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  1. Hi Sven Are you in non-tracking mode? In non-tracking mode, or with Smart Tag enabled in Tracking Mode, the desk looks at fixtures whose intensity is set to 0% and ignores any other values set for those parameters. This is to simplify programming of complicated cue stacks where you don't have to 'think' about fixtures whose intensity is 0%, but can cause some confusion when programming palettes. Try setting the intensity to 100% on the fixtures before you program the palette. Note that this will not get stored into the palette, but just needs to be turned on before you program th
  2. Hi Ferg Do you get a notification about the NVR tests when you restart the desk? Can you let me know the BIOS version reported in Desk Information (SETUP/FILES) We should be able to work out from there what is going on.
  3. Hi Aniaki To do this, you'll need to set your preset faders into HTP mode. You can do this in SETUP / DESK SETUP / BEHAVIOUR and select Preset Mix Mode as HTP. Once set to HTP, the preset faders won't go into the programmer and you'll be able to solo them and the submasters together. I hope this helps, Peter
  4. Hi Aniaki, The procedure you have described is the correct method, to change the DMX address of fader number 1, so that that fader controls DMX channel 3. If you wanted to assign DMX channel 1 (your fresnel) onto fader number 3, then you should do: Setup Patch Edit Fixture Click on Patch Press flash button "3" (the fader you want to assign) click in "DMX" column and change 1/3 to 1/1 I hope this helps - please let me know if you need any more help. Peter
  5. Hi Ronnie Do you have a copy of your show file? Does this happen if you start with a blank show file? What options do you have enabled in the Program Window? We're unable to recreate this here at the moment. Peter
  6. Hi Visironer, That is correct - you cannot use the macros from the fixture library on any Jester series' desk. These macros do get used on ZerOS desks. I hope this helps,
  7. Hi Ronnie Can you try version 7.2?
  8. Aside from a cosmetic and marketing redesign, no, the Solution series is internally identical to a Leap Frog 48 and 96.
  9. Kirkup_xp

    iPhone apps

    Hi Pat, We have no plans of offering an iPhone app for the Jester TLXtra or any of the Jester range - these products do not feature Ethernet capabilities so adding an app would involve a complete redesign of the product. I hope this helps, Peter
  10. Zero 88 are pleased to announce the launch of ZerOS version 7.2 software for Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96, Frog 2 and ORB series. This is also the first release to support the new Solution seriesThe following are now available from our support centre: - New desk software (ZerOS 7.2) - Offline editor software (Phantom ZerOS 7.2) Version 7.2 includes number of bug fixes from version 7.1 and we would urge all users to upgrade. A full list of bug fixes are available in the Release notes.
  11. Launched at PLASA 2011 was Zero 88’s new range of multipurpose lighting control consoles, the Solution and Solution XL. Running the powerful new ZerOS 7 operating software, the Solution Series offers comprehensive hands on control of conventional generic channels, submaster and cue stack playback and moving light controls, all laid out in an easy to use, familiar fashion. The consoles feature four DMX universes, USB storage, external touch screen support, multiple onboard LCD displays and multifunctional keys (MFKs). Whether you require a solution for simple shows or major professiona
  12. Hi Jo This version has now been discontinued by LightConverse, so we are unable to sell it any longer. I hope this helps, Peter
  13. Hi Piero Do you have a router or just a crossover cable between your desk and the WYSIWYG machine? If you use 'dmxshow.exe' in the WYSIWYG\bin\ folder, does that work? I hope we can help you resolve this - sorry for the delay in response. Peter
  14. Hi Sven You can't access the MFKs on the iPad remote at the moment, only on the iPhone/Android/Windows Mobile remotes - unfrotunately the iPad remote is designed as a remote monitor tool, not as a remote control tool. We may add this in future, but right now, this is not possible. Kind Regards,
  15. Zero 88 are pleased to announce the launch of ZerOS version 7.1 software for Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96, Frog 2 and ORB series. The following are now available from our support centre: - New desk software (ZerOS 7.1) - Offline editor software (Phantom ZerOS 7.1) Version 7.1 includes number of bug fixes from version 7.0 and we would urge all users to upgrade. A full list of bug fixes are available in the Release notes.
  16. Hi Derboessl Can you send me a show file with the inverted RGB parameters in it? I want to check that out here. As for the program window, we've listened to your feedback and will be adding the old version back in as an option in the next version of software. I hope that this helps, Peter
  17. Thanks Ben - this will be fixed in the next release. Reference ZOS-3810
  18. Hi Erik The reason for this is that you have the submasters set to 'Submaster Controls... Colour'. Because of this, when you move the fader down, the submaster returns the fixture to its default value. The default RGB values you have specified in the fixture type are 100%, so as you move the fader down the colour fades to 100%. In Edit Fixtures, select your LEDs and adjust the Default value for Red, Green and Blue to 0%. Then the submasters should behave as you expect. I hope this helps, Peter
  19. Hi Aniaki It sounds like somehow your installation or show file has become corrupted. Are you running on a Mac under Parallels, Wine, etc, or on a Windows PC? I've seen that error on Macs a lot - Phantom ZerOS is not tested or approved for the use on a Mac. You should try reinstalling Phantom ZerOS to clear this error on a Windows PC.
  20. Hi Kev There are a couple of things you can try on non-working sticks to try and get them working - the main thing is holding SHIFT whilst pressing Next after you've selected the stick in the USB-install maker. This will offer to update the MBR (Master Boot Record) on the stick - try this on the non-working sticks and you'll probably find that a number of them start working. As with any problem like this, it's always worth giving us a call to talk through these problems - 01633 838088 - we're always happy to talk you through fault finding these problems. Peter
  21. Hi Techbppac, Please can you give us more information about what your setup is - what remote client are you using? What desk type? I assume you mean version 7 by 'new software' but worth checking. Once we have some more information we should be able to work out what is going on. Peter
  22. Hi Stefan We have changed the Program Window to be more focussed towards programming fixtures from ZerOS 7.0 onwards. The generic channel tag states are still shown in the Output Window, so you can use this window instead to see the information you are looking for. This dedicated fixtures window allows you to see far more fixtures in one view, versus the old version. I hope this makes sense. To move windows to another screen, you need to have the screen active. So log in with your remote monitor (iPad/Windows/Android) and then select the group window and push 'Screen'. If you are
  23. Hi diver1976, If you open the Output Window (with the Outputs button on the front panel) and then select the Other Windows drop down in the top left, you can open the Effects Window from there. I hope this helps, Peter
  24. Hi chw, Thanks for spotting this one - we hadn't actually noticed it during testing, it's obviously something that got broken in the new software. I've added it as a bug report onto our system - reference ZOS-3759 - and it will be fixed in the next release. As you say, for now, the work around is to use the Other Windows button. Sorry about this bug, I hope it doesn't cause you too many problems. Peter
  25. Zero 88 are pleased to announce the launch of ZerOS version 7.0 software for Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96, Frog 2 and ORB series. The following are now available from our support centre: - New desk software (ZerOS 7.0) - Offline editor software (Phantom ZerOS 7.0) Version 7.0 includes a substantial number of new features and bug fixes, and we would urge all users to upgrade to 7.0. New Features include: - New Skin - New Fixture Library - Gel Filter Lookup - Fixture Levels Window - CSV Showfile Export - Page Lock feature for UDKs and Submasters - Major revamp of the Macr
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