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  1. Thanks, I've litterally only just converted the fixture profile today so I think the legacy one is still in the desk. Are there any compatibility implications this will cause should we revert and continue to use the legacy profile going forward? Is there any plans to reinstate the staggered macro in the newer fixture profiles as I've seen im not the first person to ask about this? Thanks Steve.
  2. Hi Edward, I tried changing the name of the macro to match the above "quote" but this hasn't staggered my lamp striking at all. Any other ideas please? The macro is referencing a beamshape pallet for our Mac 300s & 250s/250+s lamp on value in the "shutter, strobe, control" encoder wheel. On a side note: Its abit disappointing the auto created lamp on macro has been removed in the 7.9.9 update. I've spent a good chunk of time this afternoon trying to recreate it. Steve.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to recreate the former "Lamp ON" Macro from previous versions of Zeros (that's been removed in Zeros 7.9.9) for our Martin MACs. I have created working lamp on Macro but all my Lamps now strike at exactly the same time, is there a way I can easily offset the strikes in said Macro (with out having to record each fixture individually)... similar to the way they used to operate in Zeros 7.9.7 and below? Thanks Steve.
  4. Ahhh right ok. That only changed for us last October/November19 when we updated from 7.9.4 to 7.9.7 versions. Prior to that we could trigger and manually step a chase without touching the fader level. Due to everything going on this year I forgot to ask about it sooner haha. Thanks for clearing that up and answering my queries the last few days! Our panto run finished today so like many others our theatre is now dark for the foreseeable future, hopefully our industry will be back with a bang in the spring (fingers crossed). Untill such a time everyone take care! Hope you al
  5. Hi Edward, I have tried both methods (add/release & Advanced) but I still have the same outcome. My starting cue of the chase will always come on as intended with the macro trigger but the minute I press the flash button to go to step 2 the chase will immediately take on the intensity level of the stacks fader instead. The desk never used to do this and previously would ignore the fader level unless it was touched to override. The only way I've been able to run the full chase to date is by me lifting the chase stacks fader after its been triggered in the main stack or by run
  6. Ofcourse it is! sorry I blame being away from the theatre for 9 months thanks for the reminder! Ok, so in my current show the cue will trigger my chase stack fading up to 100% over the same time as the main cue as described above. The issue occurs when I try to step through the chase the following cue snaps the stack but to 0% unless I have the triggered stacks fader physically raised. I may be doing something silly due to lack of use this year ill double check. We did revert some of our chases to playbacks that snap through the cues as we couldn't see an obvious way to
  7. Hey guys quick question regarding triggering other stacks (/chases) Am I typing the correct command to trigger stack 161 on step 4 in the below picture? Looking at an older show file this is how used to select which cue I wanted a chase to start on when triggered from the main cue stack however it always starts on cue 1 now. Also is there a way to use the stack without needing to raise its physical fader as per previous versions of the zeros software? Thanks Steve
  8. Hi Edward, Just tried the Monitor app I can't load the desktop to view palettes in either orientation at all without the app crashing. Programing window works fine though. Just to clarify for the remote app I can view the palette window and see my palettes without any resolution issues but whenever I proceed to press a palette to recall, it crashes the app. Thanks Steve.
  9. Hey guys, I've come across an issue on the Z remote app for Android. Desk: OrbXF, Zeros 7.9.7 Device: Samsung Galaxy S10 Z Remote App version: (Aug 2018) Issue: App crashes when trying to select palettes, I came across this issue while trying to change a gobo on our MAC 250+s while using the remote app this week. I tried reloading the app but everytime i go to the palette windows and try to select a pallette it just crashes and force closes. The number cruncher or wheels window is not effected just appears to be palettes. I don't recall this being a
  10. 30hz OK, We'll do some digging. Thanks for your help Edward. Steve.
  11. Hi Adrian, For Theatre/Cue stack wise the ZerOS software the FLX runs is really great. Its so simple to use whether creating a new cue, updating, copying or deleting. The MOD (Move on dark) function works great with forward, Backward & cue only tracking available. This can be delayed and slowed to limit rig noise during quiet scenes aswel There also lots of individual play back parameters (as well as the global deafults) you can manipulate to suit your own style of operation. LED work they have put into the colour picker for cyc washing is wonderful... For example uplo
  12. Great news thanks for the update. Ah ofcourse that makes sense sorry me being an idiot! This only changed for us a few updates ago, previously they always showed as 0-255... I used to use 3 digit reference points when plotting new pallets for shows so it threw me a little haha. Thats great thank you. Steve.
  13. Thanks Edward, We've concluded and ruled out The ORB desk being the issue as we found this issue to be the same using the cloth on its own via just the Zero88 Linebacker, so it must be something in the program of the control boxes. But what?... we have no idea its just strange that it only happens on the higher end of the universe. Prolight have looked at our boxes (and cloths) for tests back at their wherehouse and not been able to recreate the fault. They keep pointing us back to our control equipment which we now know is fine thanks to my tests I ran last week. We're clutchin
  14. Hi Edward, Can I down grade my Phantom ZerOS for PC using the legacy file? I'm doing some work from home and would like my Phantom software to be the same as our physical Desk. Thanks, Steve
  15. Thanks for posting this Alex, as a fellow ORB operator I will hold off upgrading for now. 7.9.7 question for you... When using our MAC 250s the DMX parameters for Pan & Tilt show up as 100000 values as opposed to 0-255 or 0-100%. Have you experienced this for any of your moving stock aswel, If so have you managed to get it to display the DMX value?
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