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  1. Congratulations! I hope you achieved what you were aiming for! Kevin
  2. I don't believe so. ABTT was the other week. I think they're just hiding this week. Edward is maybe busy at Uni.
  3. Hmm bit of a smoking gun there it seems - existing data works as expected, but the latest version (at least 7.9.5) is not internally populating the database correctly from what the UI is telling us. Especially keen to here back from Z88 now on what their take on this is.
  4. OK, interesting. I wonder if your example is an extension to a similar problem I've been having with recording palettes. What you report looks good. Zero88 chaps need to take a look at your situation too then...
  5. You’re recording too much. You need to not record the things you don’t want to change. So in your colour playback, don’t record position or beamshape. Likewise in your position playback don’t record colour or beamshape. Don’t use Snapshot, that records everything. In Record Options (hold Record button til the form comes up) turn off Snaphot and SmartTag and make sure only the attribute you want recording had the red stripe.
  6. The theory is you just record the tagged parameters. For intensity this should be easy as if you just alter the brightness of a fixture that’s the only thing recorded and all other parameters will track. Make sure in Record Options both Snapshot and SmartTag are off i.e. blue
  7. Assuming I was currently outputting cue 1 (green bar) I click on "cue 3" with the mouse (external monitor) to move the next (orange) bar to cue 3 then "try" the up arrow to get to cue 2 for next. I found the master go would sequence the stack as expected (hence I didn't spot this issue) although as described the arrow keys didn't have control of the next bar.
  8. I'm through this show, but I have another production in a few weeks. Are we anywhere with triaging this report viz a fix? Thanks!
  9. Since this was flagged here and I took notice, I pretty sure I'm in the "always on 7.9.5" - but if I think back to some of my 7.9.4 posting (which version had been on my desk for around a year), I did have some cue-stack-focus "snags" but I think that ended up being user-induced. I've been doing a show this past week or so, and I've have a full setup with mouse/keyboard/monitor, and I've been running the master cue stack from the start - so didn't initially realise this issue until it was raised here, after which point I always made sure I used the mouse to set the focus to the cue stack! However I sometimes have a "bare" config using just the console. I hope Z88 can see this easily and sort it out!
  10. kgallen

    Save Show?

    You might be able to get them to file an enhancement request for this - although I've not know this feature on any Zero88 console. It depends on how much non-volatile storage they have on the board - I think they're using some relatively expensive (hence relatively small) FeRAM rather than flash for the ongoing active show image. I think there's a good lump of flash in there too so maybe it's feasible to retain multiple show images as you suggest. Anyway, one for the Z88 guys to comment on rather than me blindly reverse-engineering their product! Hope your FLX is otherwise treating you well! Kevin
  11. kgallen

    Save Show?

    The desk implicitly saves the show internally all of the time, you don't need to do this manually. The Save function is just to save to a USB stick if you want to - you don't have to (although this is wise!). The desk can only hold one (the current) show. There is no internal "USB drive" for saving multiple shows inside the desk. You need to use USB stick for that. Kevin
  12. Have you got the fixture in the same mode as the fixture definition you’re using on the desk? What is the make/model of the light?
  13. kgallen

    UDK lights?

    They don't. You can "test" them by putting a change in the programmer (say 0@@) then when you hit RECORD then any empty playback or UDK buttons should flash (they won't if they are programmed).
  14. Useful to know... I must try some macros... (other thank triggering playback chases).
  15. Hi Philp, For the second part of your question this will be because SmartTag is not recording your fixture requirements because intensity is at zero. When you want to record that cue using the fixture macro programmes, hold RECORD, tap SmartTag (so it is blue) then OK. Remember that for the next cue when you record, you probably want to hold RECORD again and tap SmartTag back to red as probably you want to use SmartTag for building the rest of your cue stack. Kevin
  16. I’ve had this too just now. Couldn’t find a button that got me to cue stack control. Fortunately have a mouse attached on this occasion. I'm not sure how you get out of this issue if you don't have a mouse to click in the window. I couldn't find any buttons that helped out. Edit: Cycling around the screens with the View button can get you control if you've no mouse attached. This is probably as Delete-0-Enter says with circling through the external monitor desktops.
  17. Can you elaborate on what you mean? You say the fixture is 4 ch (R,G,B,W) so there are no channels there for inbuilt effects (strobe, colour macros). Using the technique of the support article should not affect you using the R/G/B/W channels of the fixture using any other mechanism that the desk supports, including the Effects engine.
  18. See: http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX/1014413041/RGB-Colour-Mixing-on-faders-FLX-Series.htm
  19. Yes it is. I set the fixture using its menu/buttons to 9ch mode. When FLX patched it, it got changed to the 2ch mode: Thanks, Kevin
  20. After quite a bit of mucking around I still didn't get this to work adequately. I could still only get the desk to RDM patch 2 channel mode with the "desk default" channels created under Beamshape, so clearly there is some ID data issue there. Will aim to have another play with this when I'm through the shows I have June/July. I might have to go back to Adam Hall if I can't get 9ch to work...
  21. Hi both, I tried this on PhantomZOS, and no it didn't help. I tried a couple of ways: using CLEAR+POS (then save the palette), tapping Pan, Tilt, P/T Spd etc to unhighlight them (then save the palette). Both times recorded an Effect and it's type E (not ICBE). Also tried just holding RECORD (rather than SHIFT+RECORD), which comes up with I,C,B,E buttons red and P button blue -> looks promising -> but the palette saved is still just E. So do the above again to untag the Pos attribute and try SHIFT+RECORD again, to get the "snapshot" settings in the Record Options box, then go around again to make I,C,B,E red and P blue -> saved palette is still just E. Looks broken to me unless you can tell me what I'm doing wrong... I was just reading that Tagging article that Edward pointed me at and it looks to me that I'm doing what it says there. Thanks, Kevin I've attached my show file. Under Effects there is a [46] Pyre (E) and [47] Pyre all (ICBPE). I wanted to get a "Pyre (ICBE)" effect that I could apply to any of the LEDs (fixtures 37-38,50-67) I choose at the time. Those Pyre effects were programmed using Group "All LEDs" and with the movers (fixtures 54-57) pointing where I could see them to set up the CBE element of what I want (based on the new Fire effect). I don't want the P stored as the movers would be elsewhere when I actually apply it. I've had the same issue with the [51] Sea (E) and [52] Sea all (ICBPE) palettes - I want "Sea (ICBE)". Anyway the show is programmed now, but I need to understand how to do what I want, or get you to fix the software. Probably this is not a problem limited to "Position"? May be that if I wanted a "CPE" palette (no "B") I wouldn't be able to get one??? AW80D_dress4.isf
  22. Hi Eric, I think there is all praise to you for being able to salvage the show in the case of a pretty catastrophic equipment failure! Well done, glad to hear the show went well and I hope the director was appreciative. They were fortunate to have someone with your experience and knowledge on the show! I think now the feature set of Jester is well and truly outclassed by the FLX S range, particularly now LED is the norm even for our general cover lighting. I think the pricing of the FLX S24 is such that there would be no point in still selling Jester. At the very bottom end of the price market (say <500 GBP/Eur) there are plenty of low cost manufacturers like the ones you list. But I don't think they will ever compete in a realistic sense with offerings like those from Zero88. Well I suppose they might have up-to-date manuals 🤣... 😈 Kevin
  23. To date, I've never known otherwise... 👍
  24. You sound like you know what you're doing - but just to check, the colour fade time listed in the colour column on the output/playback screen is non-zero isn't it? I think the default is 3.0 seconds. I'm guessing your issue is something else, but just wanted to check the obvious one...! Kevin
  25. Hi Eric, I'd stay with 7.9.4 for your shows. Do you have effects? Migrating to 7.9.5 without time to review what the impact of 7.9.5 might be on your effects would not be wise in the middle of your production run. Anyway I had a desk freeze with 7.9.5 the other day so there is no guarantee your crash concern has gone away. Yes, I experienced a number of desk lockups too on FLX with 7.9.4. I'm in a production run now on 7.9.5 and hoping for no more misbehaviour (dress rehearsal went ok last night)... Good luck! Kevin
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