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  1. kgallen

    Fader Calibration

    Sounds like you need a can of compressed air spray. Check it's suitable for electronics cleaning use.
  2. I don’t believe this is possible (I have a similar application requirement too). I believe the MIDI output is ‘thru’ not ‘out’ and I’m not aware of any commands or macros that can trigger the FLX to output MIDI control messages to other equipment. This is a shame - the only output available on FLX is DMX (XLR or via ArtNet/sACN), there are no ‘aux’ type outputs.
  3. It's rarely the case! Buy a new laptop or smart phone and the first thing it ever wants to do is update the software! ZerOS isn't updated that often ( ) but if the console has been "on the shelf" for 6 months it's almost certainly behind on the current ZerOS release.
  4. Hi Edward, Fantastic, thank you for the quick and thorough response! Specifically thanks for the detailed response on Q3 - I'm looking forward to some detail in this respect in the upcoming Macros webinar [if not too cheeky a request, maybe you could include this one as a worked example ] Much appreciated! Kevin
  5. Hi Edward, I'm after a little more detail on how the console interprets the FLX Remote Switches inputs. I understand from the Manual a "falling edge" caused by connecting the Remote Switch input to the common is equivalent to pressing the configured console button/operation (internally this will be a "logic 1" caused by a pull-up resistor changing to a "logic 0" caused by the remote switch being activated which effectively connects the remote switch input to common, or what will be zero-volts - or maybe you're achieving the same with an ADC input as was the case on Frog.). So:
  6. Hi Wosti, Also by default when you lower a fader it will "release" the fixtures - hence they will revert to whatever was controlling them prior to this playback being triggered (raised). If nothing was controlling them, then default values will be output. I'm sure Edward has answered your question more fully - but you also might want to look at disabling release on lower which might give you a revised approach. Release On Lower can be enabled/disabled under the playback settings for that playback (Setup+Playback button). Kevin
  7. I've logged a search on the YouTube Z88 channel so I don't miss when the training video comes out. As a regular FLX user I don't want to be behind the curve on understanding and using the latest new features. In particular, I need to revise if I'll need SmartTag on or off to get the best results when using the ZerOS Wing SD. I suspect this new product will also be "multi-touch" which in this instance may be a design and product validation oversight, but I admire your consistent application of the technology between the main desk and all peripherals.
  8. This looks like it's a wireless product, so will it work on inductive charging technology or is a powered USB hub required? If so is it USB-C compatible? If you decide on a Mk2 revision, can I request storage slots for my minidiscs please? (The Roman Numerals feature really hit didn't it! I see as a result you've had to stress the chronological annotations! )
  9. Do you have any appropriate fixtures patched? If so on the Effects page can you press "Create Auto Palettes"?
  10. On earlier Z88 consoles like Fat Frog and Illusion we were able to assign parameters to thumb wheels and wheel pages of our choosing within the Fixture Editor. It’s a shame this information can’t be used on FLX - although of course with the new library we’re one step further away from the application of the ‘old’ Fixture Editor to this console range.
  11. Put on a USB stick, Setup->Load
  12. kgallen

    16bit values

    Cut the chatter, quote the competition - you're guaranteed to get a ZOS out of it! (Filed for future reference ).
  13. On FLX S I suspect you will need to devise a chase. On FLX we can use Effect Waveform for this. In theory for FLX S you could use Phantom ZerOS in FLX mode, use waveform to create your Effect, programme a palette, save the showfile then load into FLX S. Once in FLX S you can use this palette although you won’t be able to modify the effect once in the desk. Edward will no doubt have better ideas!
  14. kgallen

    Capture files

    They are at the bottom of this page: https://www.zero88.com/zeros Or on this page: https://www.zero88.com/manuals/zeros/networking/connecting-to-capture
  15. Hi Ben. Please quote the console type and ZerOS version you have installed. Thanks!
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