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  1. kgallen

    Forum (2017) - link to www.zero88.com

    Ha ha ha, that's excellent - the graphic and the new tab 👍 !
  2. kgallen

    Forum (2017) - link to www.zero88.com

    Hi Jon, If you still have your genie in a bottle (no, not you Edward!), any chance you could duplicate that zero88.com tab you added and rename it "Knowledgebase" with a link to http://support.zero88.com/ 😉 I know... always wanting more.. Thanks! Kevin
  3. kgallen

    Club Capture Software

    Does this Knowledgebase article help? http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/ORB-XF/1004254221/Capture-Visualisation-Software.htm
  4. kgallen

    Patch View

    A dimmer is a fixture, so use the Add Fixture tool and there is a generic section at the top of the list which contains dimmer. You can patch multiple at a time, so you could add for example 24 dimmers in one step if needed.
  5. kgallen

    Clear stuck on and laggy

    According to the release notes, 7.9.3 was the first official release that supported FLX S24 and S48. So maybe when you checked it was But 7.9.4 (.1) is currently the latest production release. You thought you then updated to the "latest" - but it looks like the desk already had the "latest" on. As of today (23rd July 2018) there isn't even a Beta release after 7.9.4. So what did you have (there is a sticker on the box with the shipped software version) and what did you put on (can't see that would be anything other than 7.9.4)? ... or have you got a full-blown FLX (the daddy) rather than FLX S24/S48?
  6. kgallen

    Phantom ZerOS

    Understood, and makes sense! I converse with Edward so much these days, and he uses my real name we forget that might be too "open" on the Internet. Unless I'm being blind or stupid or both (and both likely), I couldn't see a way to add "real name" into my profile. (Sorry tbarden for hijacking your post - hope we've answered your question!)
  7. kgallen

    Phantom ZerOS

    🙄 Forgotten my name already... must've had a long day. Me still working too... Regards, Kevin
  8. kgallen

    Phantom ZerOS

    Click "Download this file" on the page below and then the box that comes up allows you to download "PhantomZerOS_7.9.4.zip" (7.53MB).
  9. kgallen

    touch screen problem

    Is the USB plugged directly to the back of the console (not via a hub). Is the monitor on the "supported" list (yes it is). Compatible-touchscreen-monitors-with-ZerOS-consoles Which console? (FLX, FLX-S48, Solution etc) If FLX try "Factory Reset" from Setup -> Clear If FLX under Z -> System Information can you see the touchscreen listed?
  10. kgallen

    Can't get beyond page 1 of a Forum topic

    Thanks Jon - working ok again now (just like Ian's Demux48)! 😎
  11. kgallen

    Can't get beyond page 1 of a Forum topic

    Thanks Ian, at least I'm not going mad. Work have been locking down a bit recently - can't listen to BBC radio online any more for example (miserable s*ds). Hoped that wasn't also affecting Z88 Forum access!!! Kevin ps Is that a "new" Demux-48 in your profile photo>?!!! 🙂
  12. kgallen

    Updating palette

    Sorry I'm having trouble navigating the Forum at the moment to find a past topic on this, but it will be something like: - Tag the parameter to remove - Turn off Smart Tag - In the Update window, click Remove - OK the Update This is what it is on FLX (full model), not sure how the UI differs on the S24/S48. Hope this gives you something to try. Kevin
  13. Is it just me... On the Forum at the moment I can only get to page 1 of a topic. I can't get to page 2 etc of e.g. the FLX forum by any means: - click "2", "3" etc -> No - click "Next" -> No - click ">>" (last page) -> No -click "Go to page", type number or use arrows -> No - do a search and in the search results try and move pages -> No It always just brings me back to page 1. Strange... anyone else having this? Kevin
  14. kgallen

    touch screen problem

    ... that is, press the Update key on the console...
  15. kgallen

    Fixture profile delete

    It's a problem I have too and I don't have a good answer, other than putting some kind of version number in the profile name (say v1,v2,v3 etc) on the end so you can find the "old" ones. Then really all you can do is reassign the fixture then do this: I've requested an enhancement to support this requirement sometime in the past.

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