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  1. Requesting new fixture profiles To requests new fixtures, please email us, ensuring you supply full details of the fixture (Make, Model, Mode) and a download link to the Operating Manual. FixtureSupport@Zero88.com
  2. kgallen


    If I remember correctly I think that came in 7.9.4. 🤔
  3. Thanks for the clarification and tips Edward (as always!). Apologies to the OP for the slight thread steal but hopefully the information is relevant and useful!
  4. Thanks Edward - is this the same a No Effect or would it HOME the fixtures C/B/P too (which is probably undesirable). Also creating the block cue would disrupt move-on-dark for other fixtures. If this understanding is right and hence there are implications, how else could this be achieved? Thanks, Kevin
  5. I'm sure it's extremely bad practice and unnecessary if (a) I could use the desk properly (b) the desk was an incy-wincy bit better at handling this, but yes I do this too just to make sure the fixture is recorded. A common case is to ensure an Effect is removed from a fixture, by ensuring the "No Effect" is recorded into the cue - otherwise your heads keep moving about running the effect even though they are now dark. Given that some LEDs will light at 1% (which will be a DMX value of 2 or 3 typically) this doesn't always give you a "dark" fixture, so it depends on the fixture if you can get away with this fudge. I guess the proper way is to manually tag the fixtures for No Effect in the cue where the fixture is DBO (because SmartTag won't do it for you), but that is such a faff as you've already recorded the bulk of your cue with SmartTag then you have to go in again to deal with the fixtures with Effect to tag them and Update the cue. If there is more usable way then Edward or Jon will tell us in the next post... 😁
  6. Hi. I benefit from move on dark all the time now and usually it works in the background without me even knowing or worrying. One mistake I made early days was in doing a record-all/snapshot cue which will stop MOD working, and understandably. Hopefully Jon’s instructions give you a starting point - subsequently just beware of the record-all trap! Kevin
  7. Sorry guys I'm not sure I can reconcile these new "explanations", this is a plain bug surely. Other users have reported similar issues/confusion in other threads, that I've linked to this one to see if there is a common problem. Jon (apologies if you have followed the thread but:) - I'm recording an Effect palette. I can understand that if I was recording a Colour palette the desk would want to record just the colour attribute. Edward already confirmed early on that what I'm trying to do (which is not anything fancy) is reasonable and the desk should do as expected. Are you saying this is not the case and it's not a bug but some "unreasonable expectation" of what should happen given what the GUI is presenting as options? I select the required attributes for recording on Record Options then I press OK. It's not doing what I ask regards which attributes to record. Why have these Record Option buttons if the desk doesn't follow what options are enabled? I don't see what syntax or touch has got to do with it - the information required in the palette is there selected by buttons on the Record Options form. As stated above, I even follow your KB "Tagging" article and the desk does not behave in the way the KB article says - they KB says it in plain English "These tagging options allow you during the Record process to choose which attributes to include:", "Under Attributes, you can then go in and choose which attributes to include or ignore. ", "You can choose to include an attribute by tapping the Attribute soft button to include it and it will go red.". Is palette recording not following this same schema? Please be straight with us - if it's a bug, let's log it, fix it and move on, not dancing around some "legalese" language about "advanced" usage. If it's not a bug and expected behaviour then please clarify the KB and add it as an enhancement request so we can do it. Thanks as always, Kevin
  8. Hi Edward. Ok thanks. What’s the difference here to what I’ve been doing - is that typing the Effect palette number rather than tapping the screen? So is this a workaround for a bug and is there a reference number? Thanks, Kevin
  9. Hi Edward, Bump. Did you ever get through investigating this? Seems pretty fundamental functionality that isn't working as expected! Kevin
  10. kgallen

    Phantom ZerOS

    PhantomZerOS 7.9.5 MD.zip from here:
  11. But if the sunstrip can be patched as multiple fixtures then you can apply effects across the cells as if they were individual devices. This has been asked many times on this forum so with a bit of a search you'll probably find more details. example:
  12. Look in the FLX forum.
  13. Here you go. This has 3 options so you can mix and match: 6ch, 12ch, 24ch versions. Each has a virtual intensity. So if you use the 24ch version then there is one virtual intensity to scale all 24 channels. You could however patch 4 fixtures each of the 6ch version then you would have a "master" intensity control for each 6ch group. Mix and match as you like. The actual dimmers are under Beamshape. The virtual dimmer (the one intensity channel) defaults to 255 so SmartTag should work ok for you. Enjoy! Kevin Tega_Dimmer6_12_24.ift
  14. I'm not sure I understand the point of this much - can only presume you have more than 24 non-generics. What I think you need to create as a fixture definition will have 24 beamshape 'dimmer channels' plus one intensity channel as a virtual intensity to scale those 24 beam shape channels. This is because a fixture can only have one true intensity channel so you can't create one fixture with 24 intensities. I'll have a go at building one for you... one moment...
  15. Speed override. Shift+unprogrammed playback button then select Speed Override.
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