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  1. Zero 88 Fixture Library - Version 23 Contains 2566 fixtures from 179 different manufacturers. For a list of fixtures in the library ... CLICK HERE. The library is released in 2 formats: - a full unfiltered version for desks running ZerOS software (Frog 2, Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96, ORB). - a smaller filtered version for other Zero 88 desks. This removes data that is not used by these other desks, so that the file is smaller. When using a floppy disk (original Frog series, Illusion500) it is recommended that the floppy disk be freshly formatted before copying the library onto it.
  2. Hi Ryan You load it using the LOAD USER FIXTURES button in SETUP/FILES. Or you can update your library with the new fixture library release, release 23, which has just been released. This will include the Mac 350 Entour. I hope this helps, Peter
  3. Hi Erik The issue number is ZOS-1246. It has not yet made it to the top of the list, but it's on there... Once we've got some progress, we'll let you know. Peter
  4. Hi Aniaki Thanks for spotting this - i've updated the download, so it should be working correctly now. The link is http://common.zero88.com/public/files/LeapFrog48_96_QuickStart_Issue1_French.pdf if you want to grab it directly. Please let us know if you need any further assistance, Thanks, Peter
  5. Hi Robbie The latest version for the original Frog series is 10.12 - see this page for info. These files are ready to copy onto a floppy drive (after unzipping) and then be installed directly on the desk - see the release notes for details. I hope this helps, Peter
  6. Hi Oysterbandit, Your desk is covered by a 3 year warranty, so should the problem come back then please do let us know and we can get the part replaced for you. If you have an urgent requirement for the desk on the show, i'd recommend keeping it as we can't guarantee repair timescales at the moment. I hope this helps, Peter
  7. Hi Oysterbandit Can you boot the desk into test mode and try out the beamshape button? To do this, boot the desk with the SETUP key held down, until your monitor screen shows an image of the front panel of the desk. Once you see this, push each button in turn and you should see a response on-screen. It's possible that the Beamshape key isn't working for some reason. If you need help doing this, or find that this is the case, please call Keith on 01633 833100 - he'll be able to point you in the direction of getting the desk replaced. I hope this helps, Peter
  8. Hi Stefan The reason you're seeing this is because the 'additional submasters' are actually just 'channels' and so are tagged and in the programmer when you are modifying them. Therefore when you update a submaster, you are then including the information, making it difficult to remove it. The answer would be to untag (remove) the channel data from the submaster by holding CLEAR and pushing the flash button under it before recording or updating that submaster. The other option would be to use LOAD to update the subs, which would avoid the 'channels' having to be up. Please rem
  9. Hi Pablo Unfortunately the Jester ML series do not provide proportional control over the attributes like you described. One option would be to patch the fixtures as simple dimmers instead of RGB devices (you'll need 4 buttons per fixture, or 4 faders) and then program each submaster as follows: 1 - Red and Dimmer at full 2 - Green and Dimmer at full 3 - Blue and Dimmer at full I hope that this helps, Peter
  10. ZerOS version 7.0 is launching soon, and right now, we're looking for beta testers to try out the new software. If you have a ZerOS console and are willing to try out some of our new features and provide feedback, please get in touch via PM - the software is a major upgrade for ZerOS and includes a number of really exciting new features. I can't say too much here yet, so if you want to know more, let me know! Peter
  11. Cooper Controls are pleased to announce the launch of their new Android Remote for Level 6. Following the fantastic feedback for their ZerOS Remote for Android application launched last month, Zero 88 have developed a method for controlling their entry level control product, the Level 6 DMX, using an Android mobile device. The Level 6 Android Remote enables control of channels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, together with a Grand Master function. As an added feature, controls on the Level 6 Android Remote go to 11, for when you need that extra brightness. As the Level 6 DMX does not support netwo
  12. Hi Kev We have been working on getting the APR screens to work, and infact have one in our office, however the implementation is more complex than any of the other touchscreens we have seen. At the moment this is still scheduled to be examined before the next software release, but I can't make any promises due to the complexity of the driver implementation. I'm sorry that we've had such issues with this screen - if you're on a short timescale, you might want to consider selling the screen and buying another - we've recently purchased a few Iiyama ones which seem to work very well.
  13. Hi Sara Is it possible that some channels are set in different areas to others? The panel will be set to an area number, so could only be controlling the channels in that area. Also, are all of your channels on one dimmer? If not, you need to capture the scene onto each of the dimmers in turn. I hope this gives you something to look into - let us know how you get on, and if you need any further help. Peter
  14. I think Kev meant the IPs to be In Kevs example above, the remote should *not* work... the IP addresses need to be within the same range.
  15. Hi Vadim Can you confirm which mouse you are using? Does the rest of the desk work correctly? Thanks, Peter
  16. Hi Steve This is most likely due to the DMX implementation on the scanner expecting a different DMX timing from that of the Jester. The Jester outputs DMX at a reasonably fast rate, and my guess is that the implementation inside the scanners probably can't cope with this speed. You might like to try adding an isolated DMX splitter in-line. Most of these re-process the DMX data, and ouptut it at their own frame rate, which can often resolve issues like this. If you have access to any DMX test gear, like the Artistic Licence Microscope, then it would be great to try that in-line to
  17. Hi Ronnie When the desk crashes, does it offer to save a debug file to the USB stick when you reboot? If so, could you send us this, as this contains a lot of useful information in trying to track down what is causing this. Thanks,
  18. Hi there Can you check whether the DMX is assigned correctly to the fixtures. To do this, go into Super User (+ and - and ENTER) Use the arrow keys to scroll to Desk Setup and push ENTER Use the arrow keys to scroll to Patch Functions and push ENTER Use the arrow keys to select Manual Patch and push ENTER Push fixture button 1 - check it is assigned correctly to DMX 25 Push fixture button 2 - check it is assigned correctly to DMX 41 If either of these are wrong, use the + and - keys to set them correctly. If they will not set to the number you require (the desk will 'skip
  19. Hi Christian There are plans to add a feature like this in a future software release, however at the moment all effects parameters are stored together. Can you upload a show file with the 'bad' effect in it so we can take a look at what might be missing? thanks, Peter
  20. Hi guys I should add to this thread, that the reason we've chosen to include the option to delete cues using the inverse sytnax is to help those users who are familar with other syntax methods. Where possible the ORB (and ZerOS generally) will accept most common syntaxes for recording a cue... there are infact quite a few methods to store,name,delete,move etc a cue. eg, for RECORD, all of these syntaxes achieve much the same outcome: RECORD CUE 1 ENTER RECORD STACK 1 CUE 2 ENTER RECORD 1/3 ENTER RECORD ENTER RECORD NAME {my name} ENTER RECORD CUE 6 NAME {my name} ENTER RECOR
  21. Hi Karl This is due to the fact that you can record a cue onto a UDK - the syntax to record a cue onto a UDK is CUE n RECORD <UDK> - therefore, we can't assume CUE n RECORD will store your cue. I hope this helps, Peter
  22. Hi Eric The remote just needs a contact closure on the Jack plug, between the sleeve and tip of the connector. So any standard footswitch should be able to provide this. Alternatively, it's quite simple to wire a switch in-line and then you can choose whatever type of switch works for you. I hope this helps - please let us know if you have any questions, and i'm glad to hear your Jester is getting such use! PS - we do stock the replacement switch, should it fail. Part number is 5356600.
  23. Cooper Controls lead the way with an industry first Remote Android App Cooper Controls are pleased to announce the launch of an Android version of their popular ZerOS Remote application. Continuing their commitment to mobile device integration, this new app adds to their existing suite of iPhone, iPod, iPad and Windows Mobile applications. The ZerOS Remote Android app, the first for the entertainment technology industry, allows remote control of any ZerOS console. The app allows users to control their lighting rig from their Android for the first time. From channel levels to playba
  24. Hi Lordbertie The app is now available in the Android Market - http://bit.ly/zerosandroid - please let us know how you find it! Peter
  25. Hi Ash This does sound like condensation - please contact our service department on 01633 833101 and they should be able to assist you with clearing this. Kind Regards, Peter
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