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  1. Probably a very simple question but I can’t get my head around it! I have a show set up of a few generics, LED’s and movers. I want to have a sub master fader which simply fades a single mover up and down in a predetermined position, but what mode and settings do I need to be in to stop the sub master from saving all my other movers positions and states when they are off? I have the light I want up and in position and everything else dark when I save. The effect is have is currently my mover moving to the right place when the sub master is recalled - but every other mover that was on doing great moves goes off (as that is what it was when I saved it!). How do I make it not affected. Many thanks for what is hopefully an easy solution!
  2. I know this is an old thread - but I've recently acquired a fat frog and been happily using it for a few days naming memories with F2, but half way through programming it stopped letting me rename - almost as if the button had broken. Reading through this thread it looks as if it was a common issue. Powering off and on again didn't solve it either. Did this 'bug' ever get fixed?
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