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  1. Edward, would it be possible to add a wysiwyg or capture dedicated output? Similar to what's on grand ma? So we can putout to a visualiser but not to actual lights?
  2. I can recommend doing a Zero88 training day, you get to have a play with the desk and learn the basics of using it. It's a brilliant desk, especially for what you want. James
  3. JB97

    Manual fade times

    I think it's right click
  4. Yeah fair enough, it's me using Ma too much
  5. Stupid Question, Jon is it not possible to add a quick thing in Jester Software where pressing clear a few times (say twice) deselects everything? I'm going to say though I haven't been near the ML for a while so I don't remember what that does (if anything) currently.
  6. What do you mean by blocked?
  7. Jon, I'm happy to do testing of the app, however I'm only using phantom (for reasons we've already spoken about)
  8. Yeah, the ML 48 has 48 fader controlled dimmer channels and 30 intelligent fixtures controlled by the fader wheels etc. I guess if you needed more then 48 channels of dimmer control you could use both desks?
  9. Hi There, The Jester ML48 will give you the added functionality that you want. James
  10. Hi Jon, I installed phantom on my PC, wine bottler *really* didn't like PhantomZerOS for some odd reason.
  11. Hi Guys, Does anyone know if it's possible to link the iOs remote and monitor to phantom ZerOS software? Cheers, James
  12. Sorry, I'm seeing an issue with the DMX protocol in the control column, would someone else be able to make this fixture? Sorry about that James
  13. JB97

    Jester24 ML

    I was worried about that So the Jester desk runs fixtures on LTP, which means the latest command the desk is given is the one that it follows. Depending on your rig, it might be best to have all the LEDS on the same channel, if the lights are RGBD then have them on channels 21 22 23 24 and then program a submaster like they are dimmers. Of course you could change the patch of the desk massively to achieve the same effect . If you send an email to someone at zero88 they may be able to help you better, but from reading the manual I can't see a way to change the controls to HTP Hope that all helps, James
  14. JB97

    Jester24 ML

    Allow me to re-phrase my question. Is this colour mixing just a test? Or is it for a show? If it's a show can you program the states into the memories or does it need to be busked? or is it just general lighting in a room? -James
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