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  1. Hi Carpo, I recently had some queries on what various effects did and how I might achieve some particular effects using the engine. In this thread here from around about the post linked, Edward gives some insight and examples to my queries that might be of interest. Kevin
  2. kgallen

    FatFrog generic/preset problem

    This is usually an issue with the channel faders reference voltage, or maybe the DIP switches on the channel boards if you've been rummaging around inside. I'm sure there are some posts on here or on the BlueRoom. I'll have a dig around... Give Keith a ring at Zero88, he'll have you sorted in a jiffy... (Mods: This post could do with being moved to the Frog Range MkI forum). Kevin
  3. kgallen

    FLX S24 expansion

    This confirms my total bemusement at the WING pricing. I can buy from CTS, now, walkup, an S24 for £880+VAT. If I want a WING for my full FLX then suppliers are quoting between £850+VAT to over £1000+VAT. So I can buy a full humdinger of a lighting desk with an integrated touchscreen and a quad ARM CPU - who's left hand half is the hardware of a WING, for less than... a WING - which is essentially a bunch of faders and buttons with a USB lead. I'm just glad I don't need a WING... 😣 (And I'm not knocking the Z88 brand - I own more Z88 kit than is frankly healthy, so I'm probably firmly in the "fan-boy" camp...)
  4. kgallen

    FLX S24 expansion

    <grumpy> 'cos in Z88 land you can have whatever console you like - you just pop into stores and pull the beast you want! S24 for small shows, S48 for medium ones and FLX for large ones! However here in the real world we can only afford one console in 10 years and sometimes have to purchase add-ons incrementally as we can afford them! Bubba - technically I'm sure you're right, in fact both S24 and S48 probably have the CPU power to be a full FLX. But like most customer-facing companies, Z88 have a marketing department, and they have to have product differentiation. They want you to buy an S48 or a full FLX, not an S24 and get the equivalent functionality of the bigger desks with add-ons. Yes I know it's not exactly like that, there are differences to the surfaces, monitor support etc, but they won't want to have a mechanism to "short circuit" their product line. Having said that - a 96 fixture "upgrade" to S24 does of course appear a sensible and viable idea, but maybe not one that would fly "marketing wise" with the current desk line-up. Actually it doesn't even need the wing, but the lack of monitor support could be more of a challenge. </grumpy>
  5. kgallen

    FLX S24 expansion

    Mark is right - the headline spec for the FLX S24 says: Control up to 48 LED, moving lights and conventionals https://www.zero88.com/products/consoles/flxs/index.shtml I think with S24 you will still be limited to 48 fixtures though, regardless of DMX Universe upgrades. Edward will be here any minute to confirm... Kevin
  6. kgallen

    ETC Ion showfile import

    Yea, but which one is which, Mr Smarty-Pants? Ha, got you stumped now haven't I... 😈
  7. kgallen

    ETC Ion showfile import

    Ah I see, ETCs version of Leap Frog (FrogOS) and um.... Leap Frog (ZerOS). Both of you, your marketing departments are incompetent! (I'm just heading for the hills - the address you hold for me is bogus, no point sending me letter bombs Charlie! 😋)
  8. kgallen

    ETC Ion showfile import

    Aha. I was thinking Eos and Ion were two hardware variants (like Solution and FLX). I guess you'd prefer my ignorance on ETC LX desks to me having a deep interest in them! 😁 Thanks!
  9. kgallen

    ETC Ion showfile import

    Cheers Edward. Assuming for the purposes of this question, Eos/Ion are interchangeable (they use the ETC equivalent of ZerOS?), as I asked about Ion? Thanks for the tip about Nomad. Thanks! Kevin
  10. kgallen

    Sirius 24 Key

    It may well be that the keyswitch needs replacing. I think it's a fairly standard item - but Ian Knight is your man, he knows these desks inside out. Kevin
  11. kgallen

    Sirius 24 Key

    Possibly. If Zero88 can't help (I'm sure Edward or Tyler will reply shortly), then Ian Knight can probably help out one way or another: http://www.serviceguy.co.uk/zero88-legacy-service-repair/
  12. kgallen

    ETC Ion showfile import

    Hi chaps, Urgent query, hope you can help... I know FLX can read some ASCII showfiles. Can FLX read a showfile from ETC Ion? I only need conventionals for a cut-down version of a larger show. Do I need to confirm the particular software version running on the Ion and do I need to get it exported any specific way - I need to get the producer to email the ETC Ion showfile to me so it would be handy if I could give them specific instructions on how to get the correct format for the FLX to use. FLX will be ZerOS 7.9.4. Anything else I need to know to facilitate this? Thanks for any help. Kevin ps, Yes I've seen this: http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-Products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/1011408431/How-do-I-load-files-into-my-console.htm
  13. Hi. Just upgraded to a FLX s24.  Lovely desk but manual can leave you out in the cold occasionally. 

    Just putting together a chase and need to alter one step, and for the life of me I cannot find anything where I can see each step so delete or modify the step in question.  Is this possible or do I have to redo the chase?

    Also, would it be easier to record all the steps in a playback, then convert them into a chase, and if so How?

    1. kgallen


      Hi Nigel. Not sure if you just posted me privately rather than on the forum direct. 

      A chase would be a series of cues in a playback so you’d edit a step in the same was you’d edit a normal cue. You might find shift+go useful to get into that step (cue) without the desk moving to the next then you can edit it. 

      Yes agree the documentation is weak, we’ve been complaining about this for quite a while...

      regards, Kevin

    2. NigelP


      Thanks Kevin.  Actually I'm not sure if it went out to the forum either, my fist time using this forum and not sure yet how to drive it. 

      Thanks for you help, much appreciated and Shift Go works a treat.  Would be good if there was  list of these shortcuts, although there may be one that I have not yet found.



  14. kgallen

    Sub-Master Flash

    I find it hard to believe that the LCD itself isn't replaceable, rather than the whole PCB assembly - ok it will require some soldering so Z88 might not offer that as a service (and that is a little disappointing). £500 seems a bit steep. Is the LCD a standard part that's available from an electronics supplier? Maybe you should have a chat with Ian Knight http://www.serviceguy.co.uk/zero88-legacy-service-repair/ to check feasibility. Kevin
  15. kgallen

    Some effects not working

    Probably you have the Speed or Size settings such that the effect is too large or too fast for the mover to mechanically keep up. I experienced this the first time I used a mover (MAC250 in my case) with desk effects. Kevin

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