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  1. hi guys, is there really a hidden game in the frog range??? i own my own fat frog and really really want to find it. i know you cant post on the message forums as the moderators delete it so can someone please private message me??? many thanks xx :-) xx
  2. ok thanks peter i'll bear that in mind - this show is only in a school (with a very nice rig i must say) and just trying to get out of habits from avo, hog and grand ma. appreciate your help anyhow ill deffinately look into the frog 2 - looks really simple and great value for money!!! cheers
  3. ok thanks your help any way
  4. hey just another quick question - i got a show on that has loads of cues that recieve their GO based on music - is there any way of setting up timecodes by pressing the go button on the fat frog as i hear the song then those dwell times between cues are stored for future use??? cheers this would make life so much easier - the new avo boards have this feature
  5. ok so if i wanted to use this effect at a number of different times what do i do???? just tag and store the colour values to a memory cue and then the submaster and then set the position of my movers as desired and run the submaster? can i then hit record cue and it will have recorded the colour chase and the position (as long as both were tagged????) Also is there any way to offset the chase between fixtures??? cheers :-)
  6. Hi there this is really starting to bug me - it may just be that i am spoilt with hogs and avo's most of the time but here goes.....basically what i want to achieve on some scanners is to create an effect on all eight scanners that goes between two colour wheel values (blue and magenta that conveniently are situated next to each other on the wheel) unfortunatley they are Martin MX-4 scanners!!! is it possible to create this effect and store it somewhere like a pallet but just the colour wheel values so that the effect can be used and called up in the same way as a static colour from a pallet???? Also is it then possible to offset the effect so that each fixture does the effect at slightly different intervals - ie they dont all change between blue and magenta at the same time, but a bit more randomly??? cheers i would appreciate any help :-)
  7. Hey guys just another quickie is it possible to create an offset for dimmer values on say 6 x Mac250's???? the effect i am trying to create easily and quickly is all 6 movers pointing vertically down and dimming between 50-100% in a pulsing fashion but having that effect offset??? do i need to create a chase for the lamps to go up and down on the dimmer value and then access the offset somehow???? plus the dimmer value MUST fade not snap sorry but pls help im guessing i just have to bite the bullet and program a fairly longwinded chase i fully understand the fat frog isnt intended for the same applications i am use to with a whole hog and avo boards any help greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi Guys sorry to sound a dunce. I remember using a fat frog board at college but these days i am more familiar with strand, whole hog and dare i say it avo boards!!! I have been volunteered to plot a show on a fat frog for charity and can remember my way around it suprisingly well however, i wonder if i am asking for the world here??? is it possible (as this is a thearical show) to set cue 0.5, my preset, to become live at 6.45pm automatically??? or do i just have to rely on the operator to press the 'GO' button at the given time??? thanks for your help TJ
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