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  1. Right Ok, so we updated to 7.9.5 (from 7.9.4) by Power cycling the desk with the USB in from boot up. Just to clarify the above quote... all software updates are to be done once cycled on then via setup now (Instead of on bootup)? Thanks, Steve
  2. Hello all update on my situation I found the attached library patch on another thread which has solved my effects issue. Working fine now. Some nice new effect in there too.
  3. Hi Edward, The console is a OrbXF fully up to date. The problem occurred after we updated (with fresh install from USB). Now when selecting our fixtures no effect (from pallet) can be used and as stated above the "auto create effects" detelets all pallets and doesnt replace them with any new ones. Going to do abit more digging if no success we'll send through file.
  4. Thanks for that Edward, Just what I needed. NEW issue/bug maybe?: All of our previously saved effects pallets (and subs) no longer work and hitting "create effects automatically" button just deletes all old palettes and leaves us with nothing (not that the older ones work anyway) 1) Do we have to rebuild everything from scratch? 2) Why are our old palettes/subs not working? Again TIA
  5. Hello, Can anyone tell me where to find the "Top set" and "default" windows for fixtures on the desk now please? I can find them since we updated to the latest software. TIA Steve
  6. Hello, I used to use the Z remote app nearly daily in my theatre but since the last update date i've not been able to use it AT ALL Version Updated on 30th Jan 2018: The App loads and I can select what screen I wish to see but once selected screen has loaded the whole app freezes and all touch is non-responsive. its the same with the Monitor App too. I'm currently having to take the works iPad into a 30ft Geni with me (Not Ideal), Would like to get back to being able to use my phone handset. I did see another Google play user review and report the problem on the app store. Has anyone else here had this problem? Is there a fix? Thanks Steve.
  7. UPDATE: Dont worry about the above request. I didnt realise or think to check that The DMX protocool/fixture adresses are the same as the CM 120 so that fixture profile works fine with the CM 150 Steve.
  8. Hello, Would anyone have or be able to help me with a fixture profile for the "Elumen8 Kudos 150" please? I couldn't see it in the current Zeros library list. Here's a download link to the manual, https://prolight.co.uk/product/kudos-cm-150 (It was to big to upload to the forum) T.Y.I.A Cheers Steve.
  9. Excellent news Jon thanks! Could I please be added to the beta forum to take part in new release testing? Also is there a forum Admin that could change my username please? I ment to sign up as Gingersteve91 and accidently typed Gingerstve91 I didn't realise untill I had signed up. I Can't find anywhere to change it myself. Thanks Steve.
  10. Also I'm still running a Galaxy S3, I'd be happy to test the new beta app with my S3 and the OrbXF
  11. Hi Jon, Is April still looking likely for the new Android app?
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