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  1. i am doing the dutiful parent bit and helping out my son who is very interested in all things technical stage wise, and is doing his level best to light several school productions with a mixture of kit. most of which I have collected over the years. I have a couple of Betapack 1's and have just aquired a strand 24 channel mx desk. Although it runs DMX, it also supports analogue controls via AMX192 and D54. The dimmers run an 8-pin din socket, the output for the desk is 4-pin XLR My question is can I run the dimmers from the desk and if so, which protocol, and how do I wire up a lead converting the 8-pin din to 4-pin XLR I could purchase a demux controller and run the dimmers off dmx, but the budget is already stretched for something that is a freebie. Thanks in advance for your help

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