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  1. Hi Piero Could you post the USB details for this new screen, from the System information window (Shift+F6)? Thanks
  2. Hi Stefan The standard layout is a GB (UK) QWERTY keyboard. We do have plans to implement LF-1955 (now ZOS-1955) - but at the moment I don't have a timescale for this. I hope this helps, Peter
  3. Hi Tim I've added you to our beta test group - you should now be able to see the beta version. Peter
  4. If anyone else has problems with touchscreens, please do let us know and we can send you this build to try.
  5. That's great news Mathias, we're always happy to hear about shows using our kit! I'm glad to know it went well.
  6. Hi jesterfish (cool name, by the way!) This sounds most likely like the battery inside the desk has failed. The batter is a standard CR2032 3v type that you can buy from most hardware shops - they're used in desktop PCs and a lot of other consumer electronics. If you're confident with a screw driver, it's easy enough to replace the battery - it's on a holder on the top of the main PCB. Alternatively, any Zero 88 dealer should be able to service and replace this battery for you. I hope this helps, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have further troubles with your desk.
  7. Hi Piero We have tracked down and fixed this issue - I have a beta version which I will send you off-forum which fixes this. Please let us know how this goes. Peter
  8. Hi Piero Can you bring up the System Information window (shift+F6 on an external keyboard) and let us know what is listed under USB Devices? I'm sorry for the problems you're having with v6.1 - once we have this information we can try and work out why these have stopped working. We did fix a number of touchscreen issues in 6.1 so I guess something we fixed has unfortunately stopped yours from working.
  9. Zero 88 are pleased to announce the launch of ZerOS version 6.1.0 software for Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96, Frog 2, ORB and ORB XF. The following are now available from our support centre: - New desk software (ZerOS 6.1.0) - Offline editor software (Phantom ZerOS 6.1.0) Version 6.1.0 includes a number of bug fixes and we would urge all users to upgrade. A full list of changes together with bug fixes are available in the Release notes.
  10. HI Triska You can select multiple locations in the Patch Wizard by pressing and holding the first and tapping the last location when selecting the destination. This will patch multiple fixtures at once - upto 96 for all 96 faders if needed. You can indeed move Intensity into Beamshape using the fixture editor, just as you described. I hope this helps, please let me know if you need any more help with the desk. Peter
  11. We have a beta version of the ZerOS android remote now available. Once this beta test phase is complete we aim to have the app available in the android marketplace, but at this stage we need feedback from as many different devices as possible. If you have an Android device and would like to take part in the testing, please drop me a note and i'll add you to our beta test group to enable you to test the software.
  12. Hi Kev We now have a beta version of the Android remote available in the beta test forum. Let us know how you get on, Peter
  13. Hi Noiseboy It's worth checking that your Ethernet cable is a straight cable connected between the desk and the router and that this cable is connected before the desk is booted. Whilst this shouldn't make a difference, when troubleshooting I'd recommend booting with the dhcp server attached. Let us know how that goes, and if not we can look at whether there might be a fault on your desk. Peter
  14. Hi there, The answer is a little complicated unfortunately... Basically, the Frog 2 can *import* shows from the Mambo Frog (and other Frog 1 series consoles), however the SX keys do not get loaded. The Frog box cannot load files from the Frog 2, so this would be a one way conversion - into the Frog 2. I hope this helps to clear things up, Peter
  15. Hi Jeremy Thanks for the report - we're investigating why this would have happened, and should be able to fix it before the next release. This has been assigned issue number ZOS-3234.
  16. Hi Carwyn If you're not using your preset faders during the show, you could always try this trick: Take a short DMX cable and link DMX universe 2 (or any spare universe) to the DMX input. Then in Edit Fixtures, repatch 20 of the preset faders to output on that universe. Then go to Desk Setup / Inputs, and select the DMX In address for each submaster as the addresses you assigned to the preset outputs. Now your preset faders will work as submasters. However: The submasters will follow the 'preset mix mode' (Desk setup / Behaviour) and therefore the Preset Master & Cl
  17. Hi Brad Could you email us a show file? My email address is peter.kirkup@cooperindustries.com - once we have your show file, we'll try and work out what's going on.. Thanks Peter
  18. Hi Jonas You might want to think about loading your show file into Phantom Jester on your PC, adding the names using your PC keyboard, then saving the file and loading it back on to your Jester. This does speed things up quite a bit. I hope this helps, Peter
  19. Hi Daniel You're correct... all you need to do is go into Super User (hold down SHIFT and press MODE), then scroll to <DMX Patch>. Press Enter, then select the DMX address you want to assign to a channel. Once you've got that channel selected, press the flash button under the channel you want to assign it to. Continue doing this for each channel you want to assign. You'll notice as you scroll through 1-12 that the LEDs light on faders 1 to 12, etc. To remove an assignment, just press the flash button again. I hope this helps - let us know how you get on! Peter
  20. Hi all, There are a few rules in the ZerOS software that determine how auto-palettes are generated. For Gobo palettes, the name must be 'Gobo n' where n is the number, and there is a space between Gobo and the number. The wheel must also follow the name GoboN<> for a rotatable wheel or GoboN for a fixed wheel, again where N is the number of the wheel. For Colour palettes, the desk will generate 10 'fixed' palettes for use with CMY/RGB mixing fixtures, which are based around the basic colours easily achievable with these mixing methods. Any additional colour palettes, 11 onw
  21. Hi Impat, Yes - the normal ZerOS Remote works as remote monitor for the iPad.
  22. Hi Impat You can run both of these applications under Wine (which is free of charge and easy to install) - I use these myself from time to time. We have discussed native Mac versions of these apps and they may happen in the future, but for now this solution should help you out. You can download Wine for OSX from http://wiki.winehq.org/MacOSX/Installing Peter
  23. Hi Pierotec, Yes, you can activate the DMX Output using either sACN or ArtNet. In order to do this you need to purchase a dongle, which is priced at £499+vat, part number 00-887-00. This is a small USB dongle which unlocks this functionality. I hope this helps, Peter
  24. Hi Martin When MIDI Notes is set to Memories (in SETUP/Desk Setup/Inputs), the MIDI notes cause a GO to the memory corresponding to the Note-on message. Note-off messages are ignored in this case. You can set the 'first note' in the MIDI Notes settings, and the desk will increment from there. I hope this helps, Peter
  25. Hi Martin We currently do not have Telnet or MIDI Showcontrol implemented for the Leap Frogs. We do support MIDI Notes for Memory Triggers, so if you can get the upgrade card then you could use those. We are looking at supporting MIDI Show Control and Telnet in a future version of ZerOS, however this may be too late for your show. One solution might be to use DMX-In - it can be used to trigger submasters - if you were clever you could program a macro to those submsaters so when they 'raise' on DMX input, they trigger the macro to go, pause, stop etc. I think that's how i'd do it
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