software version? There was a bug on the Leap Frog versions of ZerOS a little while back that could get the desk into this state. This was fixed in version 5.4.0, so I would suggest trying this version. If you're already running 5.4.0, how old is your desk and have you replaced the battery recently? Again this can be a cause of these symptoms.
  8. Hi Ian What you are suggesting is most likely correct, that larger sticks use alternate file systems or structures that the simple processor in a Jester is unable to support. We do stock 1gb memory sticks ourselves which we know work well with the Jesters - although these are not particularly cost-effective, we do guarantee they will work with the consoles. Out of interest, what brand is your 4gb stick? Peter
  9. Hi Mason, If you enable the 'Show command line' feature under Special Page 2, you can use backspace to undo channel adjustment events. This will not, however, undo record/copy/delete/update actions. We have discussed adding a further undo function but this is still on the list for future consideration at this stage. I hope this helps, Peter
  10. Hi Ian Worth trying the update, and also trying another USB stick. Some brands of USB sticks do funny things to their sticks which makes them inaccessible by a relatively simple processor such as the Jesters. Switching to another brand or even using the unbranded (cheaper) sticks generally fixes the problem. Let us know how you get on, Peter
  11. Just to follow up on this, it was good to talk to you on the phone yesterday Matt. I'll let you know once we've tracked down exactly what is causing this. Peter
  12. No problem - we're looking to release a new version of ZerOS soon which fixes this bug. If anyone wants to try it out, please let me know and i'll email you the beta version.
  13. Hi Matt Can you email me your show file as soon as possible? peter.kirkup@cooperindustries.com I'll try and take a look at it and see why you might be hitting these limits - this is a limit imposed by the software to ensure that we don't go over any memory storage problems, but you shouldn't be seeing this anywhere near the 500 memory size. Thanks, Peter
  14. Hi Matt Are you certain its not showing 90% free? Can you let me know how large your show file size is, and which mode you are running the desk in? Do you have lots of palettes/groups/subs programmed? Peter
  15. Hi TataGoc, Can you confirm whether the shutter channel is set to DMX 0? This would cause the console not to program any data apart from intensity for these fixtures. Try setting Shutter to a non-zero value. Peter
  16. Hi Will Are you running in Non Tracking mode? To achieve this, you really want Tracking - Advanced mode. Let me know which mode you're in and we can talk through how to achieve it. Peter
  17. Hi Harry, We're working on an updated version of the manual at the moment and i'll be sure to make this a bit clearer for you! Hope this helps, Peter
  18. Hi OpenEyes The issue is the fact that you are storing the Colours at 0 too. When you move a parameter wheel on the Jesters it 'tags' that parameter. That means that it will store data about that parameter into a cue or a submaster. If a parameter is untagged no data is stored. Only stored attributes are output when a cue or sub is played back, so if you don't store any colour data, no colour change will happen. So, what you want on your "sides" fader is: -100% intensity + Colour data for the side LEDs -0% intensity + NO COLOUR DATA STORED for the other LEDs Likewise mirro
  19. Hi Harry Do you have your submasters converted to cue stacks on the desk front panel? These controls mirror the desk front panel controls, so if you've converted them to subs then they will mirror the subs. I hope this helps explain it, Peter
  20. Hi jw-lighting, No unfortunately this just is the way you set the overall speed of the chase. I hope this helps, Peter
  21. 500mW, as defined by the USB standard.
  22. Hi Harry It's in the "Playback" dropdown - you get 5 faders on screen, and a go/pause button. Make sure you're running the latest software - the remote has limited functionality in version 5.3 and lower. HOpe this helps! Peter
  23. Hi Ryan It looks like the Flare is a pretty simple device - there's a guide to creating your own fixtures here. I would advise you to have a go at creating your own, then let us know if you need help. We will add this fixture to the main library in the next release, however that is a couple of months away at the moment. Kind Regards, Peter
  24. Hi Jim Which Jester desk to you have and which mode are you in when you see these problems? The basic "Preset" mode on a Jester 24/48 will default into two-preset mode which gives you two banks of channels 1-24. You can shift this by using the Page B button to shift to 25-48 on the second bank, which will make the desk behave as you expect. I hope this helps, Peter
  25. Hi Jan Which mode are you running the desk in (Tracking/Non Tracking, Smart Tag Enabled/Disabled) and do you have the latest software installed? There are a couple of reasons why this might be happening, and that depends which mode you're running in. If you can let us know which mode, we'll be able to help, Thanks, Peter
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