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  1. Hi I have an incoming show and they are bringing ADJ Inno Spot LED 150's with them. do you have a fixture setting for them for the Orb XF. file attached. Ta When you reply can you include the instructions on how to load onto the desk . Ta inno_spot_led.pdf
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    Is there any circumstance where the Blackout button could be engaged and NOT flash? I am trying to track down how a blackout occurred. When it occurred, the blackout switch was then pressed and then released to ensure that the blackout was not due to the pressing of the button. I left the box to check power supplies and DMX signal etc and then it was then reported that the blackout light started flashing and when the button was released, the lights returned. Is there any scenario where the blackout flash could be triggered but not flash? Thanks
  3. Deeply frustrated by lack of Android remote facilities so thought I'd try the Windows facility which comes on the Utility disk. However I cannot get a screen display which will display the buttons to move from the initial screen selected. Tried various screens and various computers to no effect. The phantom option does however give a full and proper display and method of moving between screens so it must be the other files supplied that don't work for me. Anyone else use the Window control approach and/or can advise on a method of getting round my problem? Whilst I can get the PC to communicate with the desk and can do what ever the selected screen enables me to do - the problem is not a communication one but simply moving between screens even when the screens are maximised and the bottom toolbar is removed. Ta
  4. New OrbXF desk and want to avoid it getting plastered in insulating tape marking the numbers of the channels. Can I use a magnetic strip to label the channels without damaging the electronics underneath? How do other Xf users mark channel controls to make it easy to identify them quickly and accurately. Ta
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