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  1. It doesn't. It's not really a function of the desk (yet, as in ZerOS is not currently able to handle such fixtures as gracefully as some higher-end consoled can [apparently, I have no experience]). You need fixture definitions for each "sub-part". If you're used to writing your own fixture definitions then you can do this partitioning yourself. If not then you'll have to ask the Z88 guys to create you each piece you need. Edward might be around soon to comment on your query, in which case you can engage them according to his advice.
  2. You could assign the whole thing as one fixture - but in doing so you won't have such flexible assess to each element of it to exploit effects and the colour picker. There are lots of queries on this forum on this topic, have a browse around. The recommended approach is to have one fixture for the "master" section of the unit, then one fixture for each "light group". Also please remember you spent £1500 on this desk, not £20000 on a Hog...
  3. Follow this: https://www.zero88.com/library#support Basically create your own using the Windows Fixture Tools, or send the manual to the Z88 guys who will do it for you. There is a third option which is to ask a Forum member to make one for you (I'd offer but no time at the moment, sorry).
  4. Maybe we could translate the French one back into English, it will probably have more information in it! 🤣 😈
  5. Hi Edward, Possibly... So can you define what loading "Setup & Palettes" actually loads (the "Setup" bit, I can guess the Palettes bit - and assume this includes Effects Palettes). Thanks! Kevin
  6. - Save and load (position) palettes alone. So I don’t have to spend hours each new show setting up the same positions for movers that are hung in the same (marked) place in the same theatre. (Or how to do this with existing software). - fixture definition management. Being able to update a patched fixture with a new definition and deleting the old one and not have it hang around in the showfile where I don’t know whether the desk is using the old or new definition.
  7. No, because I don't have an FLX S24 (I don't work for Zero88, I'm just a punter like you!). But this does work, so check your work flow and follow that KB article very carefully!
  8. That Showtec desk has a "DMX polarity switch" (which is a really strange thing to have but probably dates back to the early DMX years when equipment compatibility was shaky). It's possible the DMX lead or connections within the Anytronics dimmer are reversed, because that dimmer has screw terminals not a 5-pin socket for the DMX connection. A clue would be the Showtec desk DMX polarity switch is in the "invert" position (this switch is on the back next to the two DMX sockets). This is the manual for the current version of the desk. It's in the document as "Polarity Switch (38)" https://assets.highlite.com/attachments/MANUAL/50710_MANUAL_GB_V2.pdf I can see from your photo that there looks to be a patch lead wired in to the dimmer with an XLR on the end where you've presumably plugged in the desk. You need to open up the dimmer (WITH THE POWER TO THE DIMMER ISOLATED OFF) and look at the wiring of the DMX connection lead into the dimmer screw terminals. The DMX data-plus should go to XLR pin 3 (5-pin or 3-pin XLR) and DMX data-minus should go to XLR pin 2. They may be reversed.
  9. Sounds like either RED is set as some kind of Inhibit (look it up on the KnowledgeBase) or the fixture is in some other mode. Can you link the manual for the LED fixture and identify the mode you are using in and which fixture definition you've patched on the desk. Also as you've been playing with HTP/LTP settings and the like it might be wise to do a desk factory reset and start a fresh setup following the KB article on R/G/B faders, paying particular attention to the tracking setting and tagging (i.e. making sure you don't tweak any other setting whilst you're in the middle of programming each colour). I take it you're following this KB article: http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX/1014413041/RGB-Colour-Mixing-on-Faders.htm
  10. Is this the dimmer? http://www.anytronics.com/assets/t2180-any-12-24-contractor-issue-2-0809--web2-.pdf http://www.anytronics.com/assets/contractor-24-dd06.pdf Controlling a dimmer like this, which looks to be a perfectly sensible DMX dimmer, should be pretty much the simplest thing one can do and should pretty much work out of the box. Erics has covered some relevant settings like RigSync that might not be compatible or supported by this dimmer. Is the dimmer DMX address set to (say) 1 and the 24 dimmer fixtures you've patched at DMX address 1 through 24? Have you terminated the DMX at the dimmer, or does the DMX chain continue to some other lights?
  11. Yes. Confirmed by Z88 in a similar query a couple of days ago.
  12. Yes that’s what I did. It will want to do coprocessor update too.
  13. Edward, thanks for the confirmation. I'm getting the hang of it... slowly...! What we need to do is write a Crib Sheet...
  14. Thanks Edward. As I don't remember the whole article I'm not sure what bits you've added, but I can see a section on what we've recently been discussing re adding other attributes to the Effect palette. What is not fully clear to me is why I need to use the "green stripe" (I realise this means all parameter of the attribute versus tagged parameters of the attribute) - although I'll hazard that it's the following reason (please correct/clarify): If programming an Effect palette, then it's ok to have Effect with the red stripe, as we're recording an Effect-type palette, so we are allowed to capture only some Effect parameters. If we want to add (e.g.) Colour to an Effect Palette then we are "forced" to record all Colour parameters so have to use the "green stripe" - it's not permissible/allowed to add only some colour parameters to an (Effect) palette, so we can't use "red stripe". (An "interesting" requirement, but that seems to how it is!). Thanks, Kevin
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