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  1. I always wondered if ‘Stomping’ has anything to do with this. Edward did explain Stomping to me somewhere here (and I don’t think it was what I expected!). However there is ‘Allow Stomping’ somewhere in the playback options I think. Have a play!
  2. Yes you can rename the fixtures. Again in Setup when you have the list of patched fixtures, the second column defaults to the fixture name, but you can edit that name like other fields. These names will be used on the Output Screen and in the fader pane on an external display (FLX, FLX-S48 or FLX-S24 via Monitor app). I'm not aware you can add any other text/notes. And the name will get truncated on the Output Screen. (Where a sequence of fixtures have the same name, e.g. Dimmer, then the name can span the width of the fixtures so is less likely to get truncated. So put the "important bit" at the start of the name, so title them e.g. "SR Wash", "SL Wash" not "Wash SR" and "Wash SL", then at worst you'll get something like "SR W" and "SL W" rather than "Wash" and "Wash"!
  3. Channel (fixture) number and DMX address are independent. So you can configure fixture #2 (channel fader #2) to DMX address 6 for example. You do this under Setup. You can tap and renumber the fixture, providing that fixture (channel) number is not already used. The output screen will follow the Channel (fixture) number so you can't for example have a different fader order to the order shown on the screen - because I think that would drive you to madness anyway! I hope this what you're looking for... Kevin
  4. No, tha's Ollie's FLX
  5. Apparently this topic is now HOT!
  6. Ollie - interested how you get on. I bought Capture (at great expense) a fair few months back, but to date haven't had the guts to try and connect it to FLX... (desk or Phantom).
  7. I was first for a change! (no accounting for quality of course!!!)
  8. Hi Ollie, Does anything in this recent thread help? Kevin
  9. Lights off but Effect still running is a common issue. It’s probably because you had Smart Tag enabled when you tried to record ‘No Effect’ and the lights at 0. Smart Tag doesn’t save the No Effect. So what you have to do is run the cue where the lights go off and the effect should stop (but don’t), select the lights that are in the effect, select No Effect from the Effects palette. Then press Update to get the Record Options pane up then deselect Smart Tag, then ok the Update. Then clear the programmer, go back a few cues then run through and make sure the Effect now stops when you need it to. Of course if you need the Effect to start again in a later cue you’ll need to go to that one and enable the effect again. Hope that helps. Kevin
  10. Whoaaaaaaaaa! (Z88 marketing guys are livid. Image picker gets disabled in next version of ZerOS!)
  11. Martin, Don't worry about it. Hope it's going well otherwise! What's going wrong with your tracking that's causing you issues? Don't forget you can use Update with Cue Only and Track Forwards (and Track Backwards although I've never used that one). Also with FLX you can go back to Cue Only mode if you want and also you can turn the whole cue stack into snapshot cues then work your new stuff using Tracking on.
  12. Neil - Probably better to post this query on the Blue Room. http://www.blue-room.org.uk/
  13. I don't think so, sorry. ETA: Doh, beaten again by a better answer!
  14. This is the DMX map for the fixture: https://www.robe.cz/index.php?type=10898&tx_odproducts_f[action]=downloadFile&tx_odproducts_f[file]=robe/downloads/dmx_charts/Robin_MiniMe_DMX_charts.pdf If you only want 8-bit control for the Pan and Tilt you could write a fixture definition that did not include channels 2 and 4 (the "fine" channels). However you will get the "lumpy" control as I describe above. An interesting little fixture that Robe!
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