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  1. The 'normal' random feature found in chase programming is the order of steps
  2. So i'll re-post the request....what about a random chase function?
  3. What about adding the functionality to do a 'random' chase? Perhaps all the chase direction LEDs could light up to indicate random (or none of them)
  4. I think you've just saved me about 1000 key presses per show. Is this documented somewhere? It should be! 8)
  5. Try the fixture disk which came with your desk - it should have a profile for generic fixtures. You can only patch one per fixture, there is a Frog Reference number for mutilple intensity channels per fixture. As for control, it works the same as a standard fixture brightness channel.
  6. If you press and hold the position button, you can select the movement mode, from "relative" to "absolute" or "fan from centre" "fan from left" or "fan from right" (cant remember the exact phrasing - dont have a FF to hand) If you select fan from centre, then move the pan/tilt wheels (after releasing the position button), the lights will move away from the centre, proportional to their patch on the desk (1 = left, 12 = right) or in your case (1 = left, 4 = right) - it only looks at the lights you currently have selected. The other way would be to set this up on the fixtures themselves.
  7. The level reporting on submasters while they're at a low % (say, 3 or 4%)is off (ie white), then if you move it VERY slowly up a little it will intermittently flash between white and green, to indicate it is up. Obviously this isnt a major issue, but just an observation i had whilst playing (ahem! plotting) a frog today! Peter
  8. Could you address the trackspots on the 2nd stage the same as on the first stage? Or is that too crude?
  9. more memories??? you want more than 999.9? what sort of show are you running?
  10. Hi all, I am pleased to be able to announce the launch of an all new internet discussion forum for the industry. Utilising modern technology The Blue Room is able to offer the following features: -Mandatory log-in for users (Avoiding spam and flames) -Post previewing and editing facility (Allowing you to correct those little mistakes that often slip through the first time!) -Moderation by many industry professionals, to enable offending posts to be removed promptly. -Posts sort order customisable by the user (enabling you to see the posts that have been replied to most rece
  11. An offline editor should (like Pearl Simulator) emulate all the functions of the desk and integrate with some sort of 3D modelling software so you can emulate the entire show offline.... I think if the software was good enough and reliable, most Frog users would be willing to chuck £20 your way for it.... Am i right guys? (Thats a LOT of £20's, if everyone bought it)
  12. I suppose i'm just trying to be foolproof, and create a personality I could use for whatever show I want it on. From a rigging point of view, it is easiest to address scrollers sequentially along a lighting bar, or whatever. However it may be more appropriate to have the one fixture button doing all the scrollers focussed on DSL, for example. Okay.... enough bs. I'm being lazy. I'll learn to cope!
  13. In the fixture personality editor, can we have more than two Sub Fixtures? I was trying to create a personality capable of holding 3 scrollers. It's fine if their DMX addresses are adjacent, but (as often happens) this is not the case and so they need to be on sub fixtures. But I can only add two per personality. Would anyone else find this useful, or am I trying to fry my frog? <muses> fried frog.... tastes like KFC </muses> Peter
  14. This occurs because the brightness channel is Highest Takes Precedence, whereas all the other attributes are Latest Takes Precedence. I think the way to get over it is to plot an independant queue onto a submaster with the Brightness attributes on it, and take that down before you plot each queue, then only the channels you have manually adjusted before plotting will be on. Also, don't forget to take PlaybackX down before you build the next cue. As regards Point Cues, Select the current cue number in the next cue < > box, and press 'Insert'. Like magic, it inserts a poi
  15. It runs cooler than most other desks - it doesnt even have fans or a PSU in the style of Pearl, Hog or 5x0 - its external (the PSU) so the heat is taken away from the board.... cool enough for you?
  16. Yes, they can. But thats not how the strand feature works. It looks ahead in the cue stack to the next time the fixture is used, and moves it to that potion, as soon as it dims out. That means there is no rapid movement as you press 'go', and the show runs smoothly. Does that make sense?
  17. Hi I've been thinking about using moving lights in my next show, and been getting my head around how to program them effectively. I like the idea of (never used it myself) Auto Move While Dark (found on the Strand 5x0 and 300 consoles) feature. I don't imagine this would be majorly difficult to add to the console, and could be set in the desk setup options. I appreciate it would only work when the desk is used in partial by fixture or attribute mode, and only when a cue stack is being used as the only means of playback, but if the option could be switched on / off, it would not affect user
  18. Dimming Curves: Not to burst your bubble, but most of the large theatre desks (well, Strand ones anyway - not much experience that isn't Zero88 or Strand as yet) have a dimming curve manipulator built into them. Not only does this give the option for pre-heating and giving an exponential fade (for example) but you can also turn channels into non dim / switch channels (square law) - something which would be useful, effectively allowing your dimmer racks to function as a relay rack. You can do it on the DMX / 48 analogue converter, so why not build it into the Frog? Sorry if this doesn't mak
  19. Kirkup_xp

    Bull Frog

    Try taking Playback X down... i believe this will fix it.
  20. Try hittting the F2 button (which happens to be the 'rename' function on a Windows PC) while you have the memory or sub selected. Magic. It also works the other way around. If you hit 'F2' with nothing selected, a requester will appear prompting you to select an item. Once selected, you can name it.
  21. Why not go the Avolites way and create an emulator of the Frog software, that we can use on our PCs and load onto the desk once we get on site. Could be very useful and i'm sure very popular. I appreciate it has implications for all sorts of issues, but it would be useful, so i'm suggesting it. Also, what happened to 'it'll be on our website on Monday' as I was told at PLASA? Are you adding yet more to the release, or just delaying it for more testing? Update us, please. Peter
  22. This topic is probaby a bit old, but Macs have a speed setting when in Mode 4 and none in mode 2. Check what mode your macs are in. Also, you shouldn't FROG the speed function, unless you want very wierd stuff, or nothing at all, to happen, so where is the problem from just changing the speed setting once you've FROGd the rest?
  23. Yes, agreed, but isnt that data included in the fixture library file anyway? If not, could it be written in? I too would find that feature very useful.
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