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  1. So making a 5 min job into a one hour job? Is there a fix number assigned to this bug? Thanks
  2. I mean when I press setup>Fixture Schedule>select faders 1-6>Address button (used for addressing a ranger of dimmers)>100>OK>(fader patches correctly)>Address button>106>Add as additional address>(all is still OK)Address button>112>Add as additional address I end up on fader 1 with DMX 100, 106, 112 and 113 patched in!? fader 2 I get DMX 101, 107, 114 and 115!? Hope that is a bit clearer. Big shame about Frogger!
  3. I have recently downloaded and installed 7.9.5 on my Leapfrog 48. When in patch if I select say dimmer 1-6 and patch desk to 1-6 all good, when I select dimmer 7-12 to patch on the same faders all good however when I patch dimmer 13-18 to the same 6 faders the numbering goes crazy. To be fair this happened in 7.9.4 but I thought this would have been updated by now. It is such a pain in the ass. I know I can do it manually but the size of some of the theatres rigs makes this impossible in the time I have. Say they have 10 RGBWA Pars on each bar and I want to add each LX bar as a different set of faders, that could take me an hour if 5 LX bars. PLEEEAAASSSEEE can this be fixed asap?? Love the new FX presets. Really useful. Keep them coming! Also on on FLX I successfully found a 'hidden gem' but as the leapfrog doesn't have a 'Z' key how can I access this crucial hidden feature? I'm touring a 3 1/2 hr long theatre concert (25% music 75% chat) in a couple of months so NEED this feature (and although I would love an FLX I can't justify one just for the hidden feature, or can I....?) Thanks for your input.
  4. No just trying to update the desk software using Wine which is mentioned above so thought I'd add it to this thread however I now see that you only need to move the EXE file to the USB and no longer need a PC!!! :)))))))))))) I am however having trouble installing Phantom ZerOS on Wine but I'll add that to the correct thread.
  5. On the 48 I have a slight shortage of Playbacks as it is. The two spare faders next to the Grand Master doing nothing would be my ideal solution. Off topic but just to add thank god that you no longer need a PC to run the software updates. When did this change? Who do I need to thank!? Thanks again Folks.
  6. Is there a way using the two now redundant preset faders to control items such as Haze Machines or Houselights without them getting plotted in a cue stack? If not could this be added? I am taking my two trusty Leapfrog 48s to about 165 UK theatres and around 30 European theatres this year and in everyone I have trouble when updating my show plot during the afternoon where I will be running haze at a high level when updating the plot at each venue so I'll end up recording the haze machine in which I don't want to do as I'd rather keep this independent. My work around in this situation is to delete the haze machine from the desk altogether (I like to run on faders 47 and 48) and add them again just before the house opens ensuring they didn't end up being programmed on any playbacks, however it it is a house light fader that has maybe 20 DMX addresses on It its a pain. I need to keep the house lights up whilst plotting during the afternoon but don't want them getting recorded. The purest master faders are sitting not used in the desk mode that I'm running and these would make ideal independent faders. It would be easy to setup by either holding the setup button and then pressing the Preset A/B button or when patching fixtures in the setup items could be assigned to fader A or B. Thanks.
  7. The problem I'm having with running Wine on Mac is I can't seem to point it to the USB. The Zero 88 windoze app runs on my MacBook but then says no drives detected. This has been happening on two Macs, with 4 different USB drives (using all different formats) but I can't get it to find the USBs. I know this is most likely a Wine question but as experienced Wine users yourselves and because of my 100% lack of PCs, do you have any tips for me? Thanks
  8. Thanks Jon, files have just been emailed over to you now.
  9. Hello all, I have an old leapfrog used for a touring production but as this only has one universe it is a pain in most venues. I recently upgraded to a Solution (well in all honestly a Leapfrog 48 which had been upgraded to 4 universes). I have been lead to believe that I should be able to get the show file (.isf) from the old desk and plonk it on to the new one, which I can sort of do. All the fixtures load on to the MFKs of the 'Solution' desk and the patch. So far so good, I can also home and move most fixtures, however when I play back a memory the fixtures freak out and do everything apart from what I plotted on the Leapfrog. I did briefly speak to Zero 88 on Thursday who said play around with tracking options which I have done (is the only way to change tracking/non tracking modes to reload the ZerOS?) and try hitting load cue and update each memory to see if that sorts it but both of these do not fix the issue. Also to try installing ZerOS 7.4 which I have done but still no change. I have copied this show file to a Leapfrog 96 and have the same issues (running Capture Argo) and the same fault persists. Has anyone had this issue and found a work around? At the last theatre the in house tech suggested a much earlier zerOS, I have tried 7.4 but do not have any files before this. Apparently he read that it would work on ZerOS before the new load screen, which must be a long time ago?? And then resave save the show file, then update desk to next version, load and save show file, and so on. I also have some RGB pars which I can not get to do anything. Patch checked. Any help or ideas to try will be gratefully received. Big Richard
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