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  1. @kinous is it worth you elaborating a little more on this 64 channel fixture? Edward can give you some more targeted advice on handling such a device and the pros and cons of the different approaches. I’m suspecting it might be a multi-cell device.
  2. An unexpanded FLX S24 is limited on fixture count (48) and number of DMX channels (512). So you could have one fixture that used all 512 DMX channels if you had such a perverse beast. Wing doesn't change how many fixtures/DMX channels the desk allows it just gives you more "control surface" i.e. knobs. So you could have up to 8 of your 64-channel fixtures - that due to the number of DMX channels limited to 512 (512/64=8). FLX S24 is upgradeable to 2 Universes (2*512=1024 DMX channels) - but this costs money. https://www.zero88.com/control/flxs
  3. Sounds like Keith has probably hit the nail on the head! Have you got the Frog Manual? Also make sure you have the latest software on there, 10.12. Everything you need is here: https://www.zero88.com/control/frog I highly recommend the FrogOS Release Notes document after you've got the general gist of the console from the main manual. And of course, just post on this Forum, there are plenty of experienced Frog-range users here (including me) who can help out. Good luck! Kevin
  4. Yes it does since the battery regulates the voltage to the static RAM chip, whose supply will otherwise rise to around 15V when it should be 5V. Also you'll probably find that at least one of the PCB tracks under the battery has been eaten away so you'll need to reinstate the connection with some mod wire. Sometimes if the damage is bad these can be unrepairable though. Depends if you caught it quickly enough. There are some threads from me or Ian Knight on this somewhere on this Forum. I'll try to find... If you want a repair considered, then Ian is your man for this kit: http://www.serviceguy.co.uk/zero88-legacy-service-repair/ ETA: See this one for a start:
  5. CPC now do the Betapack 2 Bulgin FX0415/S fuseholder: FF01327 https://cpc.farnell.com/bulgin/fx0415-s/11-4-screw-cap-release-holder/dp/FF01327?st=Bulgin FX0415 and the HRC 10A fuses: https://cpc.farnell.com/siba/70-065-63-10a/fuse-quick-blow-10a/dp/FF02367
  6. This will be the case in all consoles, regardless of whether they have ‘sub fixtures’ or not. Agreed that such beasts are likely to be easier to assimilate if the console does support a sub fixture concept.
  7. We have to be careful with that Iiyama page because not all of those monitors support DVI-D required by FLX. The following URL includes the filter for DVI, although it's still not clear to me if this implies DVI-D is supported, since FLX does not output DVI-A. Anyway, this gets us closer to picking a compatible touch screen: Iiyama Capacitive Touchscreens with DVI in Black BUT even with the DVI filter applied above, the page is listing monitors without DVI inputs. I just clicked on the T1732MSC-B5X for instance, returned by this search, and DVI is not listed as an input interface. BEWARE! Alas, when you find one with DVI, it seems the 15", 17" and 19" are the same price, if not more than the 22" Edward quotes above (in the UK at least).
  8. Any "sub-fixture" support of a console is not going to change how many DMX channels are used. Number of DMX channels required is a function of which fixture features you want to be able to control from the console. Sub-fixture support is purely about how the console presents the elements of a fixture on the UI and how it can use them in e.g. effects engines. No console "saves" DMX channels by supporting the concept of "sub-fixtures".
  9. Oooo, thanks Edward! However you might need to help me narrow it down a bit! They have a huge range of monitors don't they! Re 15.6", is it only the two 15.6" ones or would I just be looking for one with "P-Cap" or "Projective Capacitive" since there are quite a few 15" described like that. What about aspect ratio? Anyone want a lightly used Iiyama resistive touchscreen?! Thanks, Kevin
  10. Is there a smaller version of this new capacitive touch screen more like the size of the resistive one? I don’t have desk space for a 22”. Kevin
  11. I'll have filled it up by Monday morning
  12. I think I've had this "issue" before too. So, sorry to sound like a broken record Edward, but this it yet again a valuable nugget of information, so please make another of your KB "How To:"s Also whilst I'm being a pain, and watching your "Programming cues onto playbacks" video - that tip to set your playback button to Go (Snap) to "prep in dark" the fixtures ready for raising the fader - that definitely needs to be a How To: too!
  13. ... duly hidden away under Legacy Consoles -> Orb XF! Thanks!
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