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  1. Yea, but don't go messing with your electrical installation eh. Main equipotential bonding should indeed be connecting metallic water and gas pipes to the MET but you don't want to be arbitrarily connecting your socket earths to any pipes. If your sockets supply equipment that has a high leakage or high functional earth current then there are proper methods defined in the IEE Wiring Regs for using multi-earth sockets (like MK Logic Plus "outboard" sockets). You need the advice of an appropriately knowledgeable electrician before you go here otherwise you could create a shock hazard or have tri
  2. Ah - Edward - if "the event" finally happened, then indeed, Congratulations!!!!! "Now get back in the shed, you've been a bad boy." Oh sorry, that was MY wife. But get used to it
  3. It's probably 25 years or more old, so we're glad it still works and you're still using it!
  4. They are. Any many of us should be able to help you out if you have a query, so post away! Kevin
  5. Cool! Good luck, I hope you like it!
  6. Please don't double post. I've answered to your post in the Solution XL forum.
  7. User Manual is here: https://www.zero88.com/storage/downloads/c08f6d38-8d53-4f22-8b22-9de894643a52/Lightmaster-XL-Manual.pdf Maybe your desk is giving the error codes shown on Page 25? However it doesn't seem to be giving any of the "Hardware Problems" codes, so not all is lost! Maybe a Super User Reset is needed (see Page 16) to restore the desk since the internal non-volatile memory has become corrupted since the desk hasn't been used for so long ("All these problems are likely to be transitory. They may require a Super User Clear Memory and/or Reset operation and some reprogrammin
  8. On this page: https://www.zero88.com/control/flxs Under this section: Features (both consoles) It has: Channels patchable across 64 Universes In the manual: https://www.zero88.com/manuals/zeros/patching/available-channels It says: On all ZerOS consoles, including FLX, FLX S24 & FLX S48, ZerOS allows fixtures to be patched across 64 universes without wasting unused channels. Any two of these universes can be sent out over the two DMX outputs. The total number of used channels across the 64 universes must not exceed the number of universes your co
  9. Hi Delfine, Inhibit was covered in one of the recent training sessions with Edward. I can’t remember which one but maybe the below will help.
  10. That should be the case. Actually 512 channels anywhere across 64 universes (I believe FLX S had ArtNert/sACN too).
  11. I wonder if Programmer Time affects the release time. Probably not.
  12. Jester 12/24 doesn’t have any concept of a complex fixture. You have 24 DMX channels to use across those fixtures plus any others you have so you can’t run them all independently in 9 channel mode as that would require 27 DMX channels. Either choose a lower channel count mode on the fixtures or use the same DMX start address on two or more.
  13. Here we go (in the Closed Fixture Editor forum): "For the long name, use the Fixture's model followed by a space, then colon, then another space, and then the Mode name. If no specific Mode name then just put the channel count.For the short name, type in as longer name as you can including the mode information within the character limit!"
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