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  1. mark_topbarman2004

    Missing Palettes

    Thanks Jon, Funny enough i saved my base set up yesterday, i have my submasters already set up with a quick patch so didn't fancy killing them off and I've set up a few basic colours and positions on my palettes. So if i then build a show from this i can save that show to stick? if i then delete the subs/memories and reload my base set up will the sub i have programmed come over as well?
  2. mark_topbarman2004

    Missing Palettes

    Good Morning, I've had my ML24 a few months now and find it to be a brilliant desk. I've run a couple of shows on it without any problems and have done so without using the palettes I've finally got round to having time to learn to program the colour palettes etc. The question I have is when I load a show that I have saved to memory stick this wipes out all the palettes that I have programmed and so do I need to save them first. We have loads of events in school that just require a basic light set up with some colour etc. I would like to be able to utilise the palettes more as I don't always want/need a que stack but if I keep having to program them every time this would make it very time consuming. many thanks Mark
  3. mark_topbarman2004

    Phantom jester ML24 usb problems

    I've formatted it in both fat and ntfs but it still cant find the files I put them in the root of the card...!
  4. mark_topbarman2004

    Phantom jester ML24 usb problems

    Morning Jon, I have now tried all of the above and I'm still not able to load the fixture library into the phantom. In what format does the memory stick have to be FAT32 or NTFS? thanks
  5. mark_topbarman2004

    Phantom jester ML24 usb problems

    Good afternoon, I attended the course on Tuesday. Since I got back I have been trying to load the custom fixtures and latest fixture library into the phantom jester deck. I have saved them to the root directory of a usb stick and have made sure that the settings points to that stick. When I try to load the fixtures it says no files found. any ideas what it could be I have download the latest copy of the phantom desk. many thanks Mark

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