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  1. Thanks, that did the trick If I record only effect on playback, and set it up to controol it by fader. It controls size and speed at the same time, is it possible to control only size or speed?
  2. If I record some position palletes on a fader as a cue list, without intensity they wont work. Nothing happens. I would like to use one fader for intensity, second for positions. Second fader for possitions should work without intensity, so i could change position in dark. What could i miss? Latest zero os on solution
  3. Yes, some fader movements occour. For example fader 4. I understand that is fader problem from using it a lot, but maybe there is some workaround before changing it?
  4. Have some problems with Time button also. Looks like fader movement recognition is too sensitive. It's same scenario to change paletes using time button, but in my case, there is problem that console caches fader movement. No fader are moved. So holding Time button and ready to change color palete, but in that time fader movement occours. comand line gets red and needs to be cleared. Same with comands 1 through 12 for example, gets 1 through, fader movement... Maybe my faders are used too much to work stable, but maybe there is some workaround to change, that they react not from 0% but from 1-3%?
  5. I updatet the app and solution console to the latest versions. Now how can I light up chanels one by one with the remote app? Before there was channels menu. Now is only playbacks. Maybe syntax keypad could have "Full" function? For example 1 thru 12 @ full. Now I cant't find nothing like this. Or maybe could be "higlight"function... Or I'm missing something?
  6. Same issue here. A litle bit of topic, but maybe there is some solution to use touchOSC?
  7. Hello, can you share your experience and tips how to prepare ORB XF for live concerts? Gear I think is typical, Moving heads spots/washes, LED RGB Pars, RGB STROBES and Pars/Freshnels. In my case, I have to work with random bands and have not so much time to prepare then they came. So I want to create "universal" settup for different kinds of music. I have prepared groups, colors, gobos, possitions paletes and etc.. but it's not so comfortable, because I have no touchscreens. (before I had solution desk, it has keys for that). So what are you programing to Submasters, playbacks? (solution do not have playbacks so it's new to me). How are you using Moving effects? Maybe is it possible to asing effect propperties (size, speed) to faders? How should I create chasers which speed I could controll live? Like tap BPM? (in solution I was using chasers on submasters and pressing Step button to controll bpm). How can I create Playback (I think) - on one fader multipple functions. For example STROBE WHITE activates with fader 1. If I press button it should change to STROBE RED (same fader) and etc.
  8. It's a great idea, hope to see it soon.
  9. First of all you should settup your dimmers to "Hold" on signal lost, so you can restart console on the show had situation like this few times with solution desk, but that was on 7.x.x
  10. Is it posiible to use fader to controll cue list/steps(chaser) or something else who will do this effect? Example: If fader moved from 1% to 10 % - Cue 1 11%-20% - activates cue 2 and etc. Here is a video on Martin console. It's tutorial, so for the effect skip to ± 10:15. youtu.be/tx4jznXS6e4?t=10m15s I have to work with Solution and Orb XF, so answer's are welcome for both consoles (or do I need to create some topic in orb xf forum )
  11. I'm missing this feature on solution desk too.. any updates on that will help to do better live performances. I know i'm not on the right sub-forum, but what's about speed controll of effect in ORB XF?
  12. I also would like to test beta app on S3, with Solution.
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