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  1. Hi @Edward Z88, thanks. Do you recall, was this the same issue with my FLX last year (when I came over to Cwmbran)? I don't remember if we recovered it prior to me leaving the console with you for service. If so do we know why this corruption occurs?
  2. @Takuya Chinen, @Edward Z88 Is the solution shareable? It may be of interest for other users.
  3. One other "minor" item we've spoken about before: some sort of "version control" on fixture profiles so we know which of our "identically named" fixture definitions are actually being used by the showfile. Current solution is when creating or updating definitions we have to keep putting something in the name like "v2" or "v3". This is a real pain when debugging/updating a new fixture definition as you're never sure what the desk is using!
  4. @Ed75worth getting yourself registered as a beta tester. Whilst you may or may not have time to help here (it depends for us all) there may be discussion there that you can contribute to (that part of the forum is not general access) given your experience and also your ‘fresh eyes’. There was a bug a while back with 2-way playbacks that had similar attributes to what you report (although it was with a general playback rather than the master). I’m not sure what that status of that ZOS is (I’ll dig it out when not on a phone). Possibly it was fixed, but it came to mind with your report.
  5. Didn't you know - everyone always wants "bigger and faster" (and better!).
  6. I'd also like to give a slight tickle to an RDM monitor - not sure if this is "Reporting & monitoring of RDM Sensors etc". RDM documentation seems to be as bad if not worse than DMX maps versus firmware version. For debug, being able to see what RDM data is being returned by a fixture would be useful. I believe you have some debug code of this nature internally. Would be useful under a debug section under the Z key. Edward was very helpful last year debugging the RDM codes from a Chauvet fixture that did not seem to return the codes that I'd obtained from the manufacturer - in fact the cod
  7. @Sven76 you should ask Jon to put all of your 6 ticks on "Pixel Mapping"! Greetings to you!
  8. Nice to ‘meet’ you Ed, welcome. Hope to see you around on the forum! Kevin
  9. Thanks Jon. I've now ticked Dimmer Curves and MIDI Out (6 ticks, maybe I dropped one of my previous ones!). Would the MIDI Out be via macros? (and thus hopefully not a huge development impact - main task probably a UI update to put in settings). I ought to re-read up on MIDI...
  10. I've voted for the entries that, based on 5-8 selections, would be of most interest for me. However there are other entries that are of interest, so I'll group these below so you know there is other "lower priority" interest in some of these ideas. Some of the ideas above I suspect are relatively quick/easy to implement. Others will take a lot of development validation. Maybe it is worth splitting this survey into say 3 categories of easy/medium/big development cost and getting us to vote on them? Each release it would only be reasonable to have one "big" feature, but a number of smaller
  11. Hi Takuya, Here are the instructions for creating a bootable USB stick. Hopefully this can help you recover your console: https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/software-updates/zeros-usb-creator
  12. I’ll certainly have the software (or at least a pretty recent one) downloaded (not that I could upload it here). What I don’t have or know off the top of my head, is how to make a bootable USB stick that the desk can use. That information was down the links that I now find are 404.
  13. Jon/Edward, The resources we used to use to support the community are gone. Links posted by Edward to resources in the past 12-18 months no longer work let alone the knowledge we built up over the past 'n' years. We can't help out unless we can access these types of resources. This means you will have to answer every Forum support question yourselves, the community can no longer help others because you've taken away all of the knowledge that we used to use to provide answers. I just tried to help a user with a crashed S48. I couldn't give him instructions for a bootable USB stick be
  14. Can you make a bootable USB stick with the software on and see if the desk will read from that from a power cycle? I'd point you to some instructions on how to make a bootable stick but I can't - none of the links I can find in past articles with instructions on how to do this work anymore. Edward/Jon - seriously chaps this state of affairs with the website needs to be fixed ASAP. The community can't help anyone anymore without your support both directly to the question and getting this damn website sorted so that we can access the resources we need to help users with problems. I'm
  15. Hi Delphine, I'm looking at your two showfiles together. This is what I see: #1 AUTONOMIE GIEVRES I can see 25-28 "7P Hex IP" present and 33-34 are "LED - RGBW". No fixtures named PARA*. #2 PONT SAINT MARTIN3 Fixtures 25-28 deleted as you said, fixtures 33 and 34 are swapped from "LED- RGBW" to "PARLED 1820IR" (and named "PARA J" and "PARA COUR"). So the result going from #1 to #2 is: Any programming related to fixtures 25-28 is deleted (deleted from cues and palettes) Any palettes specific to "7P Hex IP" will disappear since th
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