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  1. ouh hi i find it out ! Software version: 7.8.0
  2. Hi Jon, I can't find out the version. Setup -> Files -> normaly there would be a button "Desk Information" right ? But there isn't this button :/
  3. Hello Guys, My problem: On memories I have 1 chaser (moving scene) from my spot movingheads and 1 chaser (also moving scene) from my wash movingheads. Now i want to start the scene with my spots and then the scene with my washes. Independently of each other. On my stage there are the spot movingheads and I have a dancefloor there are the washes. Maybe I want to start the moving scene on the dancefloor and the moving scene on the stage is doing anything other. You understand my problem ? Regards Massimo oouhh I have a Leapfrog 48
  4. Hello everybody I have a dmx strobolight (2000W). i patched the dmx adress 1 at presetfader 1 and dmx adress 2 at preset 2. On my strobe is 1 for speed and 2 for brightness. And here is the problem: When i set preset 1 on 100%, nothing runs. When i set preset 1 and 2 on 100% it runs still. And when i set preset 2 on 100% it runs still again. So i controling the strobe only with one fader for speed and brightness together. But i want to do it with one fader for speed and one for brightness. Where's the problem ? And sorry for my bad english
  5. Hi Jon! Thank you ! It runs very nice! But now my next problem: I have normal LED PAR's with a parameter for the Intensity. Now i want to create a chaser, which only changes the intensity. But it does not work. Whats the problem ? Regards from Switzerland Massimo
  6. Hello every body, Is it possible to edit the speed of a active chaser with the submaster or a preset fader? For live controling would it be very confortable. Massimo
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