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  1. kgallen

    red, orange, green, royal blue, blue, lime

    I think you will for a (fair) while until the ZerOS colour mapper improves support for such LED fixtures. At the moment it can map to R/G/B/W LED elements. Anything on top you'll have to dial in yourself and create a colour palette. Is it an ETC LED fresnel?
  2. kgallen

    Showtec Spectral M1500 Q4

    Hmmm, interesting. I posted a similar fixture request to the fixturesupport email on Monday at 10:04, got an auto-ack email at 10:05 and Tyler emailed on Tuesday at 16:24 to say someone would look at it within a day. Edward/Tyler usually look at the Forum daily so I'm surprised it's not been picked up by now. Could you try the email again and check you get the auto-ack email within a few minutes? Kevin
  3. kgallen

    Showtec Spectral M1500 Q4

    Hi Pete: Requesting new fixture profiles To requests new fixtures, please email us, ensuring you supply full details of the fixture (Make, Model, Mode) and a download link to the Operating Manual. FixtureSupport@Zero88.com
  4. kgallen

    FLX hints & tips Advent Calendar

    I looked on Facebook... the Elf thing?... You could have at least given us Tyler with jet-lagged panda eyes...
  5. kgallen

    encoder wheels in %

    This is a constant topic of discussion. I don’t think either work well for position and colours should really have a palette name. Percentage only really works for intensity - for other parameters that have DMX ranges, percentage doesn’t really work as you lose 2.56x the precision and because of this a given percentage could be ambiguous on DMX range boundaries. Also fixture data sheets give the actual DMX value - the odd one I’ve seen that gives colour etc in percentage is a pain because this is not how the electronics decodes an 8-bit binary number, and the percentage rarely lines up correctly with the actual decoded binary value.
  6. kgallen


    I don't believe so - would be interested to hear if it's possible - and if not I would like to see an enhancement request for ZerOS. (I believe consoles from the "other" major desk supplier supports the definition of a dimmer curve on the desk - an on/off switch at a user defined DMX/% threshold would be the simplest form of this).
  7. kgallen

    FLX losing time on shutdown

    Hi Edward, Could you write a short KB article on replacing the internal battery on FLX - specifically which screws need removing, and any other tricks to access the battery (ribbon cables etc!). I'm not in this position yet, but as my FLX is now just over 3 years old it might be a job I need to attend to at short notice... Thanks, Kevin
  8. kgallen


    SETUP options on a playback can depend on whether the playback is programmed or not. For example an unprogrammed playback fader can be configured as a grand master, a programmed one can't, and the options under SETUP+P/B Button will reflect the available options. Edward's answer (3) should work regardless of whether the playback is programmed or not. Hope you find what you need... Kevin
  9. kgallen

    FLX hints & tips Advent Calendar

    Pah! Don't use such scum! Give us back our Advent Calendar!
  10. kgallen

    Color Change with Submasters

    Hi Martino, This is because of LTP (latest takes precedence) operation of the colour parameters. You need to record your submasters such that only one colour channel is recorded. See: http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX/1014413041/RGB-Colour-Mixing-on-faders-FLX-Series.htm Regards, Kevin
  11. kgallen

    UDK problem

    Can you try <DELETE> <UDK3> ?
  12. kgallen

    IOS app doesn't work

    Unfortunately you can't upgrade to 7.9.4 on Frog2 hardware 😞 The last supported ZerOS for Frog2 is (as you have). http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/975204871/FROG2.htm This means you'll have to stick with an older ZerOS remote. Maybe Jon or Edward can help with which version and provide a pointer to that version...
  13. kgallen

    Moving Heads

    You’d programme this as a sequence of cues recorded to a playback. You can’t record something like this to a palette as far as I know.
  14. kgallen

    Acme Emperor Spots gobos and colour not working

    Many units have different mode options. Ensure the fixture is configured (probably via it's front panel menu) to the same mode as the fixture definition loaded into the desk. Kevin ETA: Doh, beaten to it by Edward!
  15. kgallen

    Firmware update

    Hi jb07. You should see a "Downloads" tab at the top of the forum. This should get you here (you might have to scroll to the next page by clicking the >). It should get you here:
  16. kgallen

    How to bring Attributes activ?

    What, like a User Manual? 😁 (Sorry, Jon!)
  17. kgallen

    Flx s24

    Not unless you pay out ~400Eur/GBP and buy Capture 😞
  18. kgallen

    How to update from ZerOS 7.8.0

    Does anything on this thread help?
  19. kgallen

    Stairville LED Par 56

    Hi Philip, To elaborate on what Chris is saying: Say you have an (old) fixture that only has Red, Green and Blue control channels in the DMX map (3 DMX channels), then it is tricky to set up a colour then just fade in or out that colour, because you'd have to move the R,G and B channels proportionally to maintain the colour during the intensity fade up and down. Newer fixtures would have R,G,B and Dimmer built into the DMX map (4 DMX channels). Where the fixture does not have Dimmer built in, you can emulate the function on the desk. With your example, the "LED Par 56: Virtual Dimmer" has 4 control channels on the desk, but only 3 of these (the R,G,B) actually go out to the fixture over DMX (just the same as the "LED Par 56: No Dimmer"). The fourth channel - the dimmer (or virtual dimmer) is available on the desk, and the desk does the scaling of the DMX R,G,B values according to the level of the (virtual) dimmer channel on the desk. That way you can fade up and down the brightness of your R,G,B colour just by changing the level of the (virtual) dimmer channel on the desk. Unless you've got very old (10 years+) or very cheap fixtures it's unusual for them to not have Dimmer built into the DMX map these days. If you've got some of these... https://www.thomann.de/gb/stairville_led_par_56_alu_schwarz.htm ...then they don't have an inbuilt dimmer channel, so I'd recommend you use a fixture definition with a virtual dimmer. However this particular product has 5 DMX channels: CH1 is a MODE channel and CH5 is a SPEED channel. CH2-4 are RGB. It would be best to have a profile specifically designed for this fixture to handle the 5 DMX channels, plus add a virtual dimmer. You could get away with the two profiles you list but you will not have control of CH1 and CH5 and you would have to configure the desk to map that fixture to DMX address+1 compared to the address setting on the LED Par (because you want the desk R,G,B channels to line up with CH2,3,4 on the LED Par) and you'd have to make sure you didn't have any other fixture channel overlaying that CH1 and CH5 - i.e. you'd still have to space your addressing at 5 address increments. You wouldn't have control of MODE, but a value of 0 on that channel means you get RGB control and the desk should output a data value of 0 on an unpatched address. Hope that helps and I didn't over-cook the explanation... Kevin ETA: I just looked in the fixture library (release 35) and there is a Stairville -> LED Par 56: Virtual Dimmer in there that defines the 5 real channels (and adds a virtual dimmer). If that was what you were referring to in your opening post, then that's the one to choose!
  20. kgallen

    'Small' master over 4 fixturefaders

    I’m not aware you can set a proportional master over an arbitrary set of channels. Of course you could set up 4 channels and record that to playback 24 - but that is effectively a normal submaster but I suspect that is not what you’re after...
  21. I can't post in "News and Announcements" so have to start a topic here. We used to be able to get back to the main Zero88 site from the Forum. There doesn't seem to be a click zone to do that now. OK, so I just edit off the "/forum" bit in the URL but that is a bit of a drag because I have to wake my fingers up. When I'm helping other users on your behalf (*) it can be necessary to go back to the main site to provide a link for documentation/software/related products etc so making this easy helps us help you if you are able to add this. Thanks, Kevin * Yes I know the Forum is there for users to help users and is not there just for Zero88 to answer questions, but you get my drift . I'm a resource not on the payroll...!
  22. kgallen

    Forum (2017) - link to www.zero88.com

    Hi Edward, This recent post is a perfect example: The ORB article is exactly what was needed. You knew it existed, so you found it. I was looking for something along those lines and found nothing - fortunately you came along quickly and helped Harry out. I ended up on this page, which gave me nothing of use: http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/975362971/ORB.htm The link you found should have been on the Orb page I ended up at. Neither do I find your article on the Orb XF page. (I found it on Orb XF now I looked again knowing the title).
  23. kgallen

    upgrading from ZeroOs

    ZerOS 6.0.0 is very old. There is probably a more convoluted mechanism to update to something much newer. Once you're on the newer version (7.9.4) then future upgrades are probably more plug-and-play as we expect these days. I'm not familiar with Orb, but have you checked the desk menus/looked in the manual for the software upgrade mechanism? Did you put the new software in the root of the USB stick (i.e. not in any subfolder)? Hopefully Edward or Jon will be along shortly to give you the proper instructions! However you could have a look around on the forum for posts from users with similar requests.
  24. kgallen

    Forum (2017) - link to www.zero88.com

    No, just have an alphabetical list. I don't want to hunt around for Fat Frog, I just want to see it there in the list in front of me. Zero88 haven't made that many consoles (or dimmers, or whatever), it won't be hundreds of lines long. Users don't know or care about current/legacy (that's just the way developers see things not users), they just want an answer. To them, the box sitting in front of them is current. These days I find lots of websites have lots of hierarchy. The page makers love the partitioning. But as a user, trying to use the pages and find what you want is a pain, because the user's view of the world is often not the same as the product developer (as an aside I see this in more recent product manuals - they are laid out in the way the product developer thinks, not in the way the user needs to find and access information). I don't think relying on search functions is good. They are frustrating - you have to find a suitable term (that is hard) and then you have to filter through the results which could be too few if the search bind is strong or too many if the bind is weak. The KB is not that large (unfortunately), search should not be the main mechanism to use it in my view. Per product page, I think you should start by creating a clear list of what should be on the top page for every product. Let's say: Official Product Name - bold and underlined. Production date range - this gives the "legacy" information - the user can see it's not currently manufactured - but they are unlikely to care, they just want support. Optional item - any clarification needed to identify the product or variants - Put you LeapFrog disambiguation here and link to the relevant page for that product. A picture of the product! Cross-links to pages for other products in that family Link to latest manual - and the publish date - maybe a note to say what the latest software version is this covers. Link to latest software - and the publish date Link to latest release notes - I like the latest Frog release notes because they are all in the one document in reverse chronological order. And they read nicely, not just a table with one terse line from your bug database. And spell checked. The redline markup you use for FLX RNs is useful too. Then the Application Notes or articles - subdivided with subject headings or white space, but not hierarchy because the user then has to hunt through the linked pages to find the article because it's guaranteed you'd put it under a different section to where they'd expect. It would be ok to create a common sub-page for all ZerOS application notes (then point to that from ZerOS, FLX, Solution, Orb etc) and likewise for the Frog range (being careful to disambiguate Frog2...). Actually it would help you a lot if you created core pages once so it's easy for you to update and you don't forget to add the new thing here, there and everywhere. Please don't embed links in headings - it took me a while to realise name headings were links to lower pages. Making this page SmartPhone friendly would be really useful for when the user is on-site with a problem. Keeping the page flat is REALLY useful here - the signal is barely 3G where I often work, so not having to keep pushing and popping pages makes a big difference. Not all venues are in the middle of big cities with strong 4G coverage! Keep it simple. For you to update and the user to find stuff. Without the search. Sorry I appear to have waffled on again quite a bit... but hope it helps... a bit...! Kevin
  25. kgallen

    Updating the latest software for ZeroOs orb

    You should be able to save your setup, just as per a show, to USB stick. Then update the ZerOS desk software, then reload your show from the USB stick. If you have your own fixture definitions (ones you created yourself) then you will need to reload these. Probably best to do this before reloading your show above. The showfile will carry with it all the fixture defintions required, but when you go to the next show you won't have the others that maybe weren't used in the particular setup you had at the start. Hope that makes sense and I understood your question correctly!

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