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  1. I had a feeling that was the case... Sorry - yes that is the node. I was having a look today and don't think we can give any kind of upgrade. I may be rolling back for now - is that best done with a bootable USB? Last software we ran was 7.9.4 - we never upgraded to .5 - is it still available??
  2. Hi, Since the update on FLX our artnet stream has stopped working - i.e. not control over any fixtures/channels. IP address has remained the same and is static. Data lights suggest desk and N4 artnet node is communicating. Everything will still work via DMX...
  3. All good! Bootable USB did the trick... Thanks. Phil.
  4. Failing to boot since I was in setup and loaded new ZerOS. It continues spin when power on. I'll go with the bootable USB and let you know. Thanks.
  5. FLX was operating fine, new software version loaded via USB in setup. Now the FLX appears stuck - with the mini display screen above PAGE UP spinning lines in circles. Nothing else has happened... Sorry - should say, got to point of loading the file where files were installed and then prompted to turn desk off and it got stuck when I switched back on.
  6. nope, I see nothing... :-)
  7. and crashing the FLX... Puzzling... after flx crash, laptop will take over. Restart the flx and then get a load with error code 00010004. But it does load... It asks to take control and laptop recognises its back, with option to return to tracking. Taking both options on laptop and flx - but Flx crashes and hangs after clicking take control. Laptop keeps returning on the same question. they both go through synchronising, and FLX says loading show but never pulls through. Process just repeats. Phantom zeros just crashed as well. restaretd flx and recorded some cue
  8. It appears to be working like this, but very clunky... problems with taking control and synchronising
  9. I get this message after pressing setup to leave setup after setting laptop as backup... master ip backup ip subnet status disconnected (retry in 4/3/2/1 second) 10:54:28 ( whatever time it is...) then a box: take control in (in 4/3/2/1 second) - if I click this box it makes no difference to anythign after this, all showing up in network devices. Appearing as FLX with correct IP addresses on both network devices screens. Ticked green, OK along with the artnet node.
  10. FLX is: master - dhcp disabled - - artnet enabled broadcast remote enabled - laptop is - running as FLX backup - IP - master desk none found currently arntet enabled (when disabled not on network devices) i can see the laptop with its ip on network devices on FLX - ticked green OK + see artnet node dont see the FLX on network devices on laptop, can see artnet node Then see nothing show related on the laptop...
  11. As soon as I can get back to it I will confirm...
  12. PhilSpeck

    Tracking backup

    Hello again... still on the network setup here, with projectors working, but no tracking backup... I may be missing something in terms of setting up a tracking backup, but... here is where I’m at: I can see the laptop and flx via each other on network settings without issues. I can use either the flx as a desk or separately the laptop with dongle as a desk. I just can’t get either to recognise the other as a master, even with manual IP entry when they are set to backup. Do you have guide for setting this up? Had a quick look, but haven’t found anything yet. Thanks.
  13. Just an update... I have it working, all stable now. but... the light output and shutter worked perfectly. The rest, so...so... not really what to be expected. For now I have disabled all the features on the projector and just left the fixture profile as is. More work needed I think. now I’m off to post about why I can’t get a laptop with unlock dongle to work as backup...
  14. Ok... it just seems to have started working now... I ended up switching to universe 2 on projector and then patched to 3 on the desk now it will work however I switch between them. I can now see it in network devices. This came up before I had it working, briefly, but it went away... now it all seems to be working and I have no idea why... ha!
  15. In network devices I can just see the art net node Nothing else, and with the universe change to 0 it is the same, no control... puzzling
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