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  1. Hey, Just wondering if anyone knew where I could get a copy of Phantom Frog? It would help me out a lot if I could program offline and then upload it to my Fat Frog. Thanks. Nathan
  2. Thanks iank99 I did have a look through the manual last night and read about it and thought I could do it, but wanted to be sure as I'm that kind of person. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi Sorry if this has already been asked but couldn't find anything and I'm a new member. I have a Zero 88 Fat Frog console which I brought and having used Zero 88 consoles before I know the basics and how to do this and that, but I wanted to ask if it was possible to transfer moving heads onto sub masters at all? It's something I've never tried yet but always wanted to know if I could set the moving heads up in the way I want (static scene) then transfer that to a sub master? Is it also possible to create moving scenes with moving heads and transfer them to sub masters, for example a dancy scene where they move about and change colour/gobos? If it's possible it would be amazing because I'd only be putting up one fader in theory and not trying to move them manually... Cheers
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