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  1. Your venue sounds wonderful! Sounds to me like any of the FLX S or FLX series would do. But from the spec you give above your infrastructure seems well beyond that of a "basic" setting. Whilst I think FLX S24 (or S48) would work I think you could easily outgrow them because once your new venue is ready you will grow in ideas quickly and start bringing in more LED, movers and "intelligent" fixtures. Particularly you will start to need more than one universe of DMX. In which case I would suggest looking at the full FLX for the more "pro" interface and "grow" potential. In add
  2. The information on this page will help you: http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX/1014413041/RGB-Colour-Mixing-on-Faders.htm Similar works for Position and Beamshape as it does for colour. There are other similar support topics here: http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX-S/ HTH Kevin
  3. kgallen

    highlight sur UDK

    Setup+UDK already offers Highlight in the selectable options for the UDK. The UDK needs to be truly unprogrammed, so use Delete UDK first.
  4. FLX-S does not have a dedicated Blackout button. But you can assign any unprogrammed MFF to be a blackout fader (and possibly can the button be a blackout button?). Any unprogrammed / clean MFF, use Setup on it and Blackout should be one of the options. (Sorry this is a bit vague, I have FLX with the dedicated button/fader).
  5. It's not free though. 400 of your finest Brexit pounds for the Solo version (I'm still smarting from that purchase...).
  6. See this page: https://zero88.com/control/jester
  7. Hi Rob, Welcome! I'm not aware of a setting to allow this. Edward will be along in a moment to correct me or offer a different solution! Kevin
  8. Did the touch calibrate using the descriptions above? There are multiple drivers for Iiyama monitors - when on the calibrate screen if touch isn’t working then the screen tells you to press another key, Setup maybe, I can’t remember. Have you seen/tried this? Are you on latest software 7.9.7?
  9. Once you're used to doing it, creating your own fixtures is pretty easy. I've created all of my own, just so I know what is in them and that they have all of the information like gobo images and Detail in them. Also it's not uncommon for the DMX map to not match the fixture behaviour (particularly on the more budget brands) and by writing the fixture definition I can play with the fixture and ensure it all matches. However at this point, sounds like you should get the Zero88 guys to write them, then you could load them into the Fixture Editor software and "reverse engineer them" to see ho
  10. Unless you know the fixture definitions already exist in the ZerOS library for these fixtures in the modes you require, you should get this information to the Zero88 chaps ASAP otherwise you'll make unproductive progress until you have them. In library issue 40 I don't see the Asteroid or any Varytec Hero Spot60. See the following link. Unless you are already experienced creating your own fixture definitions you will use Option 3, and you will need to provide the product manual (including the DMX map) and specify which modes you require - the Zero88 guys may build them all but if you are
  11. @kinous is it worth you elaborating a little more on this 64 channel fixture? Edward can give you some more targeted advice on handling such a device and the pros and cons of the different approaches. I’m suspecting it might be a multi-cell device.
  12. An unexpanded FLX S24 is limited on fixture count (48) and number of DMX channels (512). So you could have one fixture that used all 512 DMX channels if you had such a perverse beast. Wing doesn't change how many fixtures/DMX channels the desk allows it just gives you more "control surface" i.e. knobs. So you could have up to 8 of your 64-channel fixtures - that due to the number of DMX channels limited to 512 (512/64=8). FLX S24 is upgradeable to 2 Universes (2*512=1024 DMX channels) - but this costs money. https://www.zero88.com/control/flxs
  13. Sounds like Keith has probably hit the nail on the head! Have you got the Frog Manual? Also make sure you have the latest software on there, 10.12. Everything you need is here: https://www.zero88.com/control/frog I highly recommend the FrogOS Release Notes document after you've got the general gist of the console from the main manual. And of course, just post on this Forum, there are plenty of experienced Frog-range users here (including me) who can help out. Good luck! Kevin
  14. Yes it does since the battery regulates the voltage to the static RAM chip, whose supply will otherwise rise to around 15V when it should be 5V. Also you'll probably find that at least one of the PCB tracks under the battery has been eaten away so you'll need to reinstate the connection with some mod wire. Sometimes if the damage is bad these can be unrepairable though. Depends if you caught it quickly enough. There are some threads from me or Ian Knight on this somewhere on this Forum. I'll try to find... If you want a repair considered, then Ian is your man for this kit: http:
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