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  1. kgallen


    If you have a cue at blue, then a blackout on that fixture then a cue at white then this should be handled automatically by move on dark. However you need to make sure the blackout is a tracked cue not a "Save All" cue, which is the mistake I've made in the past!
  2. kgallen

    FLX thoughts

    Hi Richard, Brilliant work for giving this comprehensive feedback - I have some sympathy with some of your observations, particularly the messaging/error feedback. (In my experience of using lots of very expensive commercial software at work, this need has to be driven in detail in the requirements: if you just leave it up to the software engineers to code something ‘useful’ then the quality of the message depends on how much the coder sits in the users shoes and really understands what information they need for the particular issue). Some of your symptoms suggest old software to me - are you using 7.9.4 ? Welcome to FLX anyway, good to have you ‘on board’, Regards, Kevin
  3. kgallen

    Basic Networking Guide - FLX & ZerOS Remote

    Sorry, I don't know. However I will be interested in the answer from Edward as I might end up investing in CAPTURE soon too... Sorry I can't help any more!
  4. kgallen

    Basic Networking Guide - FLX & ZerOS Remote

    Maybe you've been pointed to this page already, if not, maybe this helps? http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/996119181/How-to-connect-apps-to-ZerOS-iOS.htm
  5. kgallen

    Midi note compatibility

  6. kgallen

    Flx Back button

    Use SETUP+PB button and set the shifted option to Pause. Then button=GO, shift+button=Pause/Back
  7. kgallen

    Connecting USB devices

    See here: http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/975056031/Compatible-touchscreen-monitors-with-ZerOS-consoles.htm I think I've got the Iiyama 1731SR-B which is the one that Zero88 use for their training and demos etc.
  8. kgallen

    Connecting USB devices

    On my FLX (not FLX S), I connect the touch screen to one (rear) USB port, then in the other (rear) USB port I have a 4-way Belkin unpowered hub with keyboard, mouse and sometimes USB stick (usually I use the USB port on the top of the FLX for the USB stick). Zero88 would recommend a powered hub, but if you're sensible with what you attach I think you're ok for an unpowered one in the keyboard/mouse application. Jon/Edward may disagree. It's possible the different USB ports can support different power requirements, but certainly on FLX I know Jon said they did lots of USB power load testing... Mileage may vary slightly on FLX S - I don't know how many USB ports are on the S24 or S48.
  9. kgallen

    Problems with 7.9.4

    I recon this is RDM data that is not handled by the fixture. If you want to use RDM (RigSync) I think you can work around this by addressing the non-tolerant fixtures higher up the DMX address range. Jon mentioned this in some post a while back, something like above address 200. I'll see if I can find the post. Lots of my "cheapo/£200-range" fixtures are not tolerant to RDM packets. ETA: My post crossed with Edward's above. His is, as usual, a much better answer!
  10. kgallen

    USB Problem Solution/LeapFrog48 with SW 7.9.3

    If you're logged in to the Forum, see if you have a "Software Testing and Beta Releases" section under "PRODUCT SUPPORT - SOFTWARE". The Beta is listed under there. If not, worth dropping Jon an email: JonHole@eaton.com
  11. kgallen

    Problems with 7.9.4

    Yes do the same I guess!
  12. kgallen

    Problems with 7.9.4

    Hi Matt, You can find 7.9.3 here:
  13. Depending on the DMX details of the SunStrip, you need to identify the "unique" bit and the bit that is repeated per segment. The per-segment bit is probably just RGB, so just patch "n" consecutive generic RGB fixtures from the first DMX address of the first degment. For the "unique" bit - which will have some control channels specific to the model of SunStrip - you need a fixture definition just for this bit. This might already be in the library, if not then send a link to the manual to FixtureSupport@Zero88.com explaining what you want to do, and they'll make up the fixture definition parts you need. If you search the forum for sunstrip there have been a few queries related to yours, so these might help or point you in the right direction. Kevin
  14. kgallen

    FLX S48 Monitor

    Your monitor needs to support DVI-D because the desk doesn't output DVI-A or VGA. Most half-decent computer monitors should support DVI-D. The NEC LCD2170NX I'm using now on this PC is about 10 years old and it has DVI-D. It doesn't need to be touch screen. Datasheet: https://www.zero88.com/datasheets/FLX_S48_Datasheet_UK_Rev2_0418.pdf
  15. kgallen

    Touch screen monitor

    Did you plug the USB cable back in as well as the DVI-D?

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