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  1. kgallen

    Confused by playback overlaying

    Hi. Just having a play with 7.8.5 and there is a bug with the current/next cue colour bars not shown if cue 0 was shown. Using this showfile, Go+0, go, go, now the colour bars have gone but Current:2 Next:3. In this step, cue 0 is purged from the display and it seems the colour bars are not redrawn. Go again and the colour bars reappear. Also cursor keys bring the bars back, but e.g. down puts both bars on cue 2 when Next:3.
  2. kgallen

    Fixture Request Beamz MHL-74

    Try this one. No detail in the manual for the sub-channel detail, so you'll have to suck-it-and-see! Note - no 12 channel mode; manual provided has 8 and 13 channel modes... Kevin Two separate fixture definitions within the one manufacturer, one for 8ch one for 13ch. I usually create the larger one, then chop down for the smaller. Make Pan and Tilt 16-bit ( Size=Word {16-bit} ), then set the Channel (LSB) for the Fine, and the Channel (MSB) is then the Coarse. beamz_mini_wash_7x10w.ift
  3. kgallen

    Equinox party par Fixture

    JB you're such a sweetie OK, give this a go. I've added a virtual dimmer for the RGB as there is some yukky half-baked dimmer on channel 6 mixed in with other crud that makes that dimmer a bit hard to use. Let me know if it doesn't work quite how you'd like it. Kevin Forgot to allocate the wheels for you. See this updated one. equinox_party_par.ift
  4. kgallen

    Equinox party par Fixture

    Please post a link to the manual. Thanks.
  5. kgallen

    Patching problem?

    Hopefully a daft question, but do you have a DMX terminator plugged into the last fixture in the DMX chain? Didn't see this mentioned above but could have missed it...
  6. kgallen

    USB port count/location [future]

    I realise this is fixed for FLX, but I thought I should note it for future consideration... I'm finding the location/number of USB ports tricky... 1 port on the top for the USB desk light - means the USB memory stick needs to go in one of the rear ports (fiddly to access with rear overhang) or pull the desk light to save/load (fortunately no desk crash risk like FatFrog ). -> 2nd port on the front face would solve this (1 could be power-only ). 1 port on the rear near DVI-D needed for touch screen USB. 1 port on the rear for the mouse, and/or the external keyboard (less need once all naming functions can use on-screen keyboard, not there yet with 7.8.4), or the USB memory stick? -> 3 or 4 USB ports needed on the rear? 2 ports on either side of the FLX, either used for Wings or... in my (Swan) flight case I can't get at them (foam stops access). OK, you might say I should have bought a Z88 case, but not sure if these USB ports are accessible even in a Z88 case? Not ideal, but can I use an external USB expander/hub for mouse/keyboard/USB stick access? Thanks, Kevin
  7. kgallen

    Lep Frogg lost memory

    Hi Lazer, I'd like to help, but sorry I don't understand: Maybe you could rewrite this a different way?
  8. kgallen

    Confused by playback overlaying

    Hi Jon, That's great info thanks. I'll have more of a play with the sequence of events against your explanation. So I still need to work out how to program and use an overlayed playback in the context of what MOD needs to do to reconcile the overall state considering the other non-released playbacks. Complex for the software to handle with all of these concurrent possibilities! Thanks, Kevin
  9. kgallen

    Confused by playback overlaying

    Hi Jon, Thanks for taking a look. Ummm, ok. I guess I'm confused how the MOD behaviour got carried across to another Playback. I assumed MOD actions got computed on the fly as the cue stack was run, rather than being captured as part of a RECORD step. I understand "Don't MOD (colour|beam|pos)" can be set as a Cue Setting, but I didn't have any of those. So in terms of how I recorded the cue to Playback 1 (using it in a "submaster" context), what should I have done differently? This is interesting, I wondered what the grey boxes were. Can you elaborate a bit more on what this means/indicates? It would also be useful to add to the manual a complete table of what various colours mean (as in blue=fading up, green=down, purple=tracking, red=?? [overlayed?], yellow=??, grey box=some MOD activity). Thanks, Kevin
  10. kgallen

    Sort of Help Request - FLX

    See earlier answer given by one JonH! http://zero88.com/forum/topic/7327-should-flx-have-subforums-how-do-i-bugs-errors/ Plus the one in this thread!
  11. kgallen

    Chilli 24-10i

    All of it? Chilli is an install (rather than a portable) dimmer product. First line means you can hard wire the DMX connection wires to internal terminal blocks rather than via an XLR5 plug. The DMX address is set via the front panel regardless of how you connect DMX. Second line means the Chilli includes a DMX termination capability for use if it's the last DMX device in the DMX chain, and you set this by some internal switch mechanism. DMX 512-1990 is the specification for the DMX protocol used to talk between the lighting desk and the dimmer. Enough? (I'm slightly confused as your intro post says 'highly skilled in lighting systems', so maybe there's more to your question?) Hope that helps anyway. Kevin
  12. kgallen

    FLX Lighting Console - Introduction & Overview

    Hi Johnny, It looks like you've got your fixture colours and palettes sorted, great! For timecodes, maybe take a look at the Cue Settings field in your cue stack window (e.g. Playback 0). For a given cue, if you use the arrow keys to move right to the Cue Settings field, then <Enter> you should get a Cue Settings window where I believe you can set MIDI timecode (or realtime). Kevin
  13. kgallen

    Chauvet Beam LED 350 Z88 Profile

    Cheers, Hamish, glad it worked ok! Regards, Kevin
  14. kgallen

    USB port count/location [future]

    Yes, but the Illusion doesn't have a patented non-scratch surface like the FLX, so I think you'll find the ongoing repaint costs for the Illusion will make it's continued use as a stage manager communication tool no longer financially viable. What I mean is, an upgrade to FLX is inevitable. I can put you in touch with a good supplier if you like.
  15. kgallen

    Fixture Request FLX

    With virtual dimmer for RGBA "component" as Jon suggests. As he says, there is one in the standard library, but you've got the package together here if that's more convenient. chauvet_colordash_batten_quad_6.ift
  16. Here you go. It is a complex one with lots of modes and lots of channels, so let me know if you see any errors. Regards, Kevin JonH - you owe me for this one , 80 channels indeed... Philips_eSTRIP_10RGBW.ift
  17. For user Wier69 (http://zero88.com/forum/topic/7338-chauvet-beam-led-350-z88-profile/#entry28717) 8ch and 14ch options Gobo images included Chauvet_Beam_350.ift
  18. kgallen

    Chauvet Beam LED 350 Z88 Profile

    Wow, that was a busy one. Give this a go... Regards, Kevin Chauvet_Beam_350.ift
  19. kgallen

    Confused by playback overlaying

    Here we go, showfile. Hopefully Jon can tell me what I'm doing wrong! testing3.isf
  20. kgallen

    Chauvet Beam LED 350 Z88 Profile

    Can you point me at a manual and I'll have a go. Chauvet have a "Beam" and a "Spot". You say "Beam" but then "Profile" which means I'm not sure which model you really mean. This (Beam LED 350): http://www.chauvetlighting.co.uk/products/manuals/Intimidator_Beam_LED_350_UM_Rev3_WO.pdf or this (Spot LED 350): http://www.chauvetlighting.co.uk/products/manuals/Intimidator_Spot_LED_350_UM_Rev8_WO.pdf ...or something else entirely!
  21. Hi Jon, I see you're answering posts - do you have any comment on this one? Thanks, Kevin
  22. kgallen

    Sort of Help Request - FLX

    Hi Jon, Thanks for the detail, that's really interesting.I didn't see the "green/red button" info in the User Manual. It would be great to be able to capture all of these "application ideas" somewhere. Clearly when developing and spec'ing the console you tried out many scenarios from your own usage and refined the operation. Certainly on the course you had some good examples - with a small number of key presses you were generating some fundamental building blocks onto playbacks. As yet I'm failing to really replicate these in the same slick way! (More sick than slick!) Maybe there could be a subforum for FLX for "application ideas/examples" - this would allow users to exploit the power of the console and the efficient programming methods you've built in. Also it could capture the key "tricks" required e.g. "at the step, SmartTag must be turned off so only xyz is recorded" etc. Thanks, Kevin
  23. That'll be it! Thanks. One footnote for the manual and on-desk help pages!
  24. I was playing around with the playback fader function settings (Fader 1-way, 2-way etc). They didn't seem to change the way the Playback 0 master fader behaved, even though I tried playing other cues, including cue 0. Always seemed to have HTP functionality. I even read the manual and followed the steps on p50. From the FLX course I recall we needed to do "something" to make the new setting take effect but don't recall what that was (and whether that was a bug or not!) (7.8.4 production code) Thanks, Kevin
  25. kgallen

    USB port count/location [future]

    Hi guys, Thanks for the comments and ideas. I've ordered a small Belkin 4-port hub to ease congestion on the ports. It's an unpowered one, but keyboard/mouse/USB stick shouldn't present too much of a current load (and Jon assures us the FLX USB ports are man-enough for anything!). Derek - thanks for the Maplin link, that small keyboard/wireless mouse is a good idea. Ironically I also got one of those right-angle USB adaptors in an attempt to plug the desk light in one of the back ports (leaving the front one free for a memory stick)... but I was scuppered by the rear overhang. Looks like I might have a new application for it! Cheers, Kevin Oh I see Ian, this is what you use your FLX for is it? LX Cue 13 - Go... ouch! http://www.instructables.com/id/Hack-your-usb-missile-launcher-into-an-quotAuto-/

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