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  1. These are great - but some (e.g. cue only, home) need a line to say how to achieve this on the console, or a reference to the appropriate section of the manual. I'm playing "spot the voice" - it's like a Zero88 version of Trevor Nelson's Radio 2 Five-seconds-to-name quiz! 😆
  2. If these cues you're copying are in a playback stack, you should look into Tracking rather than copying and editing consecutive cues. Edward didn't mention Inhibit, so maybe this doesn't work as you describe. The FLX manual on p42 covers Inhibit (in a very terse way - but it doesn't say this feature is not available on FLX S) so might be worth a try.
  3. kgallen

    Custom fixture

    Sorry for slight thread hijack, but going back to the Combi spot I mentioned above, Edward's approach to handling this as a fixture definition is very insightful, so I'm going to post his email notes here with the fixture definition for the benefit of users like Ollie trying to create fixture definitions and deal with the newer fixtures that have multiple capabilities. With this Combi fixture, which is a mover with both wash and spot elements, I was keen to ensure move on dark worked correctly even though there are two intensity channels for the fixture... Sorry again for the tangential thread grab! Kevin Showtec Combi Spot One UPDATE.ift
  4. kgallen

    Custom fixture

    Yep that's right. Should work well for colour palettes and effects engine - see various posts on things like sunstrip where Edward/Jon have elaborated on using the effect engine across the "multi-fixture". The time when this approach doesn't work so well is with a mover (or any mechanical-based system) because for move on dark to work the desk needs to associate the intensity channel with the other channels i.e. know it's "one fixture".
  5. kgallen

    Custom fixture

    Hi Ollie, Yes as Erics says unfortunately. I think the subfixture only works for something like lantern+scroller. I had a loosely similar issue with a Showtec Shark Combi which is a combination of LED RGBW wash light and a profile with colour wheel. Edward made me a fixture (posted somewhere here on the forum) to handle this - but as you found the colour picker only works with one part, in my case with the RGBW wash part. The colour wheel is encoder only. Kevin
  6. Whoooww, infinite fun! Grey-scale... hmmm does this have an application...!
  7. Here's David's 4-way colour picker as above but without the selected cell aberration in case anyone wants to use these directly. Great work guys!!!
  8. Setup + Playback button should be the "global" setting. Above I was referring to the Settings specifically in the cue where I believe you can override the MOD time for that cue. However I'm more used to FLX (rather than FLX S) so sorry if the config is not in exactly the same place or the buttons are different. The 7.9.6 manual is here, see p44: https://zero88.com/storage/downloads/7f906b85-80f1-4646-bd18-d2327d94fc60/FLX-Range-&-ZerOS-Accessories-User-Manual-v7.9.6.pdf
  9. Cue Window -> Options on the Cue
  10. Great thanks Edward, good to know. Cheers, Kevin
  11. Hi Edward: I'm referring to ZOS-8569 (interested when this will be fixed or if it already is and I've missed it in the Release Notes!). Regards, Kevin We discussed 8569 a couple of times, regards GROUP and P/T grid (the second is in Beta - some readers might not be able to see it):
  12. Don't take this at face value, the order selection is a*** backwards sometimes... a bug not yet fixed...
  13. Geez, I've told them so many times - us blokes don't have girls fingers for all of these tiny dialogue boxes, effects selections and teeny weeny narrow scroll bars - and we have fingers as rough as a badger's sitty-down areas after a couple of days up a ladder rigging!!! There're two of us now telling them this, hopefully they'll listen! 😁
  14. Maybe drscoop could tell us which desk lamps and how many. Edward - what current output do the FLX S support? The minimum 100mA? which is still quite a lot and gives 500mW of output and I wouldn't expect an LED desk lamp to draw that much power.) The Adam Hall SLED1 (quad COB) as an example claims to draw 50mA @ 5V, which should be supported easily by any USB output. https://www.adamhall.com/shop/gb-en/stands-tripods/lamps/5491/sled-1-ultra-usb
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