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  1. Did you save to USB stick? If not then yes you will have lost your programming.
  2. Yes but maybe not in the way you describe. You can create any sequence of cues on a playback then you can trigger that playback from any other playback(s) when you want to trigger that sequence. When you start programming the sequence, when you go to record the second cue, the desk will ask if you want to create a sequence, where you can set the speed. Effects are something slightly different. On FLX S (compared to ‘full’ FLX) they are a little more limited on how you can create your own. But nonetheless you can setup say some movers in a position pattern with some colours and gobos then you can record that as your own Effect palette. You can use this effect palette in the same way you can use any other palette type.
  3. Jon I think the guy has a Solution rather than Orb, but couldn’t open the DWG file for Solution. I could be wrong, sorry if so.
  4. It’s probably a CR2032 or similar coin cell? It you feel competent to do the job the go ahead. What is worth researching is which screws to remove to get access as usually it’s not all of them (for example on Frog desks it’s just two screws required to be removed not all 20).
  5. Hi Terry, That's a shame. Where are you located? There is an AmDram society (or two) near me that could probably make use of one. Can you give more information? Thanks, Kevin
  6. Check your cables - swap them around to see if the fault changes. A broken data- or data+ can cause these issues where the screen is intact.
  7. Add a USB keyboard and mash F1 at boot. You’ll get some options. Worth having a USB key with 7.10 and 7.11 on it. See https://www.zero88.com/manuals/zeros/trouble-shooting/zeros-startup-tool
  8. Hi Franco Can we go back to the beginning and you list out what you want to do?
  9. Programmer Time under Z key.
  10. Just to wrap up, thankfully no other issues with the FLX/ZerOS during our tech/dress/performance run. (No issues from any of my other LX or SX kit either including my ~20 yo Sony minidisc decks ). Just one blown (but well behaved) T25 in a Prelude PC! Just the Cue List focus requiring a mouse click once in a while (a bit random as you say)… and on Saturday Matinee, a bit of a PEBCAK issue (ie me! ).
  11. I got lucky as I realised afterwards the question was for Solution and I wasn't sure it had the same buttons or process as the FLX!
  12. Setup+Playback button Release on Lower = no
  13. Fantastic thanks Edward! Interestingly I’ve booted the FLX twice tonight (for dress rehearsal) and on neither occasion did the palette screen appear!
  14. Hi Jon! I don't have an A:B comparison as I use generics for face light (and specials, gobos etc) and LEDs for back and side light colour washes. I don't have good enough quality LED fixtures to use for face and hence neither are they colour calibrated. So in that sense I'm not trying to match tungsten+gel to LED+palette, I'm using the colour palettes to pick a convenient colour for LED fixtures rather than a match to conventionals. That said, the wider filter range is nice - but the colour on stage is not really much like the colour on the touchscreen swatch. My LED fixtures tend to be RGB(CW) or RGB(WW) or RGBAW - i.e. no "filler" colour LEDs like lime etc that you get in a high-end LED fixture. This could be unrelated but I'd have to say the yellow shades I could achieve on my cyc seemed much better than I remember from before - I believe a decent yellow can be hard to achieve from the simpler RGB+W fixtures which I have (in this case my cycs are Stairville RGB(WW) floods). As mentioned above I did also use the new "Temp" (colour temperature) feature with a Philips PL1 LED profile (probably the "highest quality" LED I have) which as a backlight worked nicely when working with a tungsten Source 4 from the front - I was able to warm-up the PL1 a little to blend a little better with the Source 4. So probably not the data you're really looking for, but that's all I've got to offer, sorry! Regards, Kevin
  15. My rig isn't large compared to most of you pros. In this show I have (if I counted everything) 15 LED fixtures (inc 4 movers) and 26 conventionals (Source 4, Prelude F/PC, Quartet F, Minuette F). I'm using "real" gels too: L136, L063, L202, L159, L008 - and L179 chrome orange (which indeed won over L134 on this occasion!).
  16. Thanks Edward! Hmm don't believe "GO" worked. Certainly no blue boxes on the cue list (and hence the mouse click). Sounds like you have this under control anyway, thanks! It's the "mash F1" on boot process to recover the console. @Davidmk kindly provided me with details on the PM. I'm hoping not to need that though... Thanks all for support! Regards, Kevin ps Sorry if this is the wrong thread to be having this discussion, feel free to move to a better place in FLX/ZerOS.
  17. Here is the show file for the above. Edward - I understand there is a desk restart process - could you give me a link to the instructions for this? (Probably this: https://www.zero88.com/manuals/zeros/trouble-shooting/zeros-startup-tool ?) Thanks, Kevin TMM_dress1.zos
  18. Thanks Edward. As mentioned elsewhere I did use the Lee filters a lot in this show and those two do look familiar. Whether they were filters I tried and kept or tried and discarded I don’t know. I’ll aim to upload the show file. This screen was repeatable as after this I couldn’t get the GO button to work so power cycled the desk and got it again. The GO button ‘issue’ was just that the machine did not have focus on the cue list from boot - something I’ve mentioned before on an older ZerOS. For me it was rectified by mouse clicking on the external monitor, but it’s something I think should also be fixed - because it catches me out as a reasonably competent desk user, but could completely throw a less experienced operator or stand-in op. I know you gave me a key sequence before when using the bare desk (probably View-View-View) but it shouldn’t be necessary.
  19. Thanks Edward, that’s great! I didn’t think it was a bug, I just wasn’t sure how to fix the situation! Great! Cheers, Kevin
  20. I got this tonight when I turned on the desk for the Dress Rehearsal. Frightened the life out of me! What does it mean?
  21. Thanks Edward! As an extra ask it would be useful if it showed the last ‘n’ previous cues at the bottom where n is fixed to your choosing but at least 1, ideally 2 say. At the moment if you move around the cue stack, the current (green) can be on the bottom line - say this is cue ‘m’, but the lines above are not ‘m-1’ and ‘m-2’ etc so when you scroll with the arrow keys the cue list jumps about.
  22. Similar here. Dress Rehearsal tonight. Using 7.11. I used the new colour temperature adjustment and lots of the Lee filters colour palettes. As discussed elsewhere the cue stack behaviour is really annoying when programming. Any chance we could have a Setup option to stop it keep jumping back to Cue 1 when working at the end of the cue stack? We could use this during programming but turn it off during shows where looping back to cue 1 is useful. We’re doing the musical ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’.
  23. I copied a cue from earlier in my show (lets say Q16) to a later cue number as I wanted essentially the same lighting state again. Actually what I wanted was that state minus the FOH fixtures (as an on-stage preset) as one cue (lets say Q42), followed by that same state plus FOH for the next cue (Q43) [because it was the start of Act 2] So I copied Q16 to Q42, then selected and set to 0 the FOH fixtures. I copied the same Q16 to Q43 for the "whole stage" state. I found that Q43 contained lots of "blocked" values, shown in white in the Output Window. I didn't like this (I wanted Q43 to track from Q42), so I deleted Q43, copied Q42 to Q43 then went back to Q16 and wrote down all of the FOH values and then added them back in to Q43. Clearly this is the wrong way to do this! What would be the right way - or a better way? Did I miss something on the Copy window that would have tracked rather than blocked the pasted cue? The desk is in tracking on, and Smart Tag would have been on (as I never turned it off during a Record or Update). Reading the manual now, I can see I can Unblock the whole playback, but could I have just unblocked Q43 so it tracked from Q42? Whilst I didn't knowingly have any blocked values in the rest of my show, I wasn't fully sure, so did not want to trigger an Unblock on the entire (master) playback. Advice please! Thanks! Kevin
  24. Are there internal memory DIMMs that maybe need re-seating?
  25. Not sure how RCBOs, even on the mains side of the triacs, will play with dimming. I realise you might be talking about the hot power sockets but the MCB is common on the channel. I doubt Zero88 would support this modification to their product (if nothing else it would invalidate the formal product qualification they have to do for CE/UKCA marking).
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