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  1. Keith, Sorry, I'm using the Solution light control console. However I didn't think of breaking them off into pods. Thank you for the aid into this. -Steve Lunney
  2. Hey, Could some one make me a fixture profile for the Chauvet DJ 4BAR? This is a first generation, so it only has a 15 ch mode and not a 3ch mode (which I would love to have). Which is leading to some frustration I'm having with the fixture editor and how I'm trying to run them. Below is the Manual. https://www.chauvetdj.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/4BAR_UM_Rev6_WO-1.pdf Thanks, Steve Lunney
  3. could someone build me the profile for the Chauvet Core 3x3 for the solution? Manual below. http://www.chauvetlighting.com/products/manuals/CORE_3x3_UM_Rev1_WO.pdf Thanks, Steve
  4. When we did the update, we noticed it defaulted back, however we did set it back to what it needed to be and we still had no luck. Thanks Mike for Confirming that you can connect with your iPad device. It could be a networking issue. Thanks. (UPDATE) We had a conflicting IP Address issue.
  5. Hello, USA users here. We just updated our Solution board to the new 7.8.2 and now we are having issues with using the ZerOS remote on the iPhone. Our network settings have not changed. Currently we are running ZerOS remote Version 2.0 on our iPhones iOS 8.3 If there is a fix to this issue, we would like to know. Thanks, Steve
  6. FYI ch1 - Pan Scan 0~540* scan ch2 - tilt scan 0~280* Scan ch3 - Dimmer - 0~100% Dimmer ch4 - Strobe - 0~6: No Stobe, 7~65: Strobe Slow to Fast, 66~68: no stobe, 70~128: flash slow to fast, 129~132: no stobe, 133~191: Bright flash slow to fast, 192~195: No strobe, 196~255: dim flash slow to fast Ch5 - Red 0~100% brightness adjustment Ch6 - green 0~100% brightness adjustment Ch7 - Blue 0~100% brightness adjustment Ch8 - W (assuming white) - 0~100% brightness adjustment ch9 - Amber - 0~100% brightness adjustment ch10- X/Y Speed: 0-255 Slow to fas
  7. Hello, I need some help with this Aeson Zip Wash 3612 I'm stuck with. I know the channel list but I cant seem to create a working fixture for it.. The fixture works I have to program the show here in two days
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